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Coronavirus Cases Rise in Europe as Youth Hit Beach and Bars

Young people are letting loose across Europe, fueling a surge in coronavirus infections that is imperiling hard-won gains against the pathogen.

8/2/2020 1:45:00 PM

Young Europeans, tired of adhering to social-distancing measures, flock to beaches and bars, fueling a rise in Covid-19 cases across the continent

Young people are letting loose across Europe, fueling a surge in coronavirus infections that is imperiling hard-won gains against the pathogen.

Aug. 2, 2020 6:30 am ETYoung people are letting loose across Europe, fueling a surge in coronavirus infections that is imperiling the Continent’s hard-won gains against the pathogen.Towns along the coasts of France and Spain are grappling with outbreaks after young people piled into beach bars, ignoring social-distancing rules, and caught the virus. And thousands of young Europeans recently gathered at an illegal rave in a Berlin park, defying police efforts to shut it down.

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We are over populated anyway... RT : Young Europeans, tired of adhering to social-distancing measures, flock to beaches and bars, fueling a rise in Covid-19 cases across the continent The right to die is not the right to infect others.. next I guess some people don't have any social anxiety after this whole quarantine-which is still in progress. When society grooms people into extroverts

BillClintonIsAPedo Has to be Trump fault, it’s his Virus...right? total BS. Ibiza is empty (-90%). many beaches are closed, mandatory mask outside on the riviera (135€ fine). Lack of responsibility, for the community and for themselves. Ehy they are in beaches and clubs in the middle of a pandemic ? Keeping the virus at bay is temporary and illusory. realDonaldTrump should declare victory in that he was right all along. Go back to life while protecting the most at risk. Americans and Europeans seem to support the Trump position - looking at how they behave.

Indecency corrupts! That's why people are getting coronavirus! Stupid is what Stupid does world wide! I see Murdoch is back running the show..should expect a lot more negative European headlines from the Aussie trying to divert the heat from Trump. You forgot to mention the BLM protests. Oops Funny I don’t recall an article on how the protests led to a fueling of cases

If herd immunity had been the plan, we would all be in a much better place. What is your evidence that “flocking” to bars ans beaches is the cause in the increased number of positive tests? We need to accept that exposure to virus is unavoidable and only defense is immune system. Vaccine will help, but can’t hide till then.

Wtf, selfish stupid people, till shit, gets real. Will they be my friends? Fastest way to herd immunity americans 🤦‍♀️ Following our example. It’s working out pretty well for us. Nearly 160,000 dead, over 1000 dying a day. Super happy we can be such an inspiration So what? Cases don't matter. Millions get the flu and no one cares. The point was to flatten the curve. It's flattened. Stop destroying lives.

Herd Immunity This virus is going to spread. There is no stopping it. And trying to shut down entire countries will not stop it either and will just collapse their economies leading to even more misery than the virus. Looks like the most fun way to get to herd immunity Cases en_germany But family reunification can increase Coronavirus cases! GermanyDiplo GermanyinPAK HeikoMaas

Meanwhile 99.9% of young people survive the virus, the vast majority without any symptoms whatsoever... I understand, but damn. These selfish kids need to think of someone besides themselves. Hope they refuse medical care if they get sick. Old Europeans, fed up with young Europeans. Don’t let .RexChapman see this, he only thinks Americans are the only ones doing this.

Casedemic! Force people to stay locked in their homes! 🙄 sarcasm That's called FREEDOM.! The protesters spread COVID by the tens of thousands. Portland COVID hot bed You gonna pretend there weren’t mass BLM protests around Europe too? I shall take the risk to date these two babes. Yeah and it’s called herd immunity. We’ve been doing it for centuries. Wake up!

Mistake guys, Americans did that here and now the virus is out of control. Your life and that of others for a day at the beach? No way. Not worth it. We will not be subject to illegal house arrest nor succumb to fear. Live goes on. Bureaucrats and politicians love to amass power. We will take that power away from them.

Walmart is safe but beaches are not. The biggest scam in history. Scamdemic You mean like mass gatherings where people don’t socially distance and don’t wear masks and are told they are exempt from having to quarantine? Like the funeral in Atlanta last week? BS I thought we americans were stupid. This is planet Spengo. Jon Lovitz for world leader.

Need to organise some more protests so people can socialise because apparently they are safe. when you blaming the young europeans, just turn over and have a look at your own country. when you post this rubbish,have you ever feeled ashamed of youself? what is the point lmao. drinking sex. Great. We need to get herd immunity ASAP (before winter). It was all about 'flattening the curve' remember? Not eliminating covid.

Not exactly a surprise. Yay!! 'bars' and 'beaches' are not remotely equivalent. Beaches are low risk, bars are not. Some how the left will blame President Trump for this.

Scientists study coronavirus outbreaks among minks in EuropeMADRID (AP) — Coronavirus outbreaks at mink farms in Spain and the Netherlands have scientists digging into how the animals got infected and if they can spread it to people. In the meantime,... ❤️🌸 A cat in UK tested positive and... now this?! Welp if they spread it to the mink farmers... 🤷‍♀️ karma

Getürkt: How the Turks became a verb in EuropeHow fear, fascination and Orientalism dragged Turks into European dictionaries Opinion | adnanmahmutovic - aliawhs - RamisOrlu adnanmahmutovic aliawhs RamisOrlu Most of the world reads the history of the world in English. adnanmahmutovic aliawhs RamisOrlu I wish I knew the language so I could learn the history of Turkey in Turkish. adnanmahmutovic aliawhs RamisOrlu how can you forget Türkentrunk?

Tech stocks stand tall in Europe after strong FANG, Nokia earningsEuropean stocks rose on Friday, with technology shares leading the way after bumper earnings from Wall Street's big tech names and Nokia eased nerves about global growth amid surging coronavirus cases. Motivation If you want to be strong, Learn to FIGHT alone. Fi The Bitcoin Association has appointed Patrick Prinz as Its European and Operations Manager with the responsibility to drive the growth of BSV's business across Europe and support the organization's operational needs worldwide

Europe Leans on Locals, Digital Ties to Offset Collapse in TourismThe tourism industry is coming up with creative ways to cope with the disappearance of international visitors.

Why has Europe better contained the virus than the US? Here's what Fauci says.Dr. Fauci says one factor in why Europe has been able to largely contain coronavirus is that many countries there locked down more completely than the US. Follow live testimony: Like Sweden?😉 Are you kidding? So do the people in Europe think the Coronavirus was created in a lab somewhere in China & then sent over there to keep their president from getting elected again? Are is it just these silly Republicans here in America thinking that's what's up with the Coronavirus?

Europe’s Youth Could Be Steering New Coronavirus Cases, Officials WarnYoung people have been blamed in multiple countries for new viral outbreaks. Oh boy....when will this end? Tegnell pointed out that lockdowns are unsustainable. It’s a pity not many listened to him. Old folks should stay in lockdown. Anyone who is obese, diabetic, or has heart disease and or hypertension should restrict movement outside the home. Sunshine: Vitamin D Probiotics and multivitamins Limit sugar intake Manage your weight Avoid sick people Turn off the news