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Coronavirus Cases Rise as U.S. Marks Holiday Weekend

Coronavirus infections rose in the U.S. as states eased lockdown measures

5/24/2020 12:15:00 AM

Coronavirus infections rose in the U.S. as states eased lockdown measures

Coronavirus infections rose in the U.S. on Friday as states warily entered Memorial Day weekend, while many countries in the Muslim world marked an end to the holy month of Ramadan with fresh restrictions.

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This is surprising how? This is called selling papers or news or whatever you call it. The WSJ used to be a respected news outlet.... No more. Guess what? If one person gets infected, “Coronavirus Cases Rise.” 🤦‍♂️ Really remarkable insight there guys. Our marginalized politicians should note this. Enjoying our beautiful state of Florida out with everyone.

Which way are deaths and hospitalizations trending, Karen? People don’t give a shit anymore. They aren’t going to let this run their lives and are going to risk it. I’m in Clearwater FL and you should have seen the beach today’s. Thousands of people without masks. Kids and families etc WSJ. “We Steal Joy”

US is at its infant stage in this virus. Want until it hits home, then people will realize hey social responsibility should be a priority. There are new clusters in China, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Indonesia & some. COVID19 virus needs just 1 unsuspecting host. Goodluck if the host is asymptomatic, unmasked & not quarantined. Worse if there’s no ContactTracing measures in place etc. StayAlert StayHome 😷🦠

Maybe the CDC will start advocating the common sense scientific approach of opening and closing every four days so we will have 60 small waves over the next six months. Long close to reopen = tsunami. I know it’s their first pandemic, but this ain’t hard. Not true. If you look at daily rates in mid week they are the highest. Look at Sundays. People don't get sick or die on Sundays - or don't get reported!! If you are not looking at a 7 day average, you are looking at noise and reporting trends based on noise is FAKE News.

It’s hilarious how Americans cling to the whole “we test more” excuse like there’s nothing wrong. Head in the sand syndrome if I’ve ever seen it. How disingenuous to show a picture of the beach under this head line. The last place of danger is the outdoors ass hats. No longer a follower of the WSJ as a result.

In other news, the sky is blue. Of course cases will rise as people go outside, that’s expected! We flattened the curve for one reason and that’s to not crash the health care system and hospitals, it wasn’t so the virus would magically disappear. Go outside! What? Thanks, captain obvious! And how many required hospitalization?

Inevitably No shit Sherlock. Wow that's a fast incubation period you have the numbers that no one can trust Nice fear porn STFU WSJ; the sky is falling, the sky is falling😎 Lie Bull shit headline with an agenda. Cases went up because testing has gone up significantly. NOT because of less restrictions. Does CNN own the Wall Street journal?

Good Lord, this article is all over the place. The editor should feel shame. As it should and 99.7% will recover and we’ll get herd immunity. Viola! Dr_Mashhor biohussein This headline makes no sense🤪 Coronavirus Cases Rise as U.S. Marks Holiday Weekend - is WSJ saying there are already cases from a holiday weekend that hasn't happened yet? 🤣 This is False Fear progresses, like democrats and media , are spreading for their political agenda.

Fantastic. Imunization will come faster. Of course they rose..they are gonna rise..would you prefer the rise in 6 months or now. Get people out and get herd immunity going for the healthy. Protect the weak sure but keeping others in has been a horrible idea. Memorial Day weekend is a great time to defy tyrannical lockdown orders. Independence Day is not far thereafter and is the Perfect day.

After reading the article, the title is misleading...why? Also it's false. You don't know if infections increased unless everyone was tested before and after this article. As expected. Coz viruses don't mind about your rights, religious beliefs or pleasures. JavierArocaA Eso era lo esperado. Una vez mas el pueblo paga con su sangre los errores de psicopatas Fascistas.

Sigh, will the media never learn. There is this thing called Google. We can all fact check you now. See US Covid-19 cases and deaths. All trending down for over 30 days. I wonder if the amount of testing increased ? 🤔 Testing increased. Use you heads If you are going to San Francisco be sure to wear a face mask and keep social distance and for sure wear flowers in your hair.

Its like going out without sunscreen and coming home confused as to why you got burnt.....doh! No shit. People actually pay money for this? Almost 80 percent of the people dying are from care homes, because their familys are not allowed to see them so they can just be added to covid19 deaths, you dont need to be a genius to understand that!

Nobody fucking cares... What would you expect NYT to report ? We’re all gonna die!!! That’s what your headline should read. More testing, finally means more positive tests. Are the hospitals overloaded? Death rate increasing dramatically? Are we still counting cancer and other pre existing conditions in body count

Data,data,data let the numbers tell the truth.Will media tell the truth?NOT IN THEIR INTEREST LamestreamMedia WakeUpAmerica 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Although the number of cases rose the % of daily positive cases is continuing to decrease indicating that the virus is not spreading. Please inform yourselves before reporting. So sick of being on lockdown, I decided to check the facts myself. You should too.

shouldn’t be “... infections rose in the U.S. as testing increased considerably”? Explain this Stupidity at its extreme... Infections will rise after lockdowns end, regardless of WHEN lockdowns end. WSJ: if Debbie downer and captain obvious had a child. Cases rise as testing increases. No mention of how percent of positive cases is decreasing across the board. Useless, click bait, fear mongering headline.

The beaches... coronavirus is transmitted via seawater. Maybe it’s got something to do with increased testing? A number always goes up, we added more criminals today, added more believers, unless you lose one. In the absence of an effective therapeutic, a vaccine, or Devine intervention, coronavirus will affect us for years. As long as hospitalization rates are steady or falling, that’s the best we can expect. We need to accept the new risk to our daily lives and move forward.

You’re going against the idiots narrative. Thy will be ready to denounce you🇺🇸 If they are under 60 with no co-morbidities, it’s the flu. How many of these cases required hospitalization? Tell the while story. CovidHoax POTUS FakeNews Of all American countries the United States have the highest rates of covid-19.

If we see a linear rate with the number of infections and the number of tests done in a state that has eased lockdown measures, then this is not news. If there was a significant deviation of deaths in the ~3 weeks after easing, then that would be news What?!?! No way. I was expecting cases to go down as we reopened and did more testing.

Spread that fear, good job douche bags Clickbait bullshit. When are you all gonna learn? You’re the WSJ for Gods sake. Did we think that more tests would have us go backwards in cases? MAGA2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Every graph in the article has lower new cases , lower deaths. Does rise mean we had more case on top of what we already had?

*as widespread testing became available It's a virus....pretty when people mingle more..cases will flu.. Stop scaremongering Surprised? America is sick of the b.s. Everyone knows coronavirus cases rose because of the expansion in testing for something 80% will never know they have. We are no longer buying Media Hype.

Global patterns indicated this. Who gets the blame, someone she at least be picked on noshitsherlock it will continue to rise because we're such a selfish nation Well duh more testing per capita is being done than just one week ago. But has hospitalization rates? 😷😱 As did testing rates, and much more significantly.

Then there was no point to lockdown America, if it cannot be stopped anyway. Assuming If there is a virus 🦠.

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Germany's confirmed coronavirus cases rise by 638 to 177,850: RKIThe number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany increased by 638 to 177,850, data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases showed on Saturday. That's scary It rises, then what happens in their society ? It is just a number, isn’t it. okey... a two sentence ‘article’

Coronavirus cases in nation's capital reveal a tale of 2 cities Coronavirus cases in the nation's capital reveal a tale of two cities. Residents in D.C.'s poorest ward have the highest COVID-19 death toll. realDonaldTrump was hired to protect us from our adversaries & competitors! Then he failed because he wouldn’t sit still or pay attention during intel briefings! Then we got Covid19, lost 96,000 people! Now he blames China, the very country he was hired to protect us from! LOL And they're the most careless Quite shocking- Poor people die at alarming rates, rich fok are barely effected.

Coronavirus updates: Brazil now 2nd to US in world in COVID casesCORONAVIRUS LATEST: —New York allows gatherings of 10 or fewer people —Government order will allow pro athletes into country —Brazil now 2nd globally in COVID-19 cases Do you have a wordpress website or you would like to create new site Then don't worry I'll help you to customize or create a website by wordpress. I'm professional wordpress developer..... here is my gig link: Today when Kayleigh McEnany started to gettin Bonkers on some totally off the wall weird shit , Cnn just stopped showing that nonsense cut away to see newscasters shaking their heads in disbelief. Way Too Funny! 🤔🤔

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