Vol 56 Issue 19, White House, Coronavirus

Vol 56 Issue 19, White House

Coronavirus Assumed White House Would Be Bigger In Person

Coronavirus Assumed White House Would Be Bigger In Person

7/4/2020 11:29:00 PM

Coronavirus Assumed White House Would Be Bigger In Person

WASHINGTON—Underwhelmed by the cramped bathrooms and overly crowded seating areas, sources close to the coronavirus confirmed Tuesday that it had always assumed the White House would be bigger in person. “When you think White House , you think of this grand place where the most powerful person in the world lives, but it’s actually kind of small and rinky dink,” said Auto Terra Filinia XFC, a strain of Covid-19, who revealed that touring the entire residential area of the White House and the West Wing took it less than an hour. “It’s just kind of underwhelming, I guess. I expected to feel all this majesty at the power of the American government, but it’s mostly just old. Even the security is lax, I was able to sneak into the East Room and even the Lincoln bedroom no problem.” The coronavirus did add that despite its disappointment with the building, the staff’s warmth and lack of social distancing had made it feel right at home.

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outofcontroljb I think it's amazing that can still come up with satire when everything out of the WH is totally insane. ❤️ If only... Kline The dream is over. Please cure this disease. It has yet to find the courage to knock on Stephen Miller's door. COVID: 'I'm not going in there!' It’s true. I did. Trump decorated it to make it look smaller. It makes it a less good Target for terrorists and people who compare the size of things.

Viruses don't have feelings. They are reproducing killing machines that don't know the difference between a white or pink house. unRealMaryTrump Oh shit the virus can think now were in trouble. I don't think theres any point to wearing a mask now that the virus can think It got invited as Jr’s girlfriend’s guest.

I know the feeling. Same with Graceland. Trump's small hands makes everything look bigger. Basement can barely hide The Trump Family. A while back, a Middle Eastern diplomat, when visiting the WhiteHouse remarked, '...you have a very modest home...' or some such quip... that was when oil was $100 a barrel.

There’s a bunker. Did it see that? patricklee6669 Like this? what kind of maggot virus would try to reach the president As one of our greatest Americans said, “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.' 😂 Corona needs to reexamine its absolutely RIDICULOUS standards. W

Trump will host a scaled-back July 4th party at White House as coronavirus cases spikeTrump&39;s guests will include members of the military and law enforcement, as well as doctors and nurses on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle. FROM THE BUNKER Trump spreads his virus to all those red states What runs through the mind of Donald Trump’s crowd? What about Trump made the dude behind him clap?

Conservative lawmaker demands White House disband coronavirus task forceRep. Andy Biggs, chair of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, on Thursday called on the White House to shutter its coronavirus task force, claiming the nation’s top public health experts were undermining President Trump Willful ignorance as a political stance. Why do they hate us? Cool. Why have a second wave when we could just ride the first one forever?

White House 'free marketeers' raised concerns over coronavirus price-gouging crackdownA Justice Department task force meant to go after pandemic scammers and profiteers has found its work complicated by a 'philosophical' debate with top Trump aides. Like the media ? like the companies selling masks for 15-20-25$ A PIECE! Why would they when higher ups are benefitting.

Trump will host a scaled-back July 4th party at White House as coronavirus cases spikeThe explosion of coronavirus cases isn't stopping President Donald Trump from hosting a Fourth of July at the White House , despite objections from public health officials. Corona disappeared for 3 weeks after Floyd though... Good, let more of his supporters go. Trump is actively trying to kill us.

Trump will host a scaled-back July 4th party at White House as coronavirus cases spikeThere won't be armored military vehicles on display at the Lincoln Memorial, as happened last year, but the White House still plans to host hundreds of people on the South Lawn for music and fireworks. kimguilfoyle going to be there? Giving realDonaldTrump a big sloppy wet kiss? Military probably told him to suck it Trump and his followers should be given one of Dakotas and have all Trumpers migrate there. Secession would be granted - call it Magaland, Trumpland, whatever. Build a wall, put tariffs on everything, no immigrants, etc. Then when incorporating new gov't, think North Korea.

'We need to live with it': White House readies new message for the nation on coronavirus White House officials are planning to intensify what they hope is a sharper, and less conflicting, message of the coronavirus pandemic next week, according to senior admin. officials. 'The virus is with us, but we need to live with it.' Beautiful thing about America is that you have a right to close yourself off in your own home forever if that's what you want to do. You do you. It's not living with it...it's dying from it No one people own this country whether you are from Russia,Africa, Italy ,Europe,or Asia.