Cops Pulled Guns On Yankees GM Brian Cashman In Wild Video

The scene was intense!


Cops Pulled Guns On Yankees GM Brian Cashman In Wild Video

The scene was intense!

52-year-old Cashman was stopped in Darien, Connecticut last Friday after cops mistakenly thought he had stolen the Jeep he was driving.

But, before officers let Cashman go, they had a funny interaction with the guy -- recognizing him as the Yankees' personnel man!!

“Yeah, I know,” the cop replies ... “I used to see you at Brook Street Bagels when I was an Eastchester cop. I apologize for the embarrassment."

But, Cashman says cops forgot to take the car off the stolen list when they returned it ... and when Darien cops ran his license plate, it still came up as a stolen vehicle.

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'Teachable Moment'. Yankees GM did the right thing. Notice he didn't argue, listened and obeyed to the Police Officers instructions. White privilege and no whining If he were black he’d be dead. WhitePrivilege It’s funny he did what was asked of him and nothing happened to him other people don’t I hope someone gets reprimanded for not taking his car off the list on stolen cars.

Wow Looks like he's still alive because he complied ProTip Amazing what happens when you listen and don’t act like an asshole to cops. Also helps that you have robbed every other MLB team in every trade you ever done. Reminder that if you prefer everyone has a gun, police have to assume you do when they need to confront you. It’s a bad situation to have guns flooding society

Brian, sometimes these unique situations can get yo ass shot. You did everything right on your end and STILL.... Also, Connecticut....

Teen threatens to shoot federal agents, Planned Parenthood; had 'numerous' guns: CopsOhio teenager threatened to shoot federal agents, a Planned Parenthood and a gay bar and was found at a residence that had 'numerous' guns. Mandatory trigger finger amputation....maybe not Spend enough time ingesting right wing propaganda, you start to get the feeling that someone needs to be a hero and stand up to these demonic liberals before they destroy everything. Then when you do, the right disavows you and even accuses you of being a liberal. We really are not great at all. GunConrolNow

Thank God He Wasn’t Killed White privilege wins again. Lol. Like to see that report about the gun at a doctors office. lol. Sounds like some BS. Must be Sox fans. Chuy_Gooey Must be nice to get special treatment Thanks I'm gonna sleep good tonight now The core item here is how it was deescalated. They did not cuff him and let him go back and reach into his vehicle with officers at least 5-10 feet away. I’m not saying it should not be done this way but that deescalation should be the norm.

This can’t be true, cops only do this to black people... he is white though!

The Moment a Hong Kong Policeman Pulled His Gun on ProtestersA Wall Street Journal video shows an embattled officer pulling his sidearm to chase off assailants. Here’s how a day that began with a quiet protest got to that point. LIE! Dude showed a lot of restraint... or maybe it was a plant/setup to help explain the inevitable military crackdown. (The camera was right there! 🤣) The policeman was defending himself. After all, he is a policeman.

What in the hell am I looking at? Oh, two hands holding a pistol and the dingy hanging down is a finger. It happen everyday to black people what’s da difference If he moved the wrong way he would be dead. More great police work, why didn’t they pull him over and ask him for ID, is that too hard to do. Why would they think his car was stolen ?

Misunderstanding Love to hear where the white privileged people are on this ? I’ve met Cashman on many occasions through the years. Pretty decent guy.

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It Isn’t Much to Ask That Cops Have a Higher Standard for Killing PeopleTwo House Democrats marked the fifth anniversary of the Ferguson uprising by proposing police officers use force as a “last resort” About time. It's protect and serve, not hunt and serve

Megan Thee Stallion's 'Hot Girl Summer' Video Shoot Shut Down by CopsMegan Thee Stallion knows how to solve 'Hot Girl' problems on the fly. Try Tweeting Positive / good role models for the younger people. TMZ has turned into a thug show. Ayyyyy JoeBudden you snitch on them over that bs Nicki pulled on Queen Radio 🤔

Florida man threatened to blow up planes and chuches while sending woman 10,000 texts in 12 days, cops sayI'm going to start blowing up planes to prove my point,' one message from the man said. The text included a photo of a receipt for parking at an airport. Obviously something wrong with him... but that's dedication I guess Any news story that begins with 'Florida Man' never ends well... It's always Florida

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