Cops Investigating Screaming Match Between Kellyanne Conway and Daughter Claudia

Cops Investigating Screaming Match Between Kellyanne Conway and Daughter Claudia

1/22/2021 12:03:00 PM

Cops Investigating Screaming Match Between Kellyanne Conway and Daughter Claudia

Cops are investigating a matter between Kellyanne Conway and her 16-year-old daughter, Claudia.

Claudia, and the people on the other side of the door were cops.Kellyanne's 16-year-old daughter posted a TikTok video showing police speaking with her mom. KC told the cops Claudia was going through a tough time and even mentions they're going to family therapy.

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Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... this was a welfare check. Someone called police after seeing a video that Claudia secretly recorded and posted, showing her mom screaming and swearing at her.Play video contentTENSION THROUGH THE ROOF@claudiamconway/Tik Tok

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I screamed at my parents But it didn't really matter They're just like teflon I screamed at my parents But it doesn't even matter They're just like teflon She is bitter. And taking out on her daughter. She needs mental health asap. I know teens are difficult, trust me I bloody know lol But her daughter is craying for help to help her mother In the only way she knows Her mother refuses to seek help And WERE IS HER DAD?

Like mother like daughter two idiots. Can’t they both just fucking go away? She was trying to fix a country with over 300 million people with lies and she can't fix her own family. buffymuffy4444 She basically told her daughter she should have had an abortion. That might sound funny to some or cute but it’s as psychologically damaging and abusive as it gets. It doesn’t matter how Claudia is behaving because she’s not the adult. KA sucks in private. Shocked /s

I’m not a KellyAnne fan BUT it seems to me that Claudia is antagonistic & entraps her mother & then she edit the videos to show just her mothers emotional responses. Parents sometimes say bad things if dealing with poor behavior. I’m not justifying. BOTH mom & daughter are wrong. What’s her dad doing? What’s he say about this?

Who won? And was it over makeup 💄 Her clowning her mom was funny at first, but now Claudia is problematic. She records stuff for likes and clout. That's not cute. They need family counseling Holy fuck ... I knew this bitch was crazy but I underestimated just how crazy she actually is. Claudia is a mess 🤣🤣

Investigating Kellyanne for mom of the year I hope! Why is there a screaming match You are the parent. You can gtfo my house if you dont like it. No screaming needed. wtf is wrong with these dumb so called parents claudia gonna beat her ass Crazy bishes BTW tmz, calling it a 'screaming match' reframes what's actually up

She needs to be put in boarding school. She doesn’t have the right to object to her mother’s successful career. She has emotional problems. They’re trying so hard to land a reality show! SaveClaudiaConway She is famous for mocking her mom on social media. You absolutely can disagree with your parents on political issues but posting shit about them when you are 15 will absolutely lead to situation she is in right now.

They should be on Dr. Phil OMG did you just hear mama say you had better be glad I am pro life… How crass Anything for attention that girl all screwed up she needs to live a normal life for a while and she see how good she got that’s what wrong with America these day parents in to get their kids in check

The whole family needs help. Kick the daughter out of the house, problem solved! I mean the adult of the two is a sycophant moron who speaks out of her hind side. If I was her kid I would have emancipated myself from that insanity That girl is fucked up just check her TikTok where is the father.. George is too busy on Twitter and probably doesn’t care. Two shitty parents.

Kellyanne just needs to move out and leave that girl with her father. At some point you have to cut toxic people out of your life. That there is the 16 year old face of entitlement. They should be parents and take all her shit away and then see how she does. Spoiled Brat all the way. Good KellyannePolls

I wish them peace🙏 Ok? Who cares? Oh please there's nothing but wholesome love in that family They’re both crazy. The whole “hitting her” part was her throwing what looks like tissues or pillows and yells stop hitting me. 😂😂😂 Screaming match 🤦🏾‍♀️ lol the cops dont got nothing better to do. Sounds like a normal household day.

gtconway3d Nice family you got there, Trump's fault I'm sure. Now I know why her husband left her Yikes! She hit the wall ! It appears this poor family is suffering from Trumpitis, which is something that happens to a person’s life after associating with Trump and/or constant defending him. Karma. These things happen. Especially when mainstream media is brainwashing your child.

A spoiled brat end of story. Likely it involved, “What the hell were you thinking when you named me Claudia....?” Screaming match implies they were both screaming. It was just the mother berating and throwing shit while Claudia just watched. Merriam Webster dictionary just defined Alternative Facts as Lies.

Ohh no. A argument with foul language being said. We better run to our safe spots and cry ourselfs to sleep. How will we ever overcome this atrocity. Wow, busy day at the office!!!! She needs to be removed from the home. Leave ‘em alone. That Video Was Hard To Watch!! Stop Normalizing Parents Being Verbally And Emotionally Abusive To Their Kids. That Girl Will Be Scarred For Life. I Hope They Both Get The Help They Need. I Feel horrible For The Child More So Than the parent!!

poor kid, feel bad for her. Y do people fight with their kids? Y not just send them to a private boarding school? Unless u can't afford it. Then I can understand feeling helpless, but screaming at them is only going to make it worse! That's what Convents r 4... So I've heard... QuitScreamingAtYourKids! 🙄

Good. That was pretty uncomfortable to see. jmspivey37 This is all a reality show stunt. Screaming match between a mother and her teenage daughter is not unique to the Conways. It’s a pull n push relationship at that stage. Let’s Pray for the Conways n please do not judge her as a mom. Hi Fashionistas! Happy New Year! Check out my Top 5 Luxury Inspired Fashion Finds For 2021 on my YouTube Channel LINKED BELOW. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. THANKS. designer ArtistOnTwitter fashion YouTuber

Claudia can get it! 💗 huggs💗 💗 Prayers.Sent.😇💗 Claudia need to be donated. If she can pay for her phone then she can pay for her house. 😂 Politics aside, feel for Kellyanne. To me, the daughter is nothing more then an attention seeking brat, who should understand that her lavish DC life is only existing because of her mom’s job with Trump. Never understood the concept of biting the hand that feeds you!

Dysfunctional woman in a dysfunctional family.... no surprise OMG a screaming match between a teen age girl & her Mother! Say it isnt so!!