Cop who sought GOP state senate nomination allegedly punches Democratic candidate during Roe rally

6/26/2022 5:40:00 PM

Jeann Lugo, who was seeking the GOP nomination to run for the same state senate seat, said he was 'not going to deny' the punching allegation, but added that 'everything happened very fast.'

Jeann Lugo, who was seeking the GOP nomination to run for the same state senate seat, said he was 'not going to deny' the punching allegation, but added that 'everything happened very fast.'

Jeann Lugo, who was seeking the GOP nomination to run for the same state senate seat, said he was 'not going to deny' the punching allegation, but added that 'everything happened very fast.'

Email PROVIDENCE, R.1:11PM ET Photo Illustration by Luis G.President Biden Signs Bipartisan Gun Reform Bill Into Law Courtesy Bill Bartholomew — The Bartholomewtown Podcast Rourke went to a hospital in Kent, Rhode Island, on Saturday for a CT scan, a campaign spokesman told CNBC.Michael McDonald, the top official in the Nevada GOP, is being looked into as part of a wider investigation scrutinizing a plan to send illegitimate electors to cast the state's six electoral votes in the 2020 presidential election, according to a report from a CBS affiliate in Las Vegas.

I.-- A Rhode Island police officer accused of punching a woman at an abortion protest while he was off-duty was suspended from his job with pay Saturday while the Providence Police Department conducts a criminal investigation into his actions.“I’m a reproductive rights organizer & State Senate candidate.Jennifer Rourke, Rhode Island Political Cooperative Chairwoman and a state Senate candidate, told the Providence Journal she was punched in the face at least twice by Jeann Lugo, who had been running for the GOP nomination for a Rhode Island state senate seat.A spokesperson for the department did not immediately respond to CNBC's requests for comment.Lugo told the Journal he was"not going to deny" the punching allegation, but added that"everything happened very fast.The alleged assailant, Jeann Lugo, was confirmed as the officer involved by the Providence Police Department." "As an officer that swore to protect and serve our communities, I, unfortunately, saw myself in a situation that no individual should see themselves in," he said in the email to the Boston Globe.We believe in fair elections and will continue the fight against voter fraud in the Silver State! pic.

"I stepped in to protect someone that a group of agitators was attacking.After giving a speech, she said, she stepped aside and noticed an altercation taking place involving a counter-protester, whom she encouraged to exit the premises.I stepped in to protect someone that a group of agitators was attacking," Lugo's statement said." Lugo did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.SEE ALSO | Chicago rally: Abortion rights supporters gather for 2nd day following ruling overturning Roe v Wade Video of the event posted online shows two other individuals involved in a physical altercation at the protest right before a woman, apparently Rourke, is seen being hit.) Almost immediately after, Rourke said she was struck herself—apparently by Lugo.The video does not show what happened between Lugo and Rourke prior to Rourke being hit.About 10 members of a right-wing group known as the Freedom Fighters also showed up to the event, Bartholomew said.Rourke is seeking the Democratic nomination in the September primary to run for the Rhode Island state Senate.He hit me,’ ” she recalled." Biden defeated Trump by 33,596 votes in Nevada and received the six electoral votes for the state when the Electoral College convened in December 2020.

Lugo had been seeking the Republican nomination to run for the same seat."I'm a Black woman running for office," Rourke told the Journal.” She said she had never previously had a conversation with the off-duty cop."A melee ensued," the local journalist said, at which point he saw Rourke getting hit in the face."There was no need, no need for any of this.I'm not going to give up.Friday’s protest was otherwise generally peaceful, reports said." In a call with The Associated Press, Rourke said the incident occurred as she was attempting to escort a counterprotester who had agreed to leave." "I was assaulted as a result of that," she said.S.

As she was leading the man off the premises, she said, another physical altercation broke out, at which point she was punched in the face multiple times by Lugo.” The officer was placed on paid administrative leave.Rourke said she has never interacted with Lugo before and did not know he would be at the protest."I'm disappointed he chose to use violence in this way.” “Those responsible will be held fully accountable,” he added.I'm not going to stop fighting – for reproductive rights, for the people in my district, or for people like me who want to run for office," Rourke said.As a police officer, he's trained to deescalate.He did not do what he was trained to do," she said.Rourke told The Daily Beast that she has been suffering from concussion-like symptoms and has been in touch with Providence police about pressing charges.

Rourke sought medical care and received a CT scan on Saturday afternoon.She said she was doing OK but was experiencing a lot of tenderness in her face and ringing in her ears.“Incidents like this are the reason why many Black and brown candidates don't run for office,” she added.She said she had pressed charges against Lugo.RELATED | At midday Saturday, Lugo tweeted that he was dropping out of the race."I will not be running for any office this fall," he said.

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza addressed the conflict in a tweet but said he was limited in what he could say."I've seen the video and it's immensely disturbing," Elorza said."Those responsible will be held fully accountable." In a news release announcing the suspension, Providence police said the suspended officer was a three-year veteran.The altercation occurred during a Friday protest outside the Rhode Island State House in Providence that was in response to the.

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You do not put your hands on people if he is not convicted it's open season on everyone in office and running for public office. Why are we stopping at only banning same-sex marriage? Ban interracial marriage too, that isn’t in the constitution! So the pro abortionist attacking another person...gets punched in the face to get plays the victim...yup the liberal way...democrats there is your hero..

Considering the de facto 'Antifa/BLM' rule, throwing a punch on the street seems to be not worthy of prosecution. He gets a pass. If he's prosecuted, it's a signal of bias on the part of the prosecutor, who should be thrown out of office and sued civilly. She’s supposedly equal in every way so it was mutual combat and she lost.

OFFICER Jean Lugo. Who was relieved of duty and not arrested.

GOP Cop Ducks Out of Rhode Island Senate Race After Smacking Rival at Abortion RallyA male cop who was running for the Rhode Island Senate has tweeted that he is withdrawing from the race after being accused of punching his female rival at a Roe v. Wade protest EyesOnTheRight That move's a guaranteed win in Montana. Caught on video/accused of Potato/potahto I guess. Minus the allegedly.

Off-Duty Rhode Island Cop, Ex-GOP State Senate Candidate Allegedly Attacks Political Opponent at Abortion Rights Rally After Supreme Court Roe RulingJen Rourke said she was “violently attacked” after her speech outside the state house in Providence protesting the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. Can you say LEFTIST EXTREMIST

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‘Cruel’ or ‘courageous’: GOP, Democrats deeply divided after Roe reversalThe Supreme Court has overturned the nearly 50-year-old federal precedent protecting the right to an abortion – a move that, though highly expected, still generated both outrage and elation across the country.

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