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Controversial USPS Plan To Slow The Mail Slammed By Postal Regulator

Controversial USPS plan to slow the mail slammed by the regulatory board:

7/23/2021 7:28:00 AM

Controversial USPS plan to slow the mail slammed by the regulatory board:

The plan “relies upon assumptions that may not be well founded,” the commission said—though USPS will likely still implement it anyway.

In an advisoryopinionreleased Tuesday, the independent Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) struck down that argument, saying the plan’s directive to change service standards will not result in “much improvement, if any, to the Postal Service’s current financial condition.”

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The PRC said USPS also “has not demonstrated evidence” to show the plan won’t hurt customer satisfaction, and the agency is not sufficiently adapting its plan to address “the concerns or issues raised by its customers and stakeholders.”The PRC’s guidance is non-binding, so USPS can still move forward with the plan despite the commission’s concerns.

USPS suggested Tuesday the guidance will not stop the plan from being implemented, as spokesperson Kimberly Frum toldForbesin an email the agency is “reviewing” the PRC’s recommendations “and will consider them as we move forward with our plan.”Crucial Quote

“The Commission finds that the [Postal Service] relies upon assumptions that may not be well founded and it may be unable to achieve successful implementation where reliability and efficiency are required,”  the PRC wrote in its opinion. Big Number

5 billion. That’s the estimated number of pieces of mail that would be slowed down by the plan’s changes to first-class service standards, thecalculated in March based on the cuts affecting 30% of first-class mail items.What We Don’t KnowUSPS has not commented on whether it will alter the plan at all in light of the PRC’s concerns and those of Democratic lawmakers and attorneys general. The agency’s board of governors has added three

appointed by President Joe Biden since the plan was publicly announced, who have suggested they could try to impose changes to the plan. Chief CriticDeJoy and USPS Board of Governors chair Ron Bloom, a Democrat, have repeatedly defended the controversial 10-year plan, saying the cuts to service standards are justified in light of the agency’s financial issues. “Does it make a difference if it's an extra day to get a letter? Because something has to change,” DeJoy said at a

in February, before the plan was officially unveiled. Read more: Forbes »

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