Continued Republican abuse of filibuster begins to change minds on reform in Senate

Sen. King: 'If you take the states, that those 41 senators represent, add up all the population together, you get 24% of the American people. So the situation we're in now is that 24% of the American people have an effective veto.'

10/21/2021 9:02:00 PM

Sen. King: 'If you take the states, that those 41 senators represent, add up all the population together, you get 24% of the American people. So the situation we're in now is that 24% of the American people have an effective veto.'

Senator Angus King, who had previous voiced opposition to getting rid of the Senate filibuster rule, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Republican abuse of the rule to block everything without even any debate, even on matters critical to the health of democracy in the United States, is changing his perspective on reforming the filibuster.

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Awe, is he gonna cry? It's called a representative Republic. Every time someone says we live in a democracy I know they are either a clown or don't understand our constitution or simply lying to the people. I don't care what side of the aisle there on. Welcome to high school government class and why the electoral college exists and how it prevents depraved cities from ruling over productive people

So let’s change the rules of the game b/c you don’t like how the game ends. The USA is a flawed democracy and has been for a while. Citizens United accelerated the fall. 😥 So you'd like to disregard 24 % of Americans because they disagree with you. China like one party rule ...just like you do. The founding fathers set up the system so the balance of powers would represent all. The House equally represents the population, and the Senate equally represents states.

That is why the constitution is set up that way. It’s this way so that smaller Sates would not be steamrolled/bullied by more populous States. Just because the majority wants something, doesn’t make it right or good. I’d say spendIng money we don’t have is not good. Foolish argument on many levels. My husband and I have been saying this for a long time.

Sen. Angus King on filibuster: ‘Democracy itself is more important than any Senate rule’Senator Angus King (I-ME) speaks with Nicolle about how the GOP is using the filibuster to “stifle debate” and how the filibuster needs to be adjusted in order to protect federal voting rights NicolleDWallace Hear Here! Hello, the 21st Century is calling...simple majority rules...full stop. goRubenRuben NicolleDWallace Now if only a few Republicans would agree. GOPVoterSuppression FreedomToVoteAct GOPLiesAboutEverything GOPCorruptionOverCountry TheePurity NicolleDWallace Particularly when said senate rule itself is undemocratic and was often utilized to prevent American citizens from exercising their constitutional right to vote. A relic of discrimination and hate. The filibuster needs to go, right along with “holds”.

(Grabs bullhorn): MAINE VOTERS are directly responsible for keeping the filibuster going. MAINE VOTERS re-elected a Republican senator last year. If MAINE VOTERS would vote Democratic, the filibuster would be eliminated by now. That's some fuzzy math. It doesnt account for all the Trump voters in blue states or Biden voters in red states. You could break down any number of senators and twist your math to make it seem like Democrats or Republicans are over-represented. Also, let me grab a bullhorn:

When infrastructure bill passes, states that did not vote for it should get zero money from it. Once their NO vote has REAL repercussions, things could change. Write that up in the package. Isn't that what their Republican Senators are saying 'WE DONT WANT IT'. So be it. SethAbramson Enough useless talk, TheDemocrats. Time to act. Everyone is getting tired of this bullshit, and election time is coming. ACT.

America is broken and needs some Heroes to step up and fix it before we lose our democracy for good. Time for some changes This was on Rachel Maddow. Rethuglicans use the filibuster like a wrecking ball ! Even if they have to stop the full growth of the USA. A very dangerous ploy IMHO It’s time to do away with it and add in TERM LIMITS

Population predictions make this so much worse than the travesty it is currently. Predictions have 70% of the country's population in only 15 states by 2040. That means the other 30% of the population will be represented by 70% of the Senators. The filibuster is the only thing standing between the American people and total DemocratAuthoritarianism.

Senate to vote on major voting rights bill that Republicans promise to blockSenate Republicans are expected to block legislation on Wednesday aimed at expanding federal voting rights protections and combating election subversion, just months after preventing a similar measure from advancing. Correction, Democrats are allowing Republicans to block this bill by allowing the filibuster to continue to exist so they can continue to use it as an excuse to not deliver on any economic promises it’s ludicrous that democrats CANNOT name one voting right lost or in danger! Yet another misleading deceptive narrative driven headline👍

Anyone who goes on you should not believe what they tell you. This is not a news station, it is a Democrat troll station Fairness is overrated. Why do you tweet this over and over and over? Delavegalaw The states/ voters in question are consistently among the most under-educated Americans . They're also blissfully ignorant after decades of digesting GOP misinformation.

Go Get It Done! This is just crazy. Yep. So you're saying that California and NewYork should rule the country? Our.government is set up the way it is just so ALL states have an equal say and we dont have to follow.the liberal disasters down the toilet bowl Arrest fauci Maine FTW 💙😄 If you take the states, add up all the people who voted for them, what you have is one white person’s vote equal to 16X more than one Black person’s vote, 30X more than one Latino Am person’s vote, and 60X more than an Asian Am person’s vote. Began racist, still racist.

ReformTheSenate EndTheFilibuster

Voting rights bill set for Senate vote, showdown likely to amp up pressure to end filibusterVoting rights bill is expected to die in the Senate, a move likely to intensify pressure from progressives on Democratic leaders to eliminate filibuster.

AbolishTheFilibuster Democrats filibustered more than any Congress on record during Trump’s presidency. They lose the majority in 2022 and a Trump/DeSantis ticket can easily win in 2024, leaving Dems w/no recourse, which would be…right on brand NuclearOption We need an amended constituion This is utterly ridiculous

The representation of states by 2 senators is fair. Otherwise, we'd be doing whatever, California, New York, Texas, and Florida wanted. It's also why we have a house of reps, to represent in proportion to population, notwithstanding gerrymandering and other irregularities. Shoot sounds like we live in a republic. Your head line makes it seem like the other states are 100% group think or they don’t matter to you… still trying to figure it out. Those senators represent a lot more than 26% of the United States population.

In infantile terms, this is not fair representation. JoeNBC Weird, so a representative democracy on a federal system is not the pure democracy that never existed. Lies Msnbc , infratrated by kgb agents trying to destroy America About time u start talking about republicans making hijack moves. Democrats better make a move bc 4sure they'll kill it. U can't trust rep. if they don't get their way. Manchin hopefully seen u can not debate bargain anything. Helping the people is what the bill is about.

RcRegalstarfire I am no longer willing to be held hostage by the 24% !

Brazil Senate report urges charging Bolsonaro over pandemicBRASILIA, Brazil (AP) — A Brazilian senator has formally presented a report recommending President Jair Bolsonaro be indicted on criminal charges for allegedly bungling Brazil’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and pushing the country’s death toll to second-highest in the world. More people have died in the US in 2021 than 2020. Will Biden face charges? What about Anthony Fauci, when helped create, proliferate and funded gain of function research for the virus? Why is he not being charged?

Lawrence You are making the assumption that everyone in states with Dem senators voted for them. The split in this country is much closer to 50/50 so don't act like it's a small minority in disagreement with you. Be careful what you wish for Continued abuse? 🙄😂😂😂😝democrats used this over 230 times look it the ef up!

JoeNBC Yikes. We need reform MalcolmNance Abolish the senate that needs to be talked of more, on the msm outlets. but, it won't! Sounds like an election deal with it. Yes but the other states have more Representatives. Lawrence SenAngusKing I'm sorry the United States' form of government is inconveniencing you, Senator.

HC_Richardson If this were an actual democracy, no GOP republican would likely ever be elected again

Senate Republicans block Democrats' federal voting rights legislationSenate Republicans again blocked debate on sweeping federal voting rights legislation backed by President Biden on Wednesday, in a move likely to renew calls among some Democratic leaders to alter filibuster rules.

peterwsinger The Senate shouldn’t exist at all but OK Yep. Pretty Stupid! Disgraceful. And exactly why the unconstitutional filibuster needs to disappear. BrunoAmato_1 EndGOPGripOnAmerica This is so important to understand. We don't want to abolish the filibuster, we can carve out exceptions to it just like McConnell did to seat judges. If we eliminate the filibuster we give the Rs a free hand to do whatever they want when they're back in majority.

Democracy is dying under the filibuster and giving representation to empty states and not to people. ashtonpittman 😡 If you don't like the system feel free to go somewhere else no one cares there's plenty of majority democracies in the world we are a democratic constitutional republic The only way to save America is to abolish the senate completely and make gerrymandering illegal so that house reps adequately represent its constituents. Our current system is neigh a democracy nor republic. More an oligarchy than anything else.

BIDEN needs 2 get his ASS in proper 'GEAR' & straighten out MANCHIN & SINEMA w/PRIORITIES IMPORTANT to AMERICAN FAMILIES who got Biden elected & Majorities in House/Senate! Get RID of FILLIBUSTER! WORK TOWARD GETTING LOTS of the PROGRESSIVE AGENDA APPROVED!

Brazil Senate recommends Bolsonaro be charged with crime against humanity for COVID actionsCritics have decried the president's disregard for international health guidelines on masking and restrictions aimed at curtailing COVID-19's spread. Dang if this all doesn't sound vaguely familiar. BOLSONARO, DONALD TRUMP AND THESE THREE (CUBA MEXICO & VENEZUELA'S DICTATORS) GENOCIDES SHOULD BE CHARGED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY TOO.

It's Time for Patriotic Americans to stop disagreeable Senators / Congressmen in both parties from their self serving actions, un-cooperation, and stonewalling across the isle and not getting the job done to help middle class Americans. Vote them out for cooperative individuals. 100 Less 24…… hmmm….. Exactly. The north or blue states pay and work for this country to prosper. They stay inside and wear masked and get vaccinated. Rotten roach necks 🪳 can’t be allowed to suppress the rest of us living on Earth 1. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

SpottedElk3 Quit retweeting the same tweets multiple times!!!! The Senate is not intended to create equal representation of the population. It's intended to create equal representation of the States. House of Rep. is the 'equal representation per person' branch. You would think a Senator would know what the purpose of his own job is.

Cool. Don’t care. Yeah, let's get rid of the filibuster right before the GOP dominates the Congress for the next decade. I'm down with that as a Conservative. We'll reverse so much of the leftist damage to this country and turn this country permanently Conservative. MSNBC should not be off the air talking propaganda to thUS legal citizens FoxNews CNN JoeBiden sorry forgot we need illegals to get you elected BarackObama you may try to think your propaganda works, did but not next time nypost nytimes washingtonpost

And it's hilarious that the Democrats didn't have an issue with the filibuster when they used it over 300 times in 2020 alone. The only reason these clowns are talking about it is because they can't force through their agenda because they didn't win enough senate seats

📢 Paging Katie Porter and her whiteboard. She has a way of explaining things. 😁 Same difference still a sad place to be The system is obviously broken. You can not convince me that states like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, both Dakotas, West Virginia etc should have the same representation as states like New York, Pennsylvania, California Texas or Florida

In other words institutionalized rural white supremacy What about the woke that represent about .01% of the population and they seem to have veto power over what politicians and corporations do? That’s what we’ve been saying for years. The 24% would only be true if everyone in those states voted for the 41 senators. It’s likely closer to 15% of US citizens with the veto power.

The Founders set it up that way for just this reason. So the 51% could never dictate to the 49% Mind you, these numbers will greatly offend the GQP. As far as they're concerned, they're not supposed to represent 24% of the American people, only 1%. Till date trading with cryptobrenda8 has been a great inspiration to me and my family. For a start I deposited $1000 and I got $12,000 return. Her accuracy and reliability can' t be compromised.cryptobrenda8

The system is broken, in the modern day. It was the pinnacle of how things shouldve been done hundreds of yesrs ago, reform is needed. But everyone knows that will never happen, and would never know what extent it would go. Maddow MSNBC doesn’t want admit that democrats used the filibuster 200+ times last year

This is dicey talk. The founders put this in so states could collectively decide. When you have a Senator talking about a dividing of Americans it’s scary. We did that once let’s not do it again. msNbC promoting this talk is foolish It’s almost as if the Senate were set up to allow for minority rule. Oh, wait, that’s right, it was.

Lol right but that is why the senate exists, otherwise let's just all vote on everything via our cellphones and sen.king can get a real job We need to scrap SCOTUS and the Electoral College. Because if we don't scrap SCOTUS first, they'll never allow such an abolishment of fascism and racism. thanks

Please go take a civics class and understand how our government works... ☝🏻! Fix the Senate… More reason to give more power to the senate, at least until the remaining 76 get their act together, because they quite obviously are acting to their own detriment. The general population is so much more inept and stupid than we realize

It’s really weird for an independent moderate to be talking like a progressive. Maybe they’re finally waking up to the authoritarian extremism in their gilded cage. Can the filibuster already- Reapers tool This is the biggest threat to the US than any foreign or domestic terrorism Ctwood137 he is exactly right. fuck.

The death of Democracy. THAT SEEMS BAD

MalcolmNance MalcolmNance How long can we as a nation survive under the system outlined above, with certain states paying the bills and other states, with much less population, calling the shots? Fairness is overrated. He just summed up all the issues with the US election system in a single statement. We have a minority party running this country.

Not even. Some of the 24% you speak of are good people. Yeah we know this because we let land vote And it’s less than that as those Senators don’t represent 100% of the people in their states. That makes our Country “Communist”🛑