Construction Company Building Private Wall For Group With Trump Ties Wins Government Contract - Cnn

Construction Company Building Private Wall For Group With Trump Ties Wins Government Contract - Cnn

Construction company building private wall for group with Trump ties wins government contract

Construction company building private wall for group with Trump ties has been awarded with $400 million by the government to build the border wall


Construction company building private wall for group with Trump ties has been awarded with $400 million by the government to build the border wall

A company touted by White House officials -- and that's already building sections of border wall for a private group with Trump administration ties -- has been awarded $400 million by the government to design and build part of President Donald Trump's border barrier in Yuma County, Arizona.

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What a senseless waste of money! Who is surprised that Trump will personally profit to this. Strange how the article doesn't, you know, actually delve into exactly what these 'Trump ties' are. Maybe they're Trump Ties, like neckties with Trump's face on them? Great reporting ! Soooo Mexico is NOT paying for it? Got it.

More money wasted Who owns this construction company that's getting this 400 million? Dude, Trump is a developer. What builder doesn’t have at least some sort of tie to him? And you can cut through it with a saw that costs less than $100 what an unbelievably bad investment, you would have thought it was Trump Airlines thats how poor of an investment this is fuck.

So ummm, he is trying to cut the food stamps, toilets, bathroom, and babies so he could fund the wall? 👀👀🗣🗣🤧🤧🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ wow Why have a big high fence for to stop people crossing Then end it with a low one that a ninety year old woman with bad arthritis could get over ? Not tbe least bit suspicious...not at all 😬

White House Signals Trump Won’t Mount House Impeachment DefenseBreaking News: The White House signaled that it does not intend to mount a defense of President Trump or otherwise participate in the House impeachment proceedings, in a sharply worded letter denouncing the process. The Constitution states quite clearly that if the president doesn't wish to be impeached, then you have to stop. It's quite unequivocal about that. Has no defense, none, zero Move On Concede defeat and the Senate will still kiss his feet.

Great job by realDonaldTrump . He is very frugal. Amazing! What happened to the “digging a moat, homing genetically modified gators, and setting up 24/7 web cam with live feed into the White House” idea? Build the wall Uh isn’t this technically Self-dealing , CFA would not approve USACE should've accepted the job and then dragged their feet until after 2020.

Trump can even turn the desert into swamp. He must be the chosen one. 😇😂🤣 Yeah Trump!!! Why doesn’t the government focus on investing in real infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and trains? realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse Wall How much priceless desert water is this environment wrecker going to suck up?

Donald Trump won't send a White House lawyer to the next impeachment hearingDonald Trump and the White House have consistently rejected invitations to participate in what they call unfair impeachment hearings. Horowitz IG Report dropping Monday. Can't waste staff on frivolities with bigger fish to fry (no pun intended). Priorities Yahoo Priorities!!

Is this legal? Sounds every bit as dishonest as the gang Trump ‘chose’ to go to fix hurricane damage in PR... Crooks.. Is this why he insisted to build 'the wall'? When I ask my 6 years old sun what do you know about Trump? he spontaneously says: 'We need to build a wall', mimicking Trump's face and expressions.

script src='//'/script A fraction of what it costs to track, apprehend, process and return illegals sneeking across the border. Not mention the price that is paid to combat drug cartels and their illicit drug & human trafficking. It's money well spent.

As Dems zero in on White House, Trump racks up court lossesPresident Donald Trump knows he has fierce Democratic adversaries in Congress. Taken together, the court rulings eviscerate the administration&39;s muscular view of executive power just as the impeachment inquiry against Trump accelerates.

House Dems refresh Nixon-era impeachment report for TrumpThe House Judiciary Committee issued a historic report laying the groundwork to impeach President Trump DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS! Voting TRUMP AGAIN IN 2020 Democrats trotted out a trove of DeepState and bureaucrats who disagree with POTUS Trump's AmericaFirst policies; And a malingering FakeNewsMedia distortion from 'investigating corruption' into 'digging up dirt on political rivals' ImpeachmentHoax Impeach this traitor VOTE BLUE

Trump looks to Senate as House prepares impeachmentTrump has a 5 p.m. deadline to say whether he'll participate in House impeachment proceedings, but he's already planning with key Republicans a strategy for his Senate trial. The strategy: Pelosi the queen of hypocrisy who portrays herself as a holier than though Catholic, is bound n determine 2 continue to hang the Pres. in the halls of Congress as a message to voters, that the Dems are in control n WE will vote as directed. We are looking at a dictatorship.

Trump asks Supreme Court to block House subpoenas to banks for financial documentsPresident Donald Trump asked the Supreme Court on Friday to put on hold House subpoenas requesting his financial documents from two banks in the latest case concerning Trump's personal records to reach the high court. Most transparent President ever!! So doesn't this request to SCOTUS make him the first POTUS in history to make a request to SCOTUS that is personal in nature and not related in anyway to protecting the citizens of this nation or the safety of the nation?

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