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Conservatives rally behind In-N-Out Burger over restaurant's vaccine stance

Conservatives rally behind In-N-Out Burger over restaurant's vaccine stance

10/20/2021 4:22:00 PM

Conservatives rally behind In-N-Out Burger over restaurant's vaccine stance

The fast food chain condemned the fact that its San Francisco outlet was temporarily closed for refusing to make customers prove their COVID vaccination status.

Some took to social media to show their backing for the chain, owned by devout Christian Lynsi Snyder, which has 358 locations across the western U.S. and often includes Bible verses at the bottom of drink cups.Republican California state assemblyman Kevin Kiley, who has opposed vaccine mandates, tweeted the story which others weighed in on.

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Talk show host Joe Pags tweeted:"Had In-N-Out one time when in LA. Pretty good. I will do all I can to spend more money there now after they stood up against tyranny."Jennifer Van Laar, managing editor of the political blog RedState, tweeted:"I just left #InNOut in Burbank because I want to support them." And Katya Sedgwick wrote:"Wow! I know what I'm having for lunch."

Heidi Hall tweeted:"Glad to see businesses taking a stand and we will support companies that support human rights." Another user wrote:"In-N-Out is the best. Wish we had them on the East Coast."Matt Couch, political analyst and founder of the DC Patriot website, tweeted to his 524,000 followers:"EPIC Response to San Francisco Shutting Down Their Restaurant is the Best Thing You'll Read This Week!"

The San Francisco Department of Public Health defended its enforcement action, saying vaccination is"particularly important in a public indoor setting where groups of people are gathering and removing their masks."It said that the chain had been warned several times about non-compliance of vaccination proof requirements, including during visits by officials to the location on September 24 and October 6,

The Los Angeles Timesreported.Public health inspectors had attempted"multiple times to bring the business into compliance with the health order," the statement said, which forced the issue of a"Notice of Violation and a Notice of Closure."

The San Francisco In-N-Out outlet has been the only scene of conflict between the fast food chain and COVID rules enforced by local governments.None of the In-N-Out locations in neighboring Contra Costa County, where similar vaccination proof rules apply, have come into conflict with public officials,

the LA TimesNewsweekhas contacted In-N-Out Burger and the San Francisco Department of Public Health for further comment.The IN-N-Out Burger outlet in Hollywood, Los Angeles is shown in this illustrative image. The branch of the chain in San Francisco was closed for not complying with COVID proof mandates.

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Social distancing is still good whether vaccinated or not. It's crazy to stand right next to everyone that walks in a restaurant and stop everyone to read a vaccine card that is hand written and hard to read. I'm not conservative, but I like In-N-Out burgers. It seems silly in a market where restaurants are struggling to retain staff to be required to hire another person to be a bouncer.

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