Conservatives fume over tech industry’s ‘shadow docket’ play

5/20/2022 7:04:00 PM

The tech platforms’ conservative foes were caught flat-footed by the companies’ rush to the Supreme Court seeking emergency relief from Texas’ social media law.

Progressives outraged over the use of the Supreme Court’s emergency “shadow docket” got some company this week from an unexpected group — conservative skeptics of the tech industry

The tech platforms’ conservative foes were caught flat-footed by the companies’ rush to the Supreme Court seeking emergency relief from Texas’ social media law.

filed an emergency petition with the court May 13 seeking to head that off, setting the stage for a decision that could come as soon as Friday.Cannes: Patryk Vega to Make Vladimir Putin Drama as English-Language Debut (Exclusive) The most rousing applause came for the film’s young leads, Banks Repeta and Jaylin Webb, with special attention paid to stars Hathaway and Jeremy Strong.David Harewood ’s upcoming boxing feature “Benn/Eubank” has found its fighters.Australia’s climate policy so out of step with what is required to keep us to 1.

The tech industry will “pay the best lawyers in D.C.The coming-of-age story features a young, middle-class Jewish boy (Repeta) who moves from public to private school with the help of his stern but loving grandfather (Anthony Hopkins).to have a pile of amicus briefs” in front of the justices, said Rachel Bovard, senior director of policy at the Conservative Partnership Institute, who supports the Texas law.Harewood will also star as Eubank’s mentor, Adonis.“Meanwhile, the rest of us are scrambling.It contained a trenchant critique of the conservative politics of the era, with actors playing members of Donald Trump’s family, including Fred Trump Sr.” Opponents of the statute ― who consider it a blatant violation of the companies’ First Amendment rights — have a simpler explanation for the imbalance in legal firepower.C.

“The fact that there are so few people who think it’s a good law reflects the fact that it’s just not a good law,” said Eric Goldman, a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law who filed an amicus brief in support of the tech industry.In one scene, Mary Anne, played by Jessica Chastain, delivers a pointed speech inside a private school auditorium about self-reliance.Their meeting has been called the greatest fight ever fought on British soil.Texas’ supporters also expressed frustration at the tech industry’s decision to rush the case onto the Supreme Court’s so-called shadow docket — the justices’ system for resolving emergency applications without the usual monthslong process of receiving briefs and hearing oral arguments.The justices have repeatedly used the same docket to issue rulings in the past year that elated conservatives and angered liberals.The film is one of 21 titles competing for the Palme d’Or at this year’s 75th edition of the festival.Those included a 5-4 decision in September in which the court refused to block a Texas law prohibiting abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.Daniel Harris (“House of Flying Arrows”), Kieron Hawkes (“Intergalactic”) and Belinda Joanne Ampah have written the screenplay.The shadow docket petition in the tech case came from tech lobbying groups NetChoice and the Computer and Communications Industry Association, which among other arguments said the Texas law could bring a flood of frivolous lawsuits against social media companies.Julia Roberts turned heads on the red carpet, arriving with Chopard’s artistic director and co-president Caroline Scheufele.In an apparent nod to the independents’ appeal, 46-year-old Sharma’s campaign posters are also teal instead of blue and aren’t branded with the Liberal Party logo.

“It’s kind of frankly ridiculous to me that NetChoice is using the shadow docket,” said Bovard, adding that it was originally meant for execution stays and other life-and-death issues.“It’s just egregious to me.Back to Gray.“Unleashing the vulnerability, unleashing the spirit and charisma of Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn, ‘Benn/Eubank’ will show what lies behind the bombastic moments of one of the most exciting fights of my lifetime,” said Harewood.It’s so arrogant that they would put this in front of SCOTUS right now.” Adam Candeub, a law professor who held senior posts in former President Donald Trump’s Commerce and Justice departments, also questioned the pro-tech side’s use of the shadow docket.“I hope I come back here sometime because it’s the castle of cinema, it’s the church of cinema.“The whole idea that there’s this huge need for immediate action, that there’s this great irreparable injury that will be created, is kind of crazy,” said Candeub, who had in Trump’s efforts to punish social media companies accused of censoring conservatives.I hope it will be a thrilling, moving and educational experience for audiences around the world, exploring brotherhood, the blurred line between love and hate, and our universal quest for belonging.The government aims to reduce Australia’s emissions by 26%-28% below 2005 levels by 2030.

Defenders of the court’s use of its emergency procedures have included Alito himself, who said in a speech last year that critics who throw around the term “shadow docket” are trying to demean the justices.“The catchy and sinister term ‘shadow docket’ has been used to portray the court as having been captured by a dangerous cabal that resorts to sneaky and improper methods to get its ways,” Alito said during the speech at the University of Notre Dame.“This portrayal feeds unprecedented efforts to intimidate the court or damage it as an independent institution.” optional screen reader.” The decision in the tech case could come either from Alito or from the full court.The tech groups’ haste in bringing the case to the Supreme Court followed a development that caught both sides off guard: a May 11 ruling from a panel of the 5th U.“The chaos of a parliament driven by the daily musings of independents who haven’t had the experience to deal with the serious security and economic challenges our country faces, that is going to hurt people’s incomes, it’s going to hurt people’s jobs, it’s going to damage Australian security,” Morrison said.

S.Circuit Court of Appeals that allowed Texas’ social media law to go into effect while judges weigh its constitutionality.The panel’s one-sentence order didn’t explain the rationale for the decision, which overturned a lower federal judge’s order blocking the law.A similar law in Florida, SB 7072 blocked it last year.The 5th Circuit decision “was surprising to both sides,” said Evan Swarztrauber, a senior adviser for tech and telecom policy at the Lincoln Network, a right-of-center group that seeks to bridge the gap between the right’s libertarian and populist wings on tech policy.ADVERTISEMENT These include the Melbourne seat of Kooyong which was once held by the Liberal Party founder and Australia’s longest-serving Prime Minister Robert Menzies.

“The conventional wisdom on this and the Florida law was that they’d be enjoined up until their death — they would just eventually get struck down.” NetChoice and CCIA filed their emergency Supreme Court decision just two days later, followed by eight friend-of-the-court briefs from a broad collection of lawyers and advocacy groups.Supporters of the tech position spanned the political spectrum, including the Texas branch of the NAACP and the libertarian Cato Institute.In contrast, right-wing populists who back the Texas law struggled to rally the troops ahead of the court’s Wednesday filing deadline.Texas got support from only two amicus briefs, in addition to a brief filed by state Attorney General Ken Paxton.Climate 200 said it had raised more than 12 million Australian dollars ($8.

Given the short turnaround time required by the shadow docket, Bovard said she’d struggled to find lawyers who can weigh in on Texas’ side.One reason, she said, was the tech industry’s aggressive hiring of lawyers in recent years.“Anyone who has a [Supreme Court] bar at a law firm is conflicted out by the fact that Google’s bought out every law firm,” said Bovard, who framed the conflict as one between tech industry goliaths and a “small, straggly band” of tech-skeptical conservatives.Some support for Texas managed to squeak by just ahead of Wednesday’s deadline.Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody.“I’m grateful for the funding from Climate 200, but I’d be doing this whether they were there or not,” Spender said.

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SCOTUS are all-powerful Kings & Queens with no oversight, beholding to no one but themselves. $350k for a 30 minute speech comes to $11,666 per minute. What votes are they buying for $11,666 a minute? It's time to do a deep-dive & Vette these people while you are legally able. Congress please nominate additional Supreme Court Justices! They rigged it for political gain!

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