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Conservative pastor says Trump proves Christians are immune to COVID

Conservative pastor says Trump proves Christians are immune to COVID

10/29/2020 3:40:00 AM

Conservative pastor says Trump proves Christians are immune to COVID

Kenneth Copeland previously told viewers he could heal them from the virus by making them to touch their televisions screens.

COVID-19 earlier this month. Ina video posted shortly after he returned to the White House, Trump said:"Now I'm better, and maybe I'm immune, I don't know."America Stands: FlashPointhost Gene Bailey said Trump's recovery is comparable to missionary John G. Lake, who claimed faith was the reason he did not contract the plague while working during an outbreak in South Africa between 1908 to 1913.

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Bailey claimed had been tested forCOVID-19 and told he has antibodies to protect against it despite never contracting the disease. He called them"antibodies of faith."There have been studies to suggest that a form of immunity for the virus comes from antibodies present in people who have tested positive for the virus.

There is zero scientific evidence that merely being Christian is enough to protect against the virus, which has killed more than 225,000 in the U.S. alone. Read more: Newsweek »

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So.. none of those among the appalling piles of COVID victims are actually Christians? Another nut case., Jesus, fkn, Christ... Troompa Loompa is now Orangey the Clown Trump EXPECTS you all to CRAM in that Church and SING praise to HIM. More than one anti-mask pastor has died. Church choir members singing and spewing germs to one another have died. But I guess they don’t count

Stop posting/writing this absolute bullshit Trump was so drugged up and had almost 2 million dollar steroid cocktails pumped into him. No normal human being can get that. Plus, that only shows how bad he had it. Immune, are they insane. Several pastors have died from Covid. Then we must not have many christians around.

demonstrates that preachers don't have to be smart. seems all one needs is a 'calling' and it seems they call themselves. Well, since Trump had to be transported to the hospital via helicopter and almost died of COVID he definitely was not immune. And then there are those tens of thousands of other Christians who have died of COVID in the US. By besides those things this seems legitimate.

Cray-Cray pastors like crazy God! That’s not how Christianity works So much stupidity out there How's that logic working since Trump got the virus? He was cured by meds not by touching TV. And that’s why people are leaving religion in droves.. idiots like him 👎 Ignorant shits 😂😂 One born every minute! Okay.

I wish the rapture would come. Not only this pastor is infected by the 'lying' virus, he believes in all conspiracies that this ' chosen one' is saying and lying about. OMG How can any fool believe or even take this charlatan seriously. This is one obvious 'Pass the loot' minister. God Help Us All.. DemonHauntedRacistChristians

Guarding the bottom line isn't he?... Tell me again that it’s not a cult? Conservative “pastor” says trump proves “Christians” are immuned to COVID... there, fixed it for you Aren't some big Christian ministers who thought that way, dead from COVID? Is anyone that stupid? Don't bothering answering anyone. I already know the answer. Thanks

🤣🤡 Well... I’m a pastor who just came out of isolation from having COVID... it’s pretty real. Religion is for the stupid Cuckoo! Some are immune to common sense. But he literally got COVID... 🤯 The fact that this fraudster continues to fleece his cult with impunity is something I will never understand No one is dying anymore Keep testing! You’re destroying the “killer virus” narrative.

Apparently Kenneth Copeland has no idea what he’s talking about. I think he meant immune to facts So much insanity and so little time Good luck with that. Idiot.

Coronavirus live updates: 23 COVID-19 cases linked to Trump ralliesAt least 23 coronavirus cases have been linked to three outbreaks that occurred at Trump campaign events in Minnesota in September, Minnesota Health Department spokesperson tells ABC News. Give me a break cases in Minnesota escalating before rally ..fake news Sounds very low. 3? Whole cases? Wow! Must be an outbreak!

Kimmel Reveals Real Reason Trump Is ‘Sick And Tired’ Of Hearing About COVID-19“You know what? I think I figured it out,” said the late-night comedian. thank you very much for your work This Jimmy Kimmel fella has shifty eyes, just like Trump. They're all as rich and evil as each other 😂 We are sick and tired of kinmell period

Kimmel Reveals Real Reason Trump Is ‘Sick And Tired’ Of Hearing About COVID-19“You know what? I think I figured it out,” said the late-night comedian.

Trump Claims Doctors Overcounting Covid-19 Coronavirus Deaths To Make More MoneyHere is the response on Twitter from physicians and various medical societies to the statements made by Trump during a campaign rally in Wisconsin. Trump needs to come work with us and not against us. Could be 🤔 Trump is inhuman

Trump administration set to announce Medicare and Medicaid will cover Covid vaccineThe Trump administration is set to announce as early as this week that Medicare and Medicaid will cover out-of-pocket costs for a potential coronavirus vaccine that is granted emergency use authorization, according to a person familiar with the matter. THEY’RE LYING. DO YOUR JOB FOR ONCE MEDIA. Will he demand people to take it? How could he since he never told his sheep to mask up and social distance. He said he’s tire of hearing Covid. Tell that to the 226k dead and their families. He said it is what it is. Good riddance on November 3rd. It's amazing what an upcoming election will make Republicans do.

Fact check: Neither Biden nor Trump is calling for mandated COVID-19 vaccines📍FACT CHECK 👉 The claim: Biden said he will mandate a COVID-19 vaccine, while Trump said he never would. 🏁 Our rating: Partly false. Neither candidate's plan includes a mandate. Election2020 people is just going to die good ridance whos next? + So whose answer is partly false? Your so-called “fact check” is bury the fact that Biden DID say he would encourage the vaccine mandates at the state and local level. Go watch the town hall tape and stop covering for these corrupt people.