Connie Culp, first face-transplant recipient in U.S. dies at 57

Connie Culp, the first face transplant recipient in the US, has died, according to the Cleveland Clinic, which performed the surgery.

8/1/2020 7:14:00 PM

Connie Culp, the first face transplant recipient in the US, has died, according to the Cleveland Clinic, which performed the surgery.

Connie Culp, who had been shot in the face by her husband, became the longest-living face transplant patient to date, said Dr. Frank Papay of the Cleveland Clinic.

, Culp said that the smell of soap made her realize her new face was working.After the transplant, Culp dedicated years to sharing her story and speaking out about domestic violence as well as educating and encouraging others who would undergo transplant surgeries.

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SurgeonDr. Maria Siemionowsaid that her journey helping Culp's recovery inspired her research into reducing transplant rejection."Thinking about Connie is thinking about someone who's not giving up, and I'll not give up," she told

."We are connecting the donor and recipient bone marrow cells to support face transplantation and other organ transplants in order to induce tolerance and reduce the need for lifelong immunosuppression,"Nicole Acevedo Read more: MSNBC »

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Such a brave, wonderful woman. Rest In Peace. Man smh This is such a tragedy. I'm so sorry for her. I wonder if she had more money, would she have had better treatment and alonger life? Thats sad..(I'm also sure that whatever happened, they will say the death was due to COVID because that is all anyone dies of apparently)

Posted 6x YESTERDAY. Godspeed. 7 years for ruining someone’s life 米国で初めての顔の整形手術を受けた人が死んだそうです…。 半島系のサイボーグと同居しとる欧米人ってどないすんやろ…。 整形は個人の権利とか言うとる奴ら、ただただ恐ろしい…。 I sure hope medical advances allow the next person who needs a face transplant to look more like their former self. Rip So sad, she was a brave soul. Can't belive he got 7 years

Brave lady. Es husband should be charged with murder. How in the hell is this man a free man. It blows my mind. Domestic violence is a big problem and not just husband hitting a wife but both ways. Woman verbally abusing a man is horrible too. RIP Ms Culp. Mhsrip She got her face ripped off by a Xanax monkey she was sleeping with, correct?

you did it connie, you did it.. you ran the race.. r.i.p. Rest in peace. RIP Brave woman. RIP. The husband only got 7 years how horrible. Rest In Peace dear. 😢 rest in peace 🔆🙏🔆 It makes me wonder if the immunosuppressive drugs she probably had to take to keep her immune system from rejecting the transplanted tissue ended up keeping her from fighting off Covid-19.

God bless and rest in peace. That man needs to be put down. Connie Culp: The physical pain and emotional distress you’ve endured is beyond my imagination. Rest In Paradise. 😪😪😪😪😪😪🙏💔 Bless her 😔 Amazing woman, and amazing family that provided the gift. That's so sad,RIP to her but I also want others not to depend on a 9-5 when you can also earn weekly from forex just like myself, after trading with MatthUmar ,I’ve made several withdrawals from their trading platform into my bank account, it's been a profitable journey so far.

Awful :( 7 fucking years for causing over 30 surgeries, 80% face replacement, and never before used surgery 7 years People get more than that for dealing pot. How disgusting. This is why women often report DV. RIP, Connie. Hope you found peace and safety. May she RIPConnieCulp🕊 Medical science still has a long way to go, until they can just 3D print the missing parts and stick them on, wait to heal and you're fine again 👍

Maybe it was for the best? Posted repeatedly, although no one knows WHY. Aaw. May Jehovah bless her. What suffering for a young person to endure, and then to die young. Lefties don’t care unless she had covid. So Delete this They need to charge her husband with murder now he caused her life to end early. I can't believe he was only sentenced to 7 years total bs. May she Rip!!

EW WTF.. SHE BETTER OFF DEAD 💀💀 Oh that’s sad. Her husband shot her in the face and ONLY SERVED SEVEN YEARS. 🤬🤬🤬 May she rest in peace, free from that monster. 'Culp arrived at the Cleveland Clinic after her then-husband shot her in the face before turning the gun on himself in 2004. He survived and was sent to prison for seven years.' My condolences go to Connie's friends & Family. I don't believe her husband spent enough time in jail!

Sad to hear. She was willing to put herself through painful surgeries to help advance the science and also advocated against violence against women. died of COVID, right?

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