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Congress Heads Into Tumultuous Week Pressured by Converging Deadlines

A slew of high-stakes deadlines will collide on Capitol Hill this week

9/26/2021 3:23:00 PM

A slew of high-stakes deadlines will collide on Capitol Hill this week

A government shutdown and the debt ceiling loom as Democratic leaders plan votes on their multitrillion-dollar spending ambitions.

Sept. 26, 2021 8:00 am ETWASHINGTON—A slew of high-stakes deadlines will collide on Capitol Hill this week, setting up potentially chaotic negotiations against the backdrop of expiring government funding and the threat of a possible U.S. default. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

Watch: Turtle stranded on Cape Cod rescued by volunteers - CNN Video

Volunteers from three organizations have moved the massive reptile back into the ocean and will continue to monitor its progress.

Stop giving hard earned stolen money from the taxpayers to the terrorist groups!!!!!!! Hope it all fails What a telling picture there, with dark clouds looming over the capital building, as if forecasting what's ahead under this admin. Like clouds looming over a dark Castle obviously. just look at those clouds…

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Mike Ireland & Daria Cercek Named Co-Heads Of Paramount Motion Picture GroupFollowing Emma Watts’ departure as President of the Motion Picture Film Group, her Co-Presidents of Production Mike Ireland and Daria Cercek are being elevated to run the film group now as co…

11 Female Stars Who Completely Shaved Their Heads'It was the most amazing feeling I ever felt in my entire existence.' NEVER NEVER NEVER Ive had it really really short and have not cut it in almost 11 years and IM NEVER CUTTING IT AGAIN. Slow news day?

Katrine Brocks Heads to Convent in ‘The Great Silence,’ Starring Kristine Kujath ThorpRecently spotlighted at the Finnish Film Affair, where it was given the Best Nordic Project Award, Danish production “The Great Silence” will head straight to the convent, where Sister Alma (played… We need a lot of help.We need money to fight for our return. To fight for our safety. This GoFundMe is to ask for help.For the help we need to secure our safety and help fight to secure the future of my son.I ask for justice for my son.He is only a baby and doesn’t deserve this

E.U. tells Russia not to carry out cyberattacks as Germany heads for Sunday electionThe E.U.'s foreign policy chief linked hacking efforts to the Ghostwriter group, which German officials have associated with Russian military intelligence. Ach EU (DEUTSCH DOMINIERT).. Die sind Die GRÖSSTEN SUSPEKTEN❗ Aber; Macht Eindruck auf NAIVE nicht Wissenden Korekkt informierte Welt Zu gleiche Zeit ist Die Aufvorderung Anstiftung GEGEN 'BÖSE RUSSEN' Wie Perfide! Dabei hat DEUTSCHLAND an USA Wählen 'Gefummelt!'

Government Fund Heads from Latin America, Spain, Portugal to Meet in Buenos Aires During Ventana Sur (EXCLUSIVE)Organized by the Cannes Festival and Market and Argentina’s INCAA film agency, this year’s Ventana Sur, the biggest film-TV event in Latin America, is rapidly gaining in critical mass. In one cruci…

Texas border crossing where migrants made camp to reopenDEL RIO, Texas (AP) — The Texas border crossing where thousands of Haitian migrants converged in recent weeks will be partially reopened late Saturday afternoon, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said. How did thousands of Haitians get there? That's a long way. Let’s be honest. If they promise to vote Democrat they will be allowed to stay no questions asked. No the Haitians used the river below the bridge, the official border crossing. Looked dangerous to me if they slipped off of that dam.