Conflict erupts at Minneapolis, L.A. protests over George Floyd death

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DEVELOPING: Protests erupt in Minneapolis and Los Angeles over the death of George Floyd. Minneapolis police used tear gas for a second day on demonstrators, while protesters stormed an LA freeway.

about it on Tuesday and on Wednesday called it a"tragic reminder that this was not an isolated incident, but a part of an ingrained systemic cycle of injustice that still exists in this country.”, responding to a question about the deadly encounter:"I'm very sad about that. Very, very sad event."

Trump later tweeted about it and seemed to take credit for the FBI involvement in the case, and writing in part:"My heart goes out to George’s family and friends. Justice will be served!""knowing that there could be a question of civil rights."


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'Conflict erupts'? It's a f*cking riot! Clowns.

TODAYshow im white. i dont know how blk ppl handle all this. i want to go postal cuz im sooo sick if it !! n its all caught on Live Video !! They All 4 need Prison for life. Its On Tape Forever - Cops Murdered in Cold Blood - Again. n amy cooper needs charges for Lying n animal abuse.

TODAYshow Good. Let them protest and riot! A storm is coming... the old ways of racism, inequality and oppression will die a painful death.

They are riots by thugs not protests free stuff

Wow, White MAGA followers can protest with assault weapons and nothing happens.

Sounds like an appropriate strategy given the circumstances... Society having non-family members protest, loot,riot, & some unfortunate things happening to the stations & businesses. In addition to the family suing for over 40 mill... It could force hands in a direction.

I agree with the protest; but why not do what Malcolm x did; a silent stand off protest in front of all police stations, stand side by side let them see you all as one, cuz the violence route your voices won’t be heard, but when Malcolm x did that he and all was heard

Now Yet when white men stormed the Michigan with guns on their back the police stood still

How does it then make sense that armed white men could occupy the Michigan State House with no tear gas? Nothing at all? There really are 2 different Americas


This will not end well for the rioters.

Bet none of the protestors that showed up weeks ago to protest governors’ state orders showed up yesterday or today.

TODAYshow Just another day in the life of the poor ppl who claim to care. Just another excuse to loot, set fires. Been going on forever

TODAYshow So heartbreaking..I feel for the family of George Floyd. This should never have happened. I understand protests..but peaceful protests. Those damaging property are using this poor man’s death as an excuse!

an excuse for lawless 'thugs' !

Show the police in riot gear over the destruction of the businesses.

riots. looting are not protests

So now Trump has a rioting, pissed off nation, with reason, to mismanage.

Just like the white heavily armed Michigan wait no...I'm sorry the heavily armed white Michigan protesters did NOT LOOT AND PILLAGE THEIR OWN TOWNS. MINNESOTA Minneapolis LosAngeles BlackLivesMatter

Unarmed black protesters get tear gassed. Heavily armed white supremacist get access to the Capitol building.

Its clear that the gang of 4 policemen have done this previously. They are just too calm and enjoying the brutal murder too much for it be random. FBI I bet if you look hard enough you will find lots of murdered detainees killed by these same cops previously in Minneapolis!!

Any footage of protesters getting hit by cars? I love those videos

It remains a hunting season on, BLACK MEN.

Yet armed white men were allowed to storm state capitals like seditious trash.

Joggers rioting

Breaking into Target and stealing clothing, TVs, and food is not a protest. However, if the looters were wearing their face masks and practiced Social Distancing, the D.A. won't prosecute.

So called black people the message is clear concerning your state, read 'Black Truth White Fear, Don't Drink The Water, A White Robe for Black Faith ' all are by Moses smith Amazon eBook. Stop standing in your own way by following people who have a interest in your failure

But they stood down when armed white supremacists yelled in their faces protesting about wearing masks. Hey greggutfeld still want to remove race out of black men being killed by racist police

It’s not like kneeling peacefully was the solution.

So the media covered the pro trump open the economy protest way different than these protests hmm I wonder why


The message these policemen are sending to the world is that they will do anything to protect their own corrupt police force.

Maybe someone should let them know they aren’t rioting right I mean I need all the rioting specialists to come here for hot takes. HOT TAKES, EXPERT WHITES... er, RIOTERS, HOT TAKES.

Looting is cool ........

So they loot the target and that's how u grieve

additional videos surfaced today from storefront cameras. he was clearly drunk or high when cop walked him from car and propped him up against wall. we didnt' see all that happened ..

Minnesota is a racist state.

Where were these assholes when all tbe white fake militia was at the capital steps😡

Why aren’t they social distancing?

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