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Confiscated Patriots Videotapes Contain Extensive Footage Of Tom Brady Showering

Confiscated Patriots Videotapes Contain Extensive Footage Of Tom Brady Showering


Confiscated Patriots Videotapes Contain Extensive Footage Of Tom Brady Showering

NEW YORK—The hundreds of hours of game and practice scouting videotapes that league officials seized from the New England Patriots also include over 100 hours of painstakingly thorough footage of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the shower, sources within the NFL competition committee confirmed Tuesday.

Aiello then displayed a 25-minute composite videotape consisting of representative segments and "highlights" of Brady in the shower.

"To hear Belichick narrating the whole thing, pointing out his quarterback's tendencies, identifying Brady's strong points and the areas where he needs work, hearing his voice as a counterpoint to the sound of the hot running water and seeing that familiar sweatshirt-clad arm cut through the mist to hand Brady his towels—you realize the man has a unique football mind," said

Although officials have not divulged whether other Patriots players or even quarterbacks from other teams were featured in their own showering videotapes, Aiello confirmed that the investigation was by no means complete and the total inventory may take weeks to assemble.

Neither Belichick nor Brady would comment on the investigation. The New England Patriots organization did not respond to requests for information, but released a statement Wednesday morning confirming that the league had compensated the team and coach for $750,000 in exchange for the videotapes in question.

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Okay, so I followed the Onion one day, please forgive me... If you took a tape of his house it’d be his kids showering This is obviously imperative to finding out the truth, those tapes must be released to the public immediately! It's the only way Is there a way to see said video? I’m asking for a friend.

HELL YEAH!! ...Continue. Nothing would surprise me about the Gaytriots. I bet he's uncut does he manscape? At least it's not a video of Brady holding hands with Alisha Wainwright.

Tom Brady doesn't like being called Greatest of All Time: 'I'd rather you insult me or something''I wish you would say, 'you're trash. You're too old. You're too slow. You can't get it done no more,'' NFL star Tom Brady said to Michael Strahan on ABC News in February. 'And I would say, 'thank you very much. I'm going to prove you wrong.'' MakeIt Washed King MakeIt Well fuck him MakeIt Praise makes us feel weird. Of course we know already know we R

He's using that Old Spice Melange to clean himself. rslashpatriots I want all the copies 😍😍😍 Don’t show Gym Jordan. friedensophie jjzhub Ahahahahahahah! As long as it is tastefully done, it's art. Deflated football on a rope? How much?💰💰💰 Thank God they didn't find the video of Robert Kraft getting jerked off!

I wanna see him naked

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TellEmSteveDave trump’s pee tape BillSimmons this one’s for you He looks 'deflated' RealJoaoDias MIGUEL NUNES HAS JOINED THE CHAT I think he has an NDA for that uh where can i get a copy? rslashpatriots considering the existence of the Bob Kraft tapes, this is a relief. Axe

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Tom Brokaw on Trump Impeachment Hearings: 'We've Got Rough Waters Ahead''I hope that the country will be able to kind of hang together here and take an enlightened attitude — on the left and on the right — about what we're in for,' the journalist said about the ongoing process when he stopped by 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' on Monday. That’s nice. No mention how Colbert completely ignored the sexual harassment charges against Brokaw. You mean because we actually want evidence of an impeachable crime before we're cool with the President being impeached? Crazy, I know. Poor Tom has started to sluuuurrr so bad. I can barely understand him.😳

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