Confidence Interval: Will Marijuana Be Legal Everywhere In The U.S. By 2024?

Confidence Interval: Will marijuana be legal everywhere in the U.S. by 2024? via @fivethirtyeight.

2/28/2021 5:30:00 PM

Confidence Interval: Will marijuana be legal everywhere in the U.S. by 2024? via fivethirtyeight.

It’s another episode of Confidence Interval, where we make a persuasive case for a hot take we’ve been hearing … and then reveal how confident we really feel ab…

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FiveThirtyEight I'm sure marijuana will be legal throughout the US especially after recuperating revenue from this pandemic. Watch how many more politicians vote for legalization of marijuana. It's funny how money can change idealism and beliefs FiveThirtyEight Yes! FiveThirtyEight I’m sure there will be hold out states in the redneck south but most other places will legalize

FiveThirtyEight YES FiveThirtyEight No cause in 2024 you probably wont be able to grow anything after the goverment blows yellow stone cause it'll melt everything down where you cant grow anything , FiveThirtyEight It should non addictive non lethal People have used it for thousands of years Won't matter really people still use and if government was smart they would legalize and tax like liquor

FiveThirtyEight Let’s hope so FiveThirtyEight We offer a very safe investment proposal where you can earn 25 to 85% ROI profit weekly kindly send a dm for more info. Interested people only FiveThirtyEight We are lucky to be at this point in history with Bitcoin. If you don’t understand it, learn. If you don’t have any, buy some. We offer a very safe investment proposal where you will earn 25% profit weekly without sending us your capital to mine your bitcoin , kindly send a dm

FiveThirtyEight ❤️❤️❤️❤️ FiveThirtyEight Anyone that opposes decriminalization of cannabis should be required to try it once. It’s not dangerous at all. You’ve been duped into believing it’s a gateway drug. What you should be asking yourself is why were people opposing it for so long & who was behind the opposition?

FiveThirtyEight So folks just got to dodge this think for 3 more years and then there good why would he legalize it his last year in office oh to get re-elected 🤣 bro POTUS you don’t think folks smoking now with Covid having us depressed folks are home smoking now y’all need me in office 🤣 FiveThirtyEight Will those serving time in prison be free by than?

FiveThirtyEight If It boost economy in some way!? It’s welcome FiveThirtyEight How about recreational now!!! States that did are making millions while crime does not go up! New Jersey Phil keeps dropping the ball! Already legal by vote... Phil is stalling!!! FiveThirtyEight It should be. At the rate we're going the US will probably collapse by 2024

FiveThirtyEight They'll all come around eventually. The tax revenue is very enticing they won't be able turn that down. FiveThirtyEight Better question. Will all inmates serving time for marijuana related charges be exonerated?! FiveThirtyEight Why Not? Theyve taken away everything we need to treat pain, sleep Disorders, can't even buy regular aspirin in a Kroger store anymore.