Confederate monuments targeted by protests come down

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Confederate symbols across the South have been targeted for vandalism and even some longtime defenders have decided to remove them. A monument in Alabama's largest city was dismantled Tuesday after protesters tried to remove it.

Robert Walker poses for a photograph on the remains of a Confederate memorial that was removed overnight in Birmingham, Ala., on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. The city took down the more than 50-foot-tall obelisk following protests over the police death of George Floyd and a night of vandalism in the city.

Workers hired by the city of Birmingham began removing the top portion of the 115-year-old monument from Linn Park late Monday. By daybreak, the pedestal was the only thing left, covered with graffiti and pock marks from protests against police brutality. In Alexandria, Virginia, it was the United Daughters of the Confederacy that took action early Tuesday, removing the statue of a soldier gazing south from Old Town since 1889. And outside Tampa, Florida, a Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter loweredBirmingham finally took action about a day after protesters tried to remove the monument themselves, during one of the many nationwide protests.

In Alexandria, a city spokesman said the United Daughters of the Confederacy informed the city on Monday that it would remove the statue, and the city’s only role was to provide traffic support. By morning, the pedestal was all that was left. City officials were not told where the statue was taken.


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Time to start destroying the symbols of racism and white supremacy by destroying them with thermite which anyone can use.

nixonist Sad

Why cops are spraying peaceful protestors with pepper? Is USA a real democracy?

So sad - I can’t ignore the past by trying to pretend it didn’t happen

In 2020, I’m not sure why monuments even exist that celebrate people who killed US soldiers to defend the institution of slavery.

Yeah .. just like that rebel flag that was torn down , let's just re write history again huh.. such a sham .. these Confederate symbols are of what America was founded on .. Blacks came before this I understand , however they only came because they're ancestors brought them..

OMG, monuments built 60 years after the end of the war are being torn down?

Move these monuments to museums and historical areas so we can look at and learn from the darkest moments of our past, including the American Indian. Do not destroy them....lest we forget....



As a Citizen of NY we are calling for 'a Call to Arms', There's a reason for the 2nd Amendment and our constitutional right to protect ourselves, families, businesses and property. Rioters are NOT Protesters This is a National Call To Arms. ACalltoARMS Please Retweet !

The monuments that KKK democrats put up!

About damned time!


Good riddance!

Good about time

'Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.' Art III Sec 3 The treason participation trophy needed to go.


They lost. They were traitors. Rip them all down.

mynbc15 Put them on battlegrounds/cemeteries where they belong.

Communists tear down history to rewrite history. Sounds about right. They are rioting, looting, and terrorizing cities so confederate symbols in the south must go.

Cool. The racists who built those monuments vandalized our country.


Gone are the symbols of a treasonous rebellion by Confederate States who were desperate to preserve slavery. Statues to honor traitors to the United States. An estimated 750,000 died in the Civil War.

If the system was for the people, the people would prosper more then the system. Land of the restricted.. Home of the extorted.. Life and Liberty OVER ALL!! 2020 boston tea party ! Revolt 2020 10 'good' cops letting 1 bad cop break LAW =11 bad cops !

Unfortunately a civil rights plaque was also targeted in my state. Don't believe it, look it up. Nashville, TN. The man who destroyed it was arrested. He was not a white nationalist. He wasn't even white. There is little sense to what is going on in these riots.

It's history. It's lessons learned. I disagree

They shouldve been torn down decades ago.

Loser monuments are like participation trophies. Monuments

I see the flags in Arizona. I hate them

Who puts statues up for the loser anyway? 😆


Vandalism is a word used for good things. Confederate statues are symbols of traitors.

Good. Take those participation trophies down. Monuments are for WINNERS!!🏆

You love to see it.

Nice start. Reparations next.

Put them in a museum not in public places it is nothing to be proud of and punish people by having to see them

Good about f'ing time.

Too many kids growing up bitter angry in poverty with unfit parents while govt shields corporate wealth forgetting that consumers oeivide that wealth a product of livkng kn a society. Street kids gang bangers call them what you like there is a solution

Here comes the “your erasing history” folks that have apparently don’t understand the purpose of a history book....

it's a start

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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