Conan O'Brien Is Hilariously Incensed That BTS' J-Hope Called Him 'Curtain': Watch

Conan O'Brien revealed on Wednesday night that BTS' J-Hope has no idea who he is.

5/6/2021 6:28:00 PM

Conan O'Brien revealed on Wednesday night that BTS' J-Hope has no idea who he is.

Conan O'Brien revealed on Wednesday night (May 5) that BTS' J-Hope has no idea who he is. Watch the funny clip here.

The K-pop boy band were recently on a South Korean variety show where they played a game in which they were asked to identify various celebrities. O'Brien knows this because on Wednesday night, he played a clip from the program in which J-Hope was shown a pic of Conan and confidently blurted out"Curtain."

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He immediately collapsed in convulsive laughter as his bandmates Jin and Jimin playfully scolded him for not recognizing the talk-show host."Conan! How can you not know Mr. Conan!" Jin said. J-Hope giggled in response,"I got confused for a moment!"

Conan, however, did not find it quite as funny. With a stern, straight face, he deadpanned,"Curtain. He called me Curtain!"Longtime sidekick Andy Richter tried to put some salve on the unintentional burn, offering,"Well, it's like the whole world is convening to wish you well on your new endeavor and, you know, we're drawing the curtain ..."

"He said I was a curtain! I've been to Korea!" O'Brien bellowed hilariously."I was popular! 'Curtain!' I'll get you BTS, oh I'll get you good. And by that I mean I'll silently resent you."Well, if it really stings that bad, maybe he can soothe it with some"Butter," the band's upcoming second English-language single arriving May 21.

Watch the curtain rise below. Read more: billboard »

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Hh 💜💜💜 Not ConanOBrien and are just trying to get pity attention from from army 🙅🏽‍♀️😂🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣 jhope our Sunshine 👍👌 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣💜💜💜💜LOVE YOU BTS!💜 BTS 👑 BTSARMY 👑 BTS_Butter 👑 He knows, but sometimes difficult to remember the name. It happened. Its also because he is not used to with English name around. Great, that nothing serious about this. J-hope didn't have any bad intentions 💜 ConanOBrien BTS_twt

why does he has to know him? ahahahah i am sure he doesn't even know anything about his country's media neither ahhaha... his been busy ya allah masuk billboard ga tuh 😂🤣 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤭 Hobi called him curtain then he is curtain that's it 😁.. We love u Conan

BTS' J-Hope Blows a Kiss to Conan O'Brien in Cheeky Apology After Calling Him 'Curtain'BTS' J-Hope is trying to kiss and make up with Conan O'Brien on Friday (May 7) after he called him 'Curtain' on television. See the sweet apology he sent. BTS_twt كوبي كولي لن تضرك لكنها قد تصل لشخص اخر ليس له علم بما يحدث ✌ فعلوا الهشتاج و ساعدوهم الشيخ_جراح Drapeau des Territoires Palestiniens انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح Drapeau des Territoires Palestiniens savesheikhjarrah لا_لتهويد_القدس لن_نرحل ARAB1_ARMY BTS_twt BTS_twt He just came from heaven 💜...BTS_twt I luv y😘😘 smiIesushine BTS_twt love j-hope 💚 jhope 제이홉

Es normal ,yo tampoco sabia de conan I vote Dynamite for BestMusicVideo at the 2021 iHeartsAwards BTS_twt He knew it started with a “C” and that’s all that matters 🤣🤣 It’s just the time pressure!!! JHope new Conan.. :0 ni yo asi q no se agan ajajajaj Billboard 🤝 koreaboo😌 thought this was koreaboo who tweeted lol

Tên Minh, 30 tuổi, ngoại hình khá tốt, vui vẻ, nhường nhịn. Es normal, yo también no se quien es Conan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I mean did you actually watch it 👀

Conan O'Brien ends his long run in late night next month'Conan,' Conan O'Brien's show on TBS, will end its run on June 24. The conclusion of the show will end the host's nearly 30-year run in late-night television. How are we losing Conan but yet th every unfunny Jimmy kimmel And Jimmy Fallon still have late night shows. Fuck Jay leno too He’s not even funny... The half hour format showed Conan was much more of an amazing interviewer than he got credit for. But he could never really find his groove on the hour long show. Had some amazing moments that are highly underrated in his career but the comedy moments fell flat

How about you be useful for once and write about Butter concept clips instead? 😀 Hobi my bby you the cutest boy they know who he is, they only have 3 seconds to name a person just by the picture. and believe me, this game is sooooo funny from New Journey to the West to their collab with BTS Run .. Na PD, your 1st episode already went viral 😜, this collab really is 💜

JAJAJJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ Solo rianse fue muy gracioso 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 perdón curtai........digo conan lmao 😆😆😅 mi Hobi esta chiquito BTS_twt He knows him but he got too nervous lol He called Hobi THE GUY so let's see if he knows their names .DOUBT IT

Conan O'Brien sets an end date for his late-night talk show on TBSConan premiered on TBS in November of 2010, but the host's late-night career actually dates back to 1993, when he took over NBC's Late Show from David Letterman

thanks to run bts, i just know who conan is actually 😌😌 😂😂😂😂 bmawa94 Sorry...Curtain...💜 He knows conan,he just got pressured by the time. '... on a variety show'...... it was their own variety show called RUN BTS(all episodes can be watched on vlive and weverse)this particular episode they collab with another very popular shows called The Game Creators. You can check that one out on youtube it really funny!

BTS wasn't the guest and it was NOT just a Korean variety show, it was BTS' show (RUN BTS) airs every Tuesday night (KST). The director who made the game was their guest. Do your research properly, you're welcome. hobijoaa 우리호비 사과 kiss ♡♡♡ You should watch BTS variety show😂😂 The world is obsessed with everything BTS does and we are here for it. !

Our Hearts Go Out to Jordan Schlansky: TBS’s Conan to End on June 24O’Brien hangs up his red pompadour at the network, but don’t worry, he’ll be on HBO Max soon. Who?

that's not a big deal anyway To be fair under pressure I d do same. 🤷‍♀️ JHope💜💜💜 J hope is the cutest.. its easy to get confuse if the artist is not from your country.. well even from our own country we can still get confuse 😅😅💜💜💜 What a drama bc of this lil mistake 😑💀 As he should. I don't know any Hollywood celebrity except the Harry Potter 3 lead actress and actors

😆 I know who Conan O'Brien is but who is J-Hope? They know some singers. 😆 But yeah. They live in a different country. They don't know Americans. That's okay. Lmao. Did he think they were supposed to know each and every celebrity out there. 😂 I watched his reaction to Jhope wrongly saying his name lmao that was funny tbh.

i don’t even know who is he too

Conan O'Brien Says Give Elon Musk a Shot at Hosting 'SNL'Conan O'Brien says 'SNL' hosts like Elon Musks are 'dream guests.' Man Conan packed on some pounds. BTW, Conan is highly under rated as a late night host RIP George Jung. Give him a shot AND a bong hit and let him go wild!

AlfombraRojaE! En Top Male mi voto es para BTS_twt en el Top Duo/Group mi voto es para BTS BTS_twt en el Top Hot 100 Artist mi voto es para BTS BTS_twt para el Top Billboard 200 Artist mi voto es para BTS_twt BTSARMY Conan are you living under a rockkk😁 I know his face but I don't remember his name . lol i love J-hope 🤣

Pero el si conoce a jhope 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 That's obvious that he didn't do it on purpose or didn't wanted to hurt anyone I actually didn’t know who he was till Jhope said so 🤭😂😅 man quien es ese tal conan no se cuanto ni idea de quien es bld It's so funny Not our Hobi's fault. hobi JHOPE HOSEOK

HopeWorldDiary YALAN YANLIŞ DEDİKODU YAPMA LAN ORTALIK KARIŞIYORSUN ŞUAN BİLBOARD FKDÖDLKDMXÖXKX I vote for dynamite for FaveChoreogoraphy at the 2021 iHeartAwards︎ BTS_twt

Hobi became famous again and again...i rlly want him to react these😂 I mean ... idk him too LMAO😂💀 HOBI MAKING HEADLINES ON WESTERN TV SHOWS LIKE THIS LMAO I LOVE THIS ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ hobi is so cute 😭 No offense, Sir, but I don't know you either..... before. Who is Conan o'brien Krl que sensacionalista tu é. Hobi errou o nome só, ele nunca disse que não conhecia. 😑

Conan might think to change his name to curtain i didn't know who the hell he was either so i don't blame hobi🤷‍♀️

Ahahhaajjssksk idk who's he too Poor baby....I am sure he must be flustered right now. BTS_MXCO Los comentarios del señor no son molestos, al menos por el giro del programa creo es así... Bromeó por el nombre que e dió Hobi, lo interesante aquí es eso, que haya tomado en cuenta a los chicos... Dynamite BestMusicVideo iHeartAward BTS_twt

ترا عُاَدّيَےّ مصار شي وبعدين شبيه الستارة حلـِۈۋوھّ و لصبح مدخلك شمس 😂 BTS_MXCO J-hope knows him, he just confused his name haha the variety show is RUN BTS starring BTS_twt obviously 😅. It's not recent. It has been going on for years and it's free to watch on vlive. 👀😉 well ... but a mistake is made by anyone, true, equal love and peace and sorry if you were offended at any time, but it was simply a game and that's it. xd good night

Curtain 🤣🤣🤣 I vote Dynamite for BestMusicVideo at the iHeartAwards︎ BTS_twt Hey fams, I know most of you loves Taehyung & Jungkooks cute n strong bonding... Many of you ship them too for their lovable connection. This video is for every ARMY who loves TaeKook..Please give it a watch. I'll really appreciate it. Link:

bts top social

JhopeArab94 اص انتم تبون لايكات من ورا هوبي قطيعه ‼️BREAKING NEWS: J-hope of BTS_twt has released an apology letter ‼️ 🤭🤭🤭 ㅋㅋㅋ Wait he knows him 😂😂😂 He just forgot hahahha kurd_jhope7 😂😂😂😂😂 My sunshine was verry confiused... Iconic moment! BTS_twt Sorry to our solecito, I hope you invite you to the program and you can meet him 😊

Who is he? Kim_Eun_Sang Seriously 😂😂😂 this is news? 😂😂😂😂 i also don’t who he is 😂 Tadinho do meu solzinho Kkkkkkk ele só ficou confuso

I love how conan said 'I don't have any power ' loveujhope Army gonna get you too Conan🤣🤣🤣🤣 at least hobi said sorry to him! JAJJAJAJAJAJAJA Sorry sir I knew your name but I didn't know your face. MonsieurJh0pe It's enough that Conan O'Brien knows J-Hope's value. It's not necessary for dear Hobi to know who O'Brien dear Hobi has billions of fans..he can't remember all of them, come on! J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

I don't know who it is either! AND? 프로그램 이름은 'Run BTS' Waiting reactions for V who couldn't spot Ironman in a second .. 🤣🤣🤣 ..

제이홉의 사과 받아주세요♡♡♡ What a coincidence. I also don't know who he is. As well as 80% other people from the last run BTS episode. Let's face the truth practically no one knows. And all those people that we see on TV that think they are famous.We only tolerate them thanks to BTS. Sorry not sorry. That's not it that he doesn’t know who he is!he got confused 🙄

Utas na ako sa pagtawa kay Tae Ricrapio, Pero mas nakakautas ang sinabi ni Jhope Conan naging Curtain 😂 Sorry tao laang po., pero ang importante tanggal ang stress ko ✌️🙏😅😅😅😅