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Companies Use Overtime to Solve Worker Shortages. That May Cost Them More Workers.

Amid a shortage of workers, companies are relying on longer shifts—which can deplete the ranks of their existing employees

9/18/2021 1:00:00 PM

Companies that can’t fill open positions are relying on current employees to log more hours. The risk is that stress and burnout will drive these workers out the door.

Amid a shortage of workers, companies are relying on longer shifts—which can deplete the ranks of their existing employees

RK Industries LLC, a 1,400-person construction and manufacturing firm based in Denver, is one of many firms asking workers for overtime due to staffing shortages. Here, an RK Mechanical employee works on heating units and fans.Rachel Woolf for The Wall Street Journal

Here Are the Most & Least Crowded Categories for the 2022 Grammys A long-delayed royal wedding reveals awkward truths about Japan Taiwan defense minister says island must defend itself Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

Avoiding Hazards at Jezero Crater

​NASA’s Perseverance rover was able to use its new Terrain-Relative Navigation technology to avoid hazards and find a safe place to land in Jezero Crater on Mars.

The latest update was not a big step in the game people This was the exact reason why I left kroger. It was like punishment, going to work Or just do 3 ot 4 peoples jobs in the same amount of time. bitcoin exchanges should be closed if bitcoin prices do not fall good luck This is dumb. When I was young I loved overtime. I worked 10 hours a day at Michigan Truck and most Saturdays for another 8 hours and pocketed the overtime!

Add in the mandatory vaccine requirement that JoeBiden put in. And it will get worse. Just watch! Etihaad Airlines Check out Campbell Soups 7day schedule for a great example. 1 day off every 21 days worked (but usually they push it to 28) And they feel this one day off is generous! Trust me. It will. Overtime pay can only do so much when you're dragging your ass and have no time for anything else.

This is nothing new !

The Largest Meal Kit Company in America Could Be the First to UnionizeWorkers at two HelloFresh factories in California and Colorado are organizing with UNITE HERE, a labor union representing workers in the hotel, food service, manufacturing, and other industries


China Wants Gig Workers to Have More Power—Just Not Too MuchChina’s ruling Communist Party is pressing the country’s largest digital platforms to improve conditions for tens of millions of contract workers, but critics see Beijing using the effort to tighten its control. wow Pundi X - $PUNDIX - $50 Function X - $FX - $25 🇸🇬 🔥 Does Texas allow worker union?

Italy makes Covid passports mandatory for all employeesItaly has become the first European country to make a Covid certificate mandatory for all workers. thanks It's disgusting how they are forcing people into doing something against their will. If you're not vaccinated you're potentially dangerous for the others. In the same way, if you're drunk you cannot drive. Thanks Mario Draghi.

States warn of COVID-19 antibody drug shortageOfficials in several states are voicing concern over shortages of monoclonal antibody drugs used to treat COVID-19 patients.

How To Stay Motivated As A Remote Glamorous Worker - Love for GlamMany people find working from home challenging -- from daytime TV to screaming children, there are a plethora of distractions. Without a physically present supervisor or social interaction from co-workers, it can be challenging for some to remain engaged and be self-starters.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesGood. Shame the uk weren’r as tough They know the Truth what the vaccine is. People are still sleeping and taking the Jab for Photo ops.