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Companies Grapple With Questions About Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate

Biden’s vaccine mandate has shifted the debate from whether companies should require jabs to how to implement the directive

9/17/2021 2:15:00 PM

Biden’s vaccine mandate has shifted the debate from whether companies should require jabs to how to implement the directive

Companies preparing to implement the Biden administration’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate face logistical challenges and unanswered questions about how to comply, employment and compensation lawyers say.

One of the biggest unknowns is who will be responsible for covering the cost of testing for employees who choose to remain unvaccinated, lawyers said. Under the, all employers with 100 or more workers would have to require that their workers be vaccinated or undergo at least weekly Covid-19 testing. Employers that don’t comply can face fines of up to about $14,000, according to the administration.

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Newsletter Sign-upOur Morning Risk Report features insights and news on governance, risk and compliance.PREVIEWSUBSCRIBECompanies also are wondering exactly how OSHA will determine the threshold for which businesses are covered by the requirement, and about exemptions for employees who continue to work from home or who have religious or medical accommodations that are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Biden administration will also require federal employees in the executive branch and government contractors to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The new mandates will cover about 100 million workers, or two-thirds of all workers in the U.S., administration officials said.

Although some companies already had vaccine requirements or were considering them before President Biden’s announcement, the move puts pressure on many others to begin determining how to comply with a rule that hasn’t been fully articulated and that is likely to face a flurry of

legal challenges and conflicts with state laws.The first question many companies will face is whether they want to allow employees to opt out of getting a vaccine and instead undergo weekly testing, employment and compensation lawyers said. The logistics and costs of providing such tests to what could be a sizable percentage of a company’s workforce could pose serious challenges for some businesses. And the federal government already has made it clear that

companies can require vaccinesfor employees physically entering a workplace, with certain exceptions.“Do we want to even bother with the weekly testing option, knowing how much trouble that’s going to be and how many issues that’s going to open with expense, and whether insurance is going to cover it?” asked Robin Shea, an employment lawyer at law firm Constangy Brooks, Smith & Prophete LLP.

A protest this week in Sioux Falls, S.D., against Sanford Health’s vaccine mandate for employees.Photo:Annie Todd/Associated PressCompanies will have to decide whether to offer their own testing services through a private healthcare provider or direct employees elsewhere. Setting up testing could be an administrative challenge for large companies in rural areas, in particular, Ms. Shea said.

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Businesses with hourly employees who are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act likely will have to pay those employees for the time they spend getting tested, lawyers said.As for the costs involved, larger companies might have more financial flexibility to pay for testing programs, while smaller ones are often beholden to what their health insurers are willing to cover. Insurers

that an employer does to broadly screen for infection, according to federal guidance, only tests a doctor orders to diagnose or treat a patient, or tests given to someone who has been in contact with an infected person.EarlierPresident Biden unveiled a six-pronged strategy to combat the Delta variant of Covid-19 that ramps up vaccine requirements for employers with 100 or more workers, those in the medical field and federal workers. Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

That could leave it up to OSHA to clarify whether employers or employees are on the hook for testing costs. Some lawyers said leaving workers to pay for their own tests could work as an effective incentive, alongsideand other measures that effectively penalize employees who don’t want to receive a vaccine. Others said they find it unlikely the government would allow companies to place the costs on workers.

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No it has not. People aren't complying. Hey WSJ why don't you investigate this? The NIH came out with a study saying Ivermectin reduced Covid death by 62% yet our Govt wont let Drs prescribe it for Covid. Are there any investigative journalists anymore Please support Grantoldtimeremedy health store on Facebook and promote life.

That doesn't mean it should be done. Potential shortages in many major industries including healthcare. On top of that bodily autonomy is out the window. Changing minds is hard, force is easy. Even black people are beginning to see how evil this man is, or this admin, which is obviously ran by corporate interests behind the scenes.

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Fly a kite. FDA panelist Steve Kirsch says the Pfizer vaccine KILLS 2 people for every 1 it saves. Listen at the 4:12:36 mark of FDA committee video. [He also mentions Uttar Pradesh, which is virtually Covid Free (because of Ivermectin)]. How is this legal SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon, or not. However, if you do come to that conclusion once you’ve seen the evidence, then you have to recognize that the vaccines are nothing more than the genetic reproduction of that bioweapon. Hence, COVID shots are bioweapons too. NoMaskNoVaxNoTest

Where is the ACLU when American workers need them🤔 So a weekly test is equivalent to a vaccine, but prior infection is not? Where's the 'science'?

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Parents Seek Out Covid-19 Vaccine Trials for Their Children Ahead of Official AuthorizationThe shots haven’t been proved to work safely for youngsters, and child volunteers in later-stage trials may get a placebo, rather than the vaccine. Yet parents said they were willing to take the chance, “The youngsters, THOUGH AT RELATIVELY LOW RISK OF SEVERE DISEASE AND HOSPITALIZATIONS, are going to the hospital in greater numbers than earlier in the pandemic because of Delta’s spread primarily among unvaccinated people.” Why kill your child for safety? I sense a little lack of logic there. What a DANGEROUS parents