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Companies Avoid Advertising Next to Coronavirus News

“Coronavirus” is now the keyword blocked by the most brands, having overtaken “Trump.” It’s a problem for digital publishers.

4/1/2020 5:20:00 PM

“Coronavirus” is now the keyword blocked by the most brands, having overtaken “Trump.” It’s a problem for digital publishers.

Advertisers are increasingly steering clear of online content related to the coronavirus, a problem for digital news publishers churning out articles about the pandemic.

President Trump signed an historic $2 trillion bill into law Friday aimed at relieving workers and businesses hurt by the coronavirus pandemic. WSJ breaks down what is in the package. Photo: G. Ronald Lopez/Zuma Press Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

the next is Medicare for all. Medicare for all. Spain Coronavirus test kits withdrawn in Spain over poor accuracy rate 27 March 2020 from The Guardian Now you go in block too! Trump and Covid-19 are synonymous for bad marketing. Tell us something we don’t know. Probably not a great year for Wuhan brands handmade crash cymbals. For sure it hasn't been kind for Corona brands drinks.

Ad giant WPP pulls dividend, CEO 'very cautious' about the impact of virus on marketing budgetsThe world's largest advertising group pulled its dividend and share buyback and withdrew guidance for 2020 on Tuesday, after clients cancelled marketing booked with the company due to the coronavirus crisis.

Congress eyes avoiding Washington for at least a monthCongress is now considering staying away from Washington for a month or more as the coronavirus makes even the routine act of legislating a dangerous risk for new transmissions OHHHHH HELL NO! If medical staff have to be at do they! If they say they are not essential personnel, then relieve them of duty and find people that are willing to do what is required to save a nation. These horses are old. Young horses would figure out how to run in the pastures. Take HIM with you

Rent the Runway lays off retail workers after store closures due to coronavirusDesigner clothing rental company Rent the Runway is laying off retail staff during the coronavirus pandemic. Where is the NEWS? (LE) idiopathic systemic lupus erythematosus

Urban Outfitters Furloughs Employees for 60 Days Starting April 1Urban Outfitters has joined the list of retailers furloughing employees amid the coronavirus. 🔐 Several of my friends have joined the furloughed group. This must impact the way retail companies are structured in the future. It must impact the direction in which they choose to grow. Industry is getting a painful re-start button.

Coronavirus Exacts a Toll From Business Winners, TooCoronavirus is fueling heavy demand at companies from FedEx to Facebook. But more business isn’t always good business in a pandemic. Right

Stock Markets Tumble on Dire U.S. Warning: Live UpdatesMarkets fell in early Wednesday trading in Asia as investors digested a steady drip of worrying news about the economic ramifications of the global coronavirus outbreak. Futures markets predicted Europe and Wall Street would open lower. Get a different photo! Sick of this all over my timeline. Looking For Graphic design: Professional Company Profile: Logo Design: