Vol 56 Issue 22, Protest

Vol 56 Issue 22, Protest

Community Of Losers Comes Together To Clean Graffiti Off Multinational Banking Conglomerate

Here’s a list of organizations where you can donate.

6/2/2020 10:05:00 PM

Community Of Losers Comes Together To Clean Graffiti Off Multinational Banking Conglomerate

Here’s a list of organizations where you can donate.

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greenhousegoth I know there are a lot of different shades of white out there at Sherman Williams, but wouldn’t it just be easier to paint it...🙃 Work smarter not harder😂😂😂 boberedd They don’t even know Grammar! It would be “come together” MORONS! Histhisthist fake PissPisstie Antifas want war, be ready to fire back.

This is to make fun of people who would get mad about cleaning up graffiti, right? Try again Paradox_PoKe When you take a photo of yourself doing illegal activities You heard it here first folks, is giving you free reign to loot whatever goodies they have in their office and to smash the place up real good.

they don't miss marleyllikebob The shade is in the backpack. 👀 JordanUhl Oh no! Those poor banks. I can't believe they've been... painted on. And what's more sad is that there are free laborers willing to serve that bank instead of working in solidarity with this country's people. the bank has enough profits to clean graffiti off all the cities buildings. Go clean your neighborhood streets

Andischa99 Is the onion just a news website now COVID-19 failed to stop us, look what happened now. Time to get the big guns for this worthless species: JordanUhl stacyherbert I can, I can believe this. Maybe a little detail formed from one of the many elite rehab facilities. The world has gone to shit when even the Onion is right

MarlowNYC The best way is to never paint it on in the first place. JordanUhl When did the onion start telling actual news? connperignon I dont get this joke 💀 EmilyGorcenski What. This is... this actually just real life reporting. Satire has caught up to the onion. The end is near. magic_trains This isn’t even satire tho, this is Justice a real headline

This is basically simping I love this Goblin_Pants thank you Wait a minute this isn't satire, It's just the news The Onion is the most important media organization in America. EmilyGorcenski You know things are messed up when the onion starts reporting real news. slackbastard I don't know how many times I've told you guys but your news is supposed to be fake. This is 💯 accurate. Lift your game guys.

EmilyGorcenski this isn't even satire this is just real sdlfksdj MarlowNYC 🤣🤣🤣 69lilbitch69 SailorTurnee At least Dog Piss as the decency to dry and go away Lmfao this isn't satire the protest was about racist cops, not your stupid socialist pet project that keeps failing RoseCityAntifa Where's the LIE

🤣🤣🤣🤣 it ain't satire tho... KGLlewellyn Onion is on our side now too omg mcmansionhell The Fjallraven backpack I am DEAD Lol ! BolshevikPotato 😂 I thought you guys were satire tiredalysa the kanken is taking me out lmaooo Sandernista412 it’s been really great watching the onion radicalize over the years

nomoniker_ Love ya but was a photo of little blond girl cleaning up the only one you had? stacyherbert Freedom BBQ held inside Mercedes Benz of Oakland... bbq vandals protest2020 destruction supercars Mercedes oakland Californiariots Damn... The Onion's got no chill DesiJed michrepetto Wait but this isn’t fake news

Thats it you've lost your satire credentials! RichardKeppler1 PlugInFUD PatStaresAt It's not even an Onion article anymore The same assholes are in here explaining why the joke isn't funny MattMcMuscles No justice, No peace! My house is paid full! No rent! No lease! stupidmo and they don't pay tax either!

It is really reckless of your magazine to be spitting such mad fire every fucking day like this. You're supposed to write a parody story, not something that literally happened this morning. BASED no no you're supposed to make stuff up not say real things I thought this was all jokes, not real life tf Shots fired

Ouch! Biting satire i thought you guys didn’t report the actual news 😰😰 scraftpunk this one isn't even false LMAO Taking good people's jobs away how do you know they’re losers SafeWebUser oh so your just telling the truth now, fair y'all literally just reporting the news and doing it better than the mainstream 😭

“Why are you reporting real news?” It’s hilarious, but still satirical. the homeless, their cleaners, Jackson St While the bank is a multinational conglomerate, the building is actually in their neighborhood and some people don’t like graffiti in their neighborhoods. I’m guessing the Onion and the people in all of the comments thinks this cleanup activity is ridiculous?

CodecMendoza This isn't satirical. To be fair it's mandatory if you have an account there. Or you get charged a cleaning fee. This is why you have to read the terms and conditions. Thank you! Society has evolved past the need for satire fellowkids.jpg guys you're supposed to be satire It’s not even absurdist humor anymore, you guys are just making fun of idiots. Love to see it.

dellcam Where‘s the gofundme? 🥺 astroillogica SeductiveLamia THEY DONT MISS Has always been leftist or they've become partisan because that's where the social media money is at? I mean..it really did happen: aurahack legendary TristanBlaze1 I think you mean bootlickers, not losers. Sternenrot du könntest Deinen Tweet übersetzen

The put it there it’s only fair for them to clean it up. supportsmallbusiness

People Are Coming Together Across The Country To Clean Up Neighborhoods After A Weekend Of ProtestsThis weekend saw an increase in both protests and violence, but many within the community chose to come together peacefully. Failed state. Thank god. Takes me back to Cairo 2011 😭💜✊

With cities burning, transit is part of the storyTransit agencies, already stretched to near breaking points by the existential threat of a pandemic, found themselves at the center of even more strife this weekend

Protests form across US demanding end to police violenceUpdates on widespread U.S. protests following George Floyd's death: • National Guard patrols Los Angeles after vandalism, fires. • Demonstrators occupy part of Layfayette Park across from the White House. • Cities across the country extend curfews. I support the protestors (not the rioters) who are exercising their rights and standing up against the horrible injustices that Black people in America face everyday. BlackLivesMatter Sad to see! The government needs to address police issues. NoMilitaryForPolice

Protesters Attack Confederate Monuments, Topple StatueSeveral Confederate monuments across the South have been attacked by demonstrators amid protests against police killings of Black people, sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis good. Yahoo is doing a great job of subliminal incitement which was the dangerous and Insidious tool used by this guy, and backed up by the other guy Idiots!

Protesters Attack Confederate Monuments, Topple StatueStatues were blasted with graffiti in Mississippi, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and the Carolinas. ❤️ Its not a protest its white hate I can get behind this

Bank Of America Commits $1 Billion To Support Economic Opportunity After Pandemic, ProtestsBank of America said on Tuesday morning it will make a $1 billion commitment help local communities address widening economic and racial inequality brought on by the pandemic. Commit 1 billion to whom? Specifics! Please dont burn our ATMs I dont trust BOA enough to think this isn't heavily coded. They have been screwing Black people since before I was born.