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Common Lies Your Doctor Will See Right Through

“This leg was broken when I got it.”

8/3/2021 6:00:00 PM

“This leg was broken when I got it.”

Except for the ones who botch surgeries or misdiagnose cancers, doctors aren’t stupid. Here are the most common white lies everyone tells medical professionals that your doctor can see right through.

List slides“Sorry I’m late, I had a doctor’s appointment.”Works for almost everything else, but remember not to try it here.Advertisement/21“Huh? What did you say? Sorry, I wasn’t listening, haha, that happens sometimes. I have this strange, I don’t know what to call it...deficit? With my attention? Is that a thing? Anyway, what did you say?”

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List slides“Huh? What did you say? Sorry, I wasn’t listening, haha, that happens sometimes. I have this strange, I don’t know what to call it...deficit? With my attention? Is that a thing? Anyway, what did you say?” Read more: The Onion »

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I hope they wore masks. And I'm a social drinker. Just social. 'I didn't have anything to eat before this blood test.' I have an osteopathic doctor and she would not question tardiness because osteopathic physicians treat PEOPLE not disease. Chew on that onion

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The COVID culture war: At what point should personal freedom yield to the common good?America's debate over pandemic mask and vaccine mandates hinges on an age-old dilemma: When does personal liberty yield to the public interest? personal liberty does not take a back seat to any other issue Its bad enough they forced us to wear seatbelts and don't even get me started on motorcycle helmets!! I wore a mask for 18 months I stayed home for 18 months I protected my kids for 18 months I got my Vaccine My kids got their Vaccine We will not wear a mask again...we are protected and so is anyone with a Vaccine. Dont like it...get your Vax or STFU.

Postpartum anxiety is invisible, but common and treatable - Harvard HealthThe joy parents feel when a new baby arrives may be displaced by all-consuming worries. While postpartum anxiety may seem invisible compared with more well-known postpartum depression, it's common and treatable: Harvard Health A mineral imbalance is very common after pregnancy and can contribute to anxiety - one great solution is shilajit. Shilajit contains more than 84 carbon bonded (organic) minerals. They are easily assimilated or eliminated depending on if the element is needed by the individual.

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To Fight Vaccine Lies, Authorities Recruit an 'Influencer Army'LOS ANGELES — Ellie Zeiler, 17, a TikTok creator with over 10 million followers, received an email in June from Village Marketing, an influencer marketing agency. It said it was reaching out on behalf of another party: the White House. Would Zeiler, a high school senior who usually posts short fashion and lifestyle videos, be willing, the agency wondered, to participate in a White House-backed campaign encouraging her audience to get vaccinated against the coronavirus? “There is a massive need t Need a 30/30/..40/40.fantasy/minute player? What about Averitt F. Phillips..PG/F..first-team NBA all-defensive guaranteed..shoots 40-50% from three. handles the ball like a first-team point guard...rebounds/passes well..high basketball IQ! Averitt Freemoney Phillips,Jr. for President!... Every citizen receives a minimum of a million-dollar citizen bank balance each year to spend how they wish!.. Community service/self-development mandate required! ....50% tax rate on all businesses! -----WHAT DO YOU THINK Good that’s good and let’s get more folks for the community side in particular

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