Commentary: MLB has had its share of big scandals. Doctored baseballs aren't one of them

Commentary: MLB has had its share of big scandals. Doctored baseballs aren't one of them

6/25/2021 8:48:00 AM

Commentary: MLB has had its share of big scandals. Doctored baseballs aren't one of them

By highlighting the banned practice of doctoring baseballs, Major League Baseball sends an unintended message that the sport is populated by cheaters.

More CoverageScherzer blamed the spectacle on what he called “the Manfred rules.”As wewrotelast week, Manfred made the mistake of confusing self-interest with the best interest of baseball. It is unrealistic to expect players to change their behavior — and potentially cost themselves roster spots, or millions in salary — based on warnings that the guy on the other side of the field might not heed.

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Advertisement“We gave people the opportunity to self-correct,” Manfred told the Athletic on Wednesday, “and I don’t regret that.”Manfred determined that too much sticky stuff had made for too little offense, and he believed he had no other option than heavy-handed enforcement, immediately. The enforcement system is all of three days old, with the vast majority of checks routine, and perhaps the wrinkles can get smoothed out sooner rather than later.

Even Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer, who assembled reporters last week to demonstrate how a ball could stick to his hand with a combination of sweat and legal rosin, had no interest in taking on Manfred after Wednesday’sin which he gave up three home runs in a no-decision.

AdvertisementManfred told the Athletic that players largely supported him, even pitchers. “I think the ones the media is writing about are the pitchers who are negative with the undertaking,” he said.Bauer declined to respond directly, saying, “I’m focusing on pitching and trying to win a baseball game. I don’t have anything to hide. I just go pitch. I don’t know what the media is writing. I don’t pay attention to you guys, really, that often. I don’t have an opinion there.”

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