Comfort Pasta is Only Three Ingredients Away

Comfort pasta is only three ingredients away

1/21/2022 6:31:00 PM

Comfort pasta is only three ingredients away

This foolproof sauce formula offers ease and consistency, no recipe required

Getty Images/iStockphotoIt’s hard for me to answer the question “What’s your favorite food?” without any caveats or follow-up inquiries (can it be a list of topfivefoods instead?), but I can confidently say that pasta is the food that I’m always, unfailingly in the mood for. Though

eatingpasta is a no-brainer (I truly don’t discriminate between boxed mac ‘n cheese and handmade-from-scratch noodles from a restaurant),makingpasta at home has always felt weirdly intimidating and complicated — until now.Through a combination of necessity, laziness, and an embarrassing number of 9 p.m. cravings I couldn’t ignore, I’ve discovered that an uber-satisfying, creamy-but-balanced pasta is only three ingredients away:

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