Comedy legend Carl Reiner, of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' and 'The Jerk,' dies at 98

BREAKING: Carl Reiner, a prolific comedy legend for more than 70 years, has died at age 98, Rob Reiner says.

6/30/2020 5:30:00 PM

BREAKING: Carl Reiner, a prolific comedy legend for more than 70 years, has died at age 98, Rob Reiner says.

The director, actor and writer of such hits as '2000 Year Old Man,' was among the world's most revered funnymen.

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images fileIn that famous 1975 album, Reiner plays an interviewer asking questions of a 2,000-year-old Brooks. The straight man Reiner quizzes Brooks on all sorts of topics in life, with improvisational answers that went down in comedy history.

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Even in his final days, Reiner still managed to stay socially relevant. To celebrate Brooks’ 94th birthday, the pair donned Black Lives Matter T-shirts in a photo with Reiner’s daughter, Annie.That picture may have been on the mind of actress Rosanna Arquette when on Tuesday she tweeted a clenched fist and the message: “Rest in Peace and power Carl Reiner.” Arquette expressed “gratitude for all the laughter you have given us through the years.”

"Two and a Half Men" star Jon Cryer called Reiner a “brilliant and hilarious” role model and recalled the time he took the veteran’s place as host of the “Directors Guild of America Awards” in 2009.Cryer posted a picture of a hilarious letter Reiner sent him after the latter couldn’t make the gig due to health issues. “I thank you for filling in for me tonight,” Reiner typed. “I wish with all my heart that you fail, or if you don’t, that you are no more than adequate. I don’t want to have to compete with you for this non-paying job.”

The brilliant and hilarious Carl Reiner hosted the Director’s Guild awards for decades before his health forced him to take the night off. Read more: NBC News »

R I P. What humor Thanks For The😄 Laughs. RIP Carl Reiner, God Bless Your Soul. 😩 😢Your Comedy Genius, Will Be Missed. 🙁 HerbHeller Oh NO! 😞😷❤ Of all the bad things happening these days this is one of the saddest. Really liked him the 'Oceans Eleven trilogy R.I.P. RegVickers He was a bright light in the darkness. America is smaller without him. May he be at peace. Condolences to Rob and the rest of his family.

A wonderful and talented man. My his soul rest in peace forever. Damn almost 100 years. He is a true comedy legend May he rest in peace. Sending hugs and condolences to robreiner 🙁❤️🙏 TODAYshow So sad to hear this. My condolences to his family and life long friend Mel Brooks. ❤️ Poor guy passed away know that his son is an asshat liberal. Many sympathies

I will miss him. What a great life lived. AIR THIS CNN TRE45ON I just watched all 3 Ocean's movies last night (don't ask) He owned every scene he was in.. RIP. We will never forget Carl or the laughter we shared because of him. He shall be dearly missed. TODAYshow Prayers to his family! A legend. Carl was in the game and fighting til the end. RIP

Praise the Lord for his life and sharing his gifts with us. RIP 🙏🏾 Trx1000 My father worked on The New Dick Van Dyke Show, and I spent some time in Arizona on the set as a kid. What a long great life! 😔❤️❤️ TODAYshow Rip R.I.P Rest in Peace, Carl. You did well. 💔☹💔💔 R.I.P. Thanks for the laughs!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Carl Reiner Dies: Pioneering TV Comedy Writer, Father Of Rob Reiner Was 98Carl Reiner, the comedian, writer and director whose contributions to the development of television comedy are rivaled by few others, died last night of natural causes at his home in Beverly Hills.… 😔🙏🙏🙏✌

Carl Reiner, Comedy Legend and ‘Dick Van Dyke Show’ Creator, Dies at 98Carl Reiner, the writer, producer, director and actor who was part of Sid Caesar&39;s legendary team and went on to create "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and direct several hit films, has died. He was 98. He died of natural causes on Monday night at his home in Beverly Hills, his assistant Judy RIP Carl Reiner! Thanks for the constant giggles & heart laughs. RIPCarlReiner 😢 Brilliant man he will be missed

Comedy legend Carl Reiner dead at 98Carl Reiner, a comedy legend with a career that spanned seven decades, has died. He was 98. I just hope i can make it to 98 A shame he couldn't see Trump defeated. God Bless Carl Reiner and his family Thank You for all the laughs. ComfortablySmug Sadly, it is the wrong Reiner...

Comedy Legend Carl Reiner Dies At Age 98BREAKING: Comedy icon Carl Reiner, a prolific writer, producer, director and actor, died Monday at age 98. RIP Carl. Just watched the Oceans Trilogy again last night. Some much incredible work. robreiner sorry for your loss. Very sad to hear !!! Condolences to his family!! Another great one gone. RIP Carl.

Carl Reiner, Multifaceted Master of Comedy, Is Dead at 98Mr. Reiner was a gifted comic actor, but he spent most of his career slightly out of the spotlight — writing, directing and letting others get the laughs. Oh no. One of the good guys RIP. Thanks for the laughs. This was a wonderful man with a huge heart ♥️ At any age, it’s still a loss💔

Carl Reiner, Master of TV Comedy, Has DiedCarl Reiner, one of the first television comedy writers, whose work would influence generations of entertainers and filmmakers, has died at the age of 98. Oh wow RIP One of the absolute best! RIP. In times like these, America longs for another Joe McCarthy. 😭