Column: Will California have enough electricity for all its EVs? Yes — but it will take work

Column: Will California have enough electricity for all its EVs? Yes — but it will take work

10/1/2020 4:33:00 PM

Column: Will California have enough electricity for all its EVs? Yes — but it will take work

California wants its new cars to be all-electric by 2035. Here's what it needs to do to produce enough electricity.

Trump’s authority to revoke California’s waiver from federal clean air rules rests on a very shaky legal foundation.That technological challenge is being met, however, as utility-scale batteries have steadily become larger in capacity and lower in cost: The government’s Energy Information Administration estimates that

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the cost of energy storagefell by nearly two-thirds from 2015 to 2017 alone, from $2,153 to $834 per kilowatt-hour.The most important element in the state’s transition to EVs may well be coordination, to counteract the effect of fragmented responsibilities for electrical generation, distribution and planning.

“In California,” LaFleur wrote, “the roles of the [California] ISO and the state regulators to keep the lights on are quite tangled.... In other words, the buck stops nowhere.” California ISO can direct the output of power plants but can’t require that they get built, she observed. Oversight of power plant construction rests with state regulators and is subject to local interests that may not be amenable to the siting of solar facilities or wind farms.

AdvertisementThe transition from fossil-fuel to renewables generation hasn’t been well managed thus far, LaFleur maintains: “In the past three years, California has closed 5,000 megawatts of gas generation in anticipation of building 3,000 MW of battery storage that is still on the drawing board.” Having those batteries present and operating might have forestalled even the brief outages of mid-August.

“This is a very difficult thing to do,” Nelder says of planning a long-range transition of fundamental technologies. “It’s tricky.” The state will have to meet the growing demands of electricity users without overbuilding, which would raise the possibility of sticking consumers with unnecessary costs.

“You’re going to be criticized for overbuilding and criticized for underbuilding,” Nelder says. “Executing the evolution of the grid has been described as rebuilding an airplane while it’s in flight.”For all that, California has been in the forefront of a necessary change in how we generate electricity and how we use it. The benefits of the transition are manifest — cleaner air and a smaller contribution to climate change among them.

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Nope. But keep dreamin’ (high speed rail) No doubt higher taxes, higher charges by power companies to provide the power links to charging stations. Gas station owners will suffer, independent gas stations too. Fuel tax revenue will diminish too so state has to raise taxes. Consumers will end up being hosed.

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