Column: Why Bernie Sanders is dead wrong about what Joe Biden should look for in a running mate

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Why Bernie Sanders is dead wrong about what Joe Biden should look for in a running mate (via latimesopinion)

Joe Biden to black voters: ‘If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.’ That’s going to haunt him.

Warren failed to energize the base in the primaries and was particularly unappealing to black voters — unlike Biden who won thanks to black support. Abrams, who is black, is a much better politician than Warren, but she wasn’t good enough to win a governor’s race in Georgia in 2018.There are two problems with the energize the base argument. First, that job has been filled — by President Trump.

Think of it this way: Trump galvanizes the left the way Hillary Clinton did the right. In 2016, the No. 1 reason cited by Trump voters was that he wasn’t Clinton. In late September of that year, 11% of Trump votersIt’s funny hearing people like Sen. Bernie Sanders simultaneously insist that Trump is a world historic threat to what all Democrats hold dearBiden will have Trump-despising Democrats in his column no matter what.


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opinion The spokesman for TheDemocrats JonahDispatch? The interesting thing about you never trumpers is that you not just want to be invited guests, you want to pick up the dinner, set up the table and sitting arrangements. It’s not your party, homey. It’s mine. You’re just a guest.😷

opinion Stacey Abrams isn't left wing.

opinion Biden will likely choose amyklobuchar . There .


opinion Ok, whatever. El Segundo Times

opinion Wow... fantastic insightful article! Food for thought on the various VP candidate.

opinion Are these wannabe running mates so nieve they do not understand that Biden is not the one making the choice. The DNC and it's very few influential controllers long ago decided HRC will be his running mate. Just watch and see. Abrams is not connected enough to know that...lolol

opinion Nope. And why bring up Sanders, he's got nada to do with it. Biden is already a centrist, that's why people wanted him, and now he can pick someone more exciting. The joys of being a white guy! (sad to see moronic Trump cult members posting idiocy: GTFO, we don't want you in CA).

opinion BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Jonah Goldberg (``Liberal Fascism'' ``48 Liberal Lies About American History''') Goldberg is going to choose the veep candidate. He just barely learned how to put the ``ic'' at the end of Democrat. That the LAT still pays this jackass is an embarrassment.

opinion In the hypothetical situation that Biden wins the election ... the win would have more weight than most people are thinking about. IMO, he won’t last the entire 4 years due to his mental state, which means that his VP pick is very important. Which woman would you trust?

opinion If you want to be Joe Biden‘s running mate you got to be articulate and clean, his words not mine. Storybook man


opinion Biden will ONLY choose a female - that's sexist.

opinion Biden said he wouldn’t consider a morbidly obese running mate

opinion Type 2 diabetes?

opinion God dam she’s fat

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