Column: The global economy is slipping toward recession — and Trump is making it worse

The world has often looked to the U.S. to lead the charge in confront economic crises. Trump doesn’t appear interested in assuming that leadership role, writes columnist @DoyleMcManus.


The world has often looked to the U.S. to lead the charge in confront economic crises. Trump doesn’t appear interested in assuming that leadership role, writes columnist DoyleMcManus.

Trump goes to the G-7 after calling an ally 'nasty,' calling Jews 'disloyal,' and the chairman of the Federal Reserve an 'enemy.' The French president, who is hosting this weekend's summit, says they won't issue a final communique — so that Trump can't then renounce it, as he did last year. Buckle…

But it’s not happening this time — and Trump is one of the reasons. Case in point: this weekend’s

The G-7 was organized in 1975 for this kind of situation: joint action to head off a recession. (In that case, the recession was already underway.) Its members include the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy and Canada.

The main roadblock is trade — specifically, Trump’s decision to make punitive tariffs a central part of his economic strategy. He’s embroiled in a full-scale trade war with China, and he’s threatened to escalate the battle in Europe, with tariffs aimed at German automobiles and French wines.

On Sunday, the president plans to lecture the other G-7 leaders on why they should accede to his demands. It sounds more like a campaign stunt than a serious attempt to stave off a recession.

, who said Friday that trade battles appear to be hurting U.S. manufacturing and capital spending.

Trump believes that the United States, as the world’s most powerful country, is usually better off acting alone, seeking one-on-one deals with other nations.

But in recent history, those efforts have worked only when the United States has stepped up to lead. No other country has the wherewithal. The European Union is too disunited, China too widely mistrusted.

“You need a president who engenders confidence that he has the best interest of everyone in mind,” Patrick added. “Trump hasn’t done that.”

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DoyleMcManus Trump doesn't have the stuff of leadership. Being a bully does not translate into leadership. DoyleMcManus Trump is a different person. DoyleMcManus Trump doesn't have the stuff of leadership. Being a bully does translate into leadership. DoyleMcManus Doyle. You’ve been consistently wrong for three fucking years on just about every issue regarding trump. The next few months are gonna be tough for you when Barr drops the hammer. BTW. Mueller prayer candles are still available on EBay.

DoyleMcManus Вот, когда поделим весь мир на сферы влияния, вот тогда и будем бороться с кризисами. DoyleMcManus Most likely because Trump is President of The United States of America. Not the world. When will you lefty ideologues ever retain that simple fact? The El Segundo Time & Bill Maher do have one thing in common, they would rather see Trump fail than America succeed. Morons...

DoyleMcManus '…to lead the charge in confront economic crises.' Diversity in grammar from the Los Angeles Times. Resist DoyleMcManus The European ruling class fears losing its grip on power. DoyleMcManus We freely elected a raving, infantile imbecille to be our leader. Whatever happens, we will deserve it.

DoyleMcManus One of many reasons why Americans voted against him🙄 DoyleMcManus Because he's not qualified for that role or to be President of the United States.

Column: Michelle Obama for president. The only one who can beat Trump?'A Michelle Obama-Donald Trump showdown would be glorious, even though it could get ugly,' writes columnist Steve Lopez. Yeah but we all LOVE ugly!! Isn’t that why you’re running these stories!! Who does the Times back at the DemocraticDebate2020 ? If Michelle is in it, it already got.... She has lived in the White House and understands everything that goes with it. She has no desire to return and you can’t blame her. Her family served our country, god bless them.

DoyleMcManus Obama had the worst economy since the great depression and never reached 3% in any of his 8 years. So DoyleMcManus should do a little more research and stop lying. DoyleMcManus DoyleMcManus He's not interested because Putin wasn't invited to the summit. DoyleMcManus No he just wanna make lots of money for himself and remain POTUS for life SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer RepAdamSchiff HouseDemocrats USATODAY nytimes maddow SRuhle WSJ CNN CBSNews NBCNews MSNBC CNBC TIME chicagotribune Forbes business Reuters VanityFair FT

At global summit, Trump facing limits of go-it-alone stanceBIARRITZ, France (AP) — President Donald Trump arrived Saturday in France for an international summit with the leaders of the globe's economic powers as he confronts the consequences of his... I bet they’re all looking forward to the rantings of a maniac Fake news Anyone who uses the term, 'growing more isolated', doesn't understand POTUS. If remaining 'one with our economic competitors' means acquiescing, he seeks isolation.

Trump team defends 2020 campaign manager's compensationPres. Trump's 2020 campaign team angrily disputes report in British tabloid that campaign chairman Brad Parscale is profiting excessively from his work for Trump. Of course he is, he’s another grifter. Anybody within trumps orbit is a con or a grifter. Nobody grifts King Grifter. so ? it's business😳

Trump this week: King of Israel, the chosen one, China trade warBecause prior to this week he was normal. Hes not very Presidential, which is embarrassing. Theres less drama on televised wrestling than Trump's one man show of complete jibberish and Twitter ranting He is an absolute embarrassment to the US. Republican, Democrat, and anything in between. It's beyond awful the mockery he is making of the office, our country and the great people in America.

Trump on China trade war: ‘I have second thoughts about everything’At a G-7 breakfast meeting with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President Trump commented on the escalating trade war with China but added that he’s not concerned about market reaction to the tariffs. Trump: 'I don't even have first thoughts.' The man's a billionaire! What the hell dose MSNBC know about anything? You can't even tell the truth let alone run the country! Donald Trump is doing a great job so just sit down and shut up and let the man do his job! FAKE NEWS hates America. When will this Trump nightmare end !

Economic storm clouds hover over Trump and global leadersUnder the threatening clouds of a global economic slowdown, President Donald Trump is confronting the consequences of his preference to go it alone, with low expectations that the leaders of the richest democracies can make substantive progress on an array of issues at their summit in France. Ehhh, I see what you did there. :) 😘 JohnLBair1

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