Column: Study concludes chloroquine drugs promoted by Trump are worthless against coronavirus

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Column: Major study concludes chloroquine antimalarials are worthless against coronavirus

President Trump’s hype of a potential treatment for COVID-19 gives false hope to virus patients and causes real harm to others.“Our objective was to answer the question of whether hydroxychloroquine worked to prevent disease or did not work,” said David Boulware, the lead researcher at the University of Minnesota. “While we are disappointed that this did not prevent COVID-19, we are pleased that we were able to provide a conclusive answer.

The most prominent promoter of the antimalarials as nostrums against the coronavirus has been Trump, who talked them up as potential “game changers” starting in March. More recently, he said he had been taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive himself, though that claim could not be verified. . Nevertheless, it was taken up by Trump and cited by Dr. Mehmet Oz, whose television program is followed by millions of U.S. viewers even though its claims for medical advances have often been questioned by the scientific establishment.Evidently at Trump’s urging, government agencies stockpiled hydroxychloroquine, and the Food and Drug Administration issued a rare emergency-use authorization that effectively overrode doctors’ doubts about the preparation.


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Yes, we all better take the Bill Gates vaccine then! Because there’s no big money in it. Ha.

LA Times if you found of lying about these results, you’ll be responsible for people’s death. Remember this moment folks, when LA Times lied.

Duh. Trump is dangerous

“Take it... what have you got to lose” -The President of the United States

Does trump know?

That one time when Wild Bill Hickok got an online medical degree.

That guy is the least professional looking scientist I have ever seen

Lancet published a fake study... chloroquine is a success as a prophylaxis and in the beginning of the sickness. But chloroquine costs only 5 US$ a box of pills...

Trump was taking it everyday 😂

What's worse .... Trump lost the receipt for those 30 million doses he bought.

Listening to the media about this is worthless. First it was no cure no ones putside now it’s ooo riots for the dems let’s do this. NO SUCH THING AS CORONA then all a sudden oh no it’s real

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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