Column: Chipotle says it raised prices to cover hourly wage hike, doesn't mention execs' huge COVID-19 bonuses

Column: Chipotle says it raised prices to cover hourly wage hike, doesn't mention execs' huge COVID-19 bonuses

6/15/2021 6:48:00 AM

Column: Chipotle says it raised prices to cover hourly wage hike, doesn't mention execs' huge COVID-19 bonuses

Chipotle says it must raise prices due to the minimum wage. But what about the $64 million in executive bonuses?

.To put it another way, conservatives grouse about low-wage workers having to be “bribed” into going to work, but they’re silent on high-wage CEOs having to be bribed even more lavishly.Put it all together, and it becomes clear that numerous factors went into Chipotle’s decision to raise prices. To conservatives, however, one factor is enough to tell the story: The purportedly lavish unemployment pay Congress awarded slackers to stay at home instead of working.

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Advertisement“Restaurants have had to bribe current and prospective workers with fatter paychecks to lure them off their backsides and back to work,” wrote Zempel of the Federalist. “That’s what happens when the federal government steps in with a sweet unemployment deal, incentivizing workers do a little less labor and a little more lounging.”

Zempel deserves some credit, one supposes, for saying the quiet parts out loud by showing what she thinks about the people who prepare her cheap meal: She writes of Chipotle’s “dangling a $15-an-hour wage in front of the low-skill teens who work there,” with the consequence that after paying that extra dime or quarter or buck an hour “the franchise will stuff that extra cost right into your burrito.”

Column: Chipotle’s move to Newport Beach shows that taxes matter for CEOs less than you’d thinkChipotle Mexican Grill provided its new chief executive, Brian Niccol, with the usual blandishments when it recruited him from Taco Bell back in February, including $3 million in guaranteed salary and bonus, another $1-million bonus upfront and $5 million in stock-based incentives.

(The Federalist has a sterling conservative pedigree: It was founded by Ben Domenech, whose father, Douglas, was a top official in the George W. Bush and Trump administrations, and whose wife is Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Sen. John McCain [R-Ariz.])

Advertisement2020 analysis by the right-wing Heritage Foundationcomplaining that what was then a $600 weekly federally funded increase in unemployment benefits would cause “higher levels of unemployment claims and longer durations of unemployment, which translate into lost goods and services.”

Never mind that the purpose of the increase was to protect workers from the cost of staying home, whether because government orders required the employers to close up shop or because their businesses had suffered because customers were staying away of their own accord.

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Now that the federal increase has been cut to $300 a week, and will expire in the first week of September anyway, the complaints have shifted to encompass the claim that the lavish benefits are keeping workers on their backsides at home, as Zempel would have it. Some red-state governors have even

canceled the enhanced unemploymentbenefits on the reasoning that that will get the layabouts to work.In fact, there’s precious little evidence that workers are giving the cold shoulder to good jobs because they can earn more from unemployment.Advertisement

giving the cold shoulder to lousy jobs, including those offered by employers who haven’t shown that they care much about their employees’ health and safety. These are the employers who post signs advising customers that wait times are longer because “nobody wants to work.” As numerous employers have found — including Chipotle — people will work if you offer them a decent wage.

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Damn shame 🙁 I've eaten at Chipotle exactly one time. And, I still regret it!👎 And this is why I’ve never eaten at chipotle, this and the fact that the food looks 🤢 Wtf?!

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