Column: A Biden presidency may seem normal, but it won't be boring

Column: A Biden presidency may seem normal, but it won't be boring

10/18/2020 3:18:00 PM

Column: A Biden presidency may seem normal, but it won't be boring

After the wrecking ball of Trump's four years in office, what would President Biden do?

AdvertisementAt Thursday’s ABC News town hall event, Biden said his first act as president would be to meet with Republicans in Congress to try to resuscitate the bipartisanship he remembers from his 36 years in the Senate.“With Trump out of the way … there’s going to be, I promise you, between four and eight Republican senators that are going to be willing to move,” Biden said, although he didn’t name any.

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That’s the Old Biden speaking.But look at his position papers and the platform Democrats adopted in August, and a different Biden comes into view: a candidate with plans ambitious enough to draw enthusiastic support from Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and other progressives who long viewed him with skepticism.

AdvertisementBiden platformcalls for more than $4 trillion in new federal spending. It begins with an immediate stimulus to help the economy weather the COVID-19 pandemic, then follows with massive proposals to combat climate change, rebuild infrastructure, reduce poverty, subsidize child care and provide universal pre-K education.

It’s roughly five times as large as the $787-billion stimulus package then-Vice President Biden managed for President Obama after the 2008 election, which followed a financial crash.Biden and his advisors sometimes compare their proposals to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, which transformed and dramatically expanded the federal government during the Great Depression.

The sweeping series of proposals reflects a consensus among Democrats that didn’t exist when Obama and Biden were in the White House.Advertisement“The Democratic Party has moved to the left big time — not because of ideological arguments, but based on the facts of the case,” Biden advisor Jared Bernstein told me.

It’s not just a stratagem to unite Democrats for the duration of the campaign. It also reflects a conviction in Biden’s camp — heightened by the pandemic — that the economy needs to be restructured.“The idea is to build an economic architecture that will make the economy more inclusive and better able to withstand shocks,” Bernstein said.

That’s where the analogy to FDR comes from: an economic crisis so vast that it not only demands federal action but also provides an opportunity for transformative change.AdvertisementLike Biden, FDR was considered a charming but unoriginal establishment politician when he was elected in 1932. His campaign proposals to end the Depression were cautious, but the deepening crisis spurred him to do more.

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FDR had one advantage: huge Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress that made it easy to pass ambitious legislation.“Congress didn’t vote on the bills,” humorist Will Rogers said at the time. “They just wave at them as they go by.”How much Biden can enact if he is elected will depend heavily on how his party does in House and Senate elections. Big wins will allow him to claim a mandate for big changes and will give him majorities to work with.

AdvertisementHardly anyone but Biden expects the GOP to go along — and even Biden has said he won’t be surprised if few Republicans cooperate.Republicans won their current majority in the Senate by waging all-out resistance to Obama’s programs. Any GOP senator who supports Biden’s plans will almost inevitably face a primary challenge from the right.

That won’t be Biden’s only challenge. Democrats, solidly behind him in the campaign, almost surely will disagree over how progressive — and how expensive — their legislation should be.“It’s easier to be united when you’re all fighting against Trump,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, told me. “We know we’ll have to fight to keep these things [in the platform]. Agreements can sometimes come apart.

Advertisement“I knew we weren’t going to turn Joe Biden into Bernie Sanders,” she added.So Act One of the Biden presidency, if he wins, will be a Democratic battle over how progressive his economic stimulus bill should be.Act Two will be Biden’s effort to get at least a few Republicans to vote for it.

And Act Three, if the GOP turns him down, will be the new president’s battle to pass it over opposition resistance in the Senate.AdvertisementBy promising that his presidency won’t be as chaotic as the last four years, Biden has made bland normalcy into a virtue.

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The only wrecking ball is the fucking media talking shit everyday all day nonstop. Yep with all the China Russia and Iran collusion of JoeBiden and KamalaHarris there will be multiple investigations Biden’s agenda for the next four years will require winning some dramatic fights with entrenched and corrupt foes.

correct it will be a tsunami , wrecking all the postive that President Trump has done for all Americans Who's running the white house Tax and spend just like all Dems If Republicans believe in small government, then realDonaldTrump is our biggest failure ever—because his bloated, turbulent presidency invades our lives every day. Miles Taylor

If honesty and truth are boring bring on the Biden presidency. Yup. Definitely not boring ... I WANT BORING Ir would be corrupt Paying higher taxes businesses leaving again especially California Obama put way too many regulations & Trump removed a lot of them but Biden will bring it back crooked corrupt people never stop being corrupt that’s why you’re getting the big $ to attack Trump & paint Biden as 😇

Biden flip flops more than a screen door Biden presidency would just be another day in jail Ok Let's hope Biden gets a progressive Congress who can keep him on the straight and narrow. Leftist politics will advance faster than covid x realDonaldTrump Joe Biden lost twice running for the office so Joe Biden had to work under Obama a community Organizer because he is incompetent&unqualified for the job. Joe’s failure&incompetency will bring our country into recession,war&destruction.

But it won’t happen What the top vlimate scientists have found Whore are normal in L.A. , just take a drive down Hollywood Blvd. Dem platform in pix Who said it’ll be boring?Looking at how Trump rolled back almost every Obama’s administration policy on climate,tax,foreign,environment and so many other sectors,I think it’ll be alot of fun,even legislative battles aren’t left out ‘cause Biden is one for bipartisan legislations.

Here is the Dem platform in pix Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Vote! Make sure the people you respect are registered and have a plan to vote successfully. Help them get to the polls if you can. It won’t be Biden very long if he wins. You are really voting for Kamala. Not my kind of normal voteNOforJoe

True. The Obama/Biden/Clinton Democrats are corrupt warhawks. It won't be boring at all. BidenForWar TrumpForPeace More like, a Biden presidency will be normal - which may seem boring after the *sensational* TrumpShow. GOOD. Probably because the others would actually lose it🤪far worse than they mentally are

Back to normal, except one thing Biden is corrupt and the LA times is to cowardly to cover the story. Wars, more wars. Aipac wins every time. And greed. good boy There is a new social platform coming out who are giving users control of their data & content with freedom of speech. Its called Hyprr. They have a live beta now so people an setup their channels so we can get away from all these other places!!! UK/US owned & operated howdooHQ

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'Stunning': Biden slams Trump for shrugging off Whitmer kidnapping plotBiden, in Michigan, said the president&39;s failure to condemn the people arrested for plotting to kidnapping the governor "is stunning" Anything to distract the American people from the Biden family’s corruption. We see through the bullshit. Biden Lawyer asked for harder drive back from Hunter Biden Laptop one day after Hunter Biden story broke THUS VERIFYING THE SOURCE!!! OCTOBER SURPRISE, HEY COMMIES, BIDEN IS TOAST!!!! There was no kidnap plot. Its all a hoax, fake news fake news deep state is behind it and by deep state I mean the Clintons

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris enlist cats to help them defeat TrumpBiden and Harris work to corner the feline vote. dump them When it comes to voters, this is only acceptable way to 'Grab 'em by the pussy' 😹😹 Much better than Republiklans, but they kind made that bed for themselves.