Colton Underwood Addresses Cassie Randolph Breakup, Virginity and More in Bombshell Netflix Series - E! Online

12/2/2021 4:15 AM

Colton Underwood Addresses Cassie Randolph Breakup, Virginity and More in Bombshell Netflix Series

Colton Underwood's Netflix docuseries Coming Out Colton touches on his breakup with Cassie Randolph and why he joined The Bachelor in the first place. Courtesy of Netflix Living Your Truth To make Colton more comfortable with the gay community and his own identity, Gus and more friends throw him a coming out party in Nashville.

Colton enjoys meeting new people but grows uncomfortable as men begin to hit on him.

When Gus asks him about his discomfort with sexuality, Colton explains that his religious background has made him believe that sex is a sin. "I remember the first time I watched gay porn, I dropped to my knees and prayed immediately. I was like, 'Don't ever let me do that again,'" Colton remembers. "I feared that I was going to let God down."

He later talks to his friends from church, as well as a pastor, but he's disappointed when they all tell him homosexuality is a sin. Courtesy of Netflix Supportive Communities Colton decides he's ready to come out to the rest of the world but prepares himself for the inevitable backlash. His dad warns him that people are going to say he's coming out to save face after he stalked Cassie. Colton replies, "That's the furthest thing from the truth.

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