Colorado Supermarket Shooting Suspect Deemed Incompetent For Trial

Ahwad Al Aliwi Alissa's attorney said Friday her client has a “serious” mental illness but did not provide more details.

Mass Shootings, King Soopers

12/4/2021 1:48:00 AM

Ahwad Al Aliwi Alissa 's attorney said Friday her client has a “serious” mental illness but did not provide more details.

Ahwad Al Aliwi Alissa 's attorney said Friday her client has a “serious” mental illness but did not provide more details.

12/03/2021 05:14pm ESTDENVER (AP) — Experts have found a man charged with killing 10 people at a Colorado supermarket earlier this year is mentally incompetent to stand trial for now, attorneys said during a court hearing Friday.Ahwad Al Aliwi Alissa, 22, is accused of opening fire at a busy King Soopers in the college town of Boulder in March — killing a police officer, shoppers and several store employees including an Olympic hopeful distance runner.

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AdvertisementDistrict Attorney Michael Dougherty said four doctors have now determined that Alissa isn’t mentally competent to participate in court proceedings. He requested that Alissa be sent to the state mental hospital for treatment.Dougherty did not disclose why the experts determined that Alissa is not competent. Alissa’s defense attorney, Kathryn Herold, said Friday her client has a “serious” mental illness but did not provide more details

Judge Ingrid Bakke ruled after Dougherty revealed the result of the examination that Alissa was incompetent and ordered him to be sent to the mental hospital.The ruling halts virtually all proceedings in the case indefinitely. Bakke scheduled another hearing for March 15, 2022, nearly a year after the shooting, to discuss whether any progress has been made treating Alissa and to decide what should happen next.

AdvertisementAn earlier evaluation found Alissa was not mentally competent, but prosecutors asked for a second evaluation to be conducted.Bakke ordered the first evaluation after Alissa’s attorneys questioned his competence based on an evaluation by their own expert.

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Competency issues have also delayed the prosecution of a man accused of killing three people in a 2015 attack on aPlanned Parenthoodclinic in Colorado Springs.Robert Dear was repeatedly found incompetent to proceed in his state case. Federal prosecutors then charged him in 2019, but the competency issue has continued to delay the case in federal court.

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I find it hard to believe that someone who orchestrated such an attack has such severe mental illness that he cannot stand for trial He has a 'serious' mental illness. He's terrified of going to prison. Most relevant of all is the fact that the Huffington Post and New York Times are the worst offenders since they never tell the TRUTH but always deflect from Facts and Reality.

Have intelligent Americans noticed that in almost every case when a Muslim SLAUGHTERS Kuffar/ Non Muslims, their lawyers bring up the INSANITY defense? Yet no one from the prosecution has the backbone to point out that the COMMON Denominator in all these cases is the QURAN? And yet Colorado deems him eligible to own as many guns as he wants

Right wing gun nuts continue to push for easier access to guns and this is what happens! The gun (murder) industry doesn't care if psychopaths or the mentally ill get guns. Just about their sales. I fully support a repeal of the second amendment! Details of proof should be required before judgement. COMMON SENSE.

If he knows right from wrong he can be sentenced, it's wether its life in prison or mental facilities without parole or privileges that makes its a real punishment. Don't let the heart strings over rule justice. Of course!!! In other words, he is not responsible for his actions. The likes of him can execute innocent people in a well planned manner. When it comes to taking responsibility they are just sick people. No doctor caught it but his lawyer did. Well played! Colorado

GOP would spit on their mothers grave if it put money in their pocket. But he can have a gun? We are a disaster.

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Colorado supermarket shooting suspect incompetent for trial | AP NewsExperts have determined that a man charged with killing 10 people at a Colorado supermarket earlier this year is mentally incompetent to stand trial for now. Ahwad Al Aliwi Alissa is accused of opening fire at a King Soopers in the college town of Boulder. solid friday afternoon news dump waiting for the reasonable reactions in 3…2…1... Another mental health excuse 🙄😡