Colorado Officials Resume Review Of Ketamine Program After Elijah Mcclain's Death - Cnn

Colorado officials resume review of ketamine program after Elijah McClain's death

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1/17/2021 2:30:00 AM

Paramedics administered ketamine to McClain after he was stopped one night in August 2019 by three White Aurora police officers as he walked home from a convenience store.

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This child was murdered and they are spending money trying to justify murder by cop. Scary! I love the way the system is Choosing to deal with murder. Sadly nothing really surprises me anymore. The corruption within is strong we need to become stronger. No med degree but if you cut off someone air supply & then discover the person is brain dead....OK

Thanks for clarifying they were White. Obviously racist trumpsters insurrectionists, overly privileged people in power and not at all following procedures what! criminal 😠 What paramedic just 'has' Ketamine on hand. Like wtf? It's not ketamine itself that is an issue it's when you use it completely recklessly and unnecessarily like they did.

CNN really wants people to hate each other. CNN promotes racism. Why u keep talking color skin Those people are AMERICANS. No matter skin color. Start respecting everybody! Ketamine is awesome. It's been in Massachusetts protocol for a while now An administration living in fear : reacting miserably. There must be justice and reform. This innocent person was murdered.

What did McClain do that warranted the police to be called ? Did he steal something?Did he commit any crime? The man was walking down the street from the store. No weapons a Black man can’t go to the dam store? Murdered for being a good humble person . BlackLivesMatter Horrible. Omg 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

So sad... poor lad was just frustrated at getting stopped... if guy was down and out he should have been secured if they thought he was their man.. but ketamine That’s just wrong Typical CNN pushing more racial division. They should have never put their hands on him, the only crime he committed was being Black in America...🦋🦋🦋

😢 what in God’s name happened to warrant this treatment of this boy? This is just terrible. My heartfelt condolences to the family. 😢 They need to charge all 3 with murder in the 1st degree. Horrible what they did to this young man. Didn’t have to happen WTF! In other words, he was murdered Did he do anything wrong? Is there info missing? He was just walking when the police harassed him for no reason? Like a bunch of thugs. Because of an ominous call.. accusing him of what? Only in America. And lawless militia controlled third world countries. Just maddening.

This poor poor man. Just straight up murdered due to bad policy, incompetence and racial profiling. May he RIP Ketamine is a horrible drug! I was given it in the emergency room for pain and I started to hallucinate and I thought I was dying! Why did they stop him in the first place? What was he doing wrong?

This breaks my heart 💔 Police lose site of “serve and protect.”it seems they are the 1’s with the fcked up brains, morals, manners, etc. Some being SO judge mental & racist. You wonder too why is such a large % like that. How can ppl like that hold these positions. May that boy RIP & get real justice❤️

Where is the Justice? pweiser They killed that poor guy for literally no reason. Hope it haunts their nightmares for life. Besides everything else that's just scary.. Why would you administer ketamine in this situation Makes no sense at all! His death is a stigma on the face of US law enforcement. A disgraceful act which not only shows incompetence but also traditionally rooted institutional racism against American Blacks.

As they should the use of medical interventions in cases such as this is a misuse of the first paramedic responders I never believed it until i gave it a try after seeing comments about Miss Vivian. I invested and got my profit after 7days of trade vivian_fx Murder by cop, in this case. its bad, very bad. what is also very bad is a network the size of CNN openly racebaiting. its disgusting.

Nice Look at the indications for that drug. If medical prodigals were followed by the EMS medical director. They are in the clear So fucked up I wonder how many strung out drug addicts fight with Police, just to get some ketamine? None of this would have happened had the police not detained him. Police had absolutely ZERO right to detain him.

Why Keep race baiting. Until this article came out, most of my friends didn’t even know this was actually happening. UNBELIEVABLE that this happened in 2019, 154 years after the Civil War when Blacks were freed from Slavery. thishastostop Must be racism. WOW SUCKS! What the fuck is this. Put those cops away for murder! They’re turning into death squads