Colonial announces pipeline restart, says normal service will take 'several days'

Colonial Pipeline, operator of the largest U.S. fuel pipeline, said it is restarting operations after being shut down for five days due to a cyberattack.

5/13/2021 2:40:00 AM

Colonial Pipeline, operator of the largest U.S. fuel pipeline, says it is restarting operations after being shut down for 5 days due to a cyberattack that led to gas shortages and temporary price hikes.

Colonial Pipeline, operator of the largest U.S. fuel pipeline, said it is restarting operations after being shut down for five days due to a cyberattack.

in recent months.There have been more than 100 confirmed ransomware attacks against American entities already in 2021, according to a survey provided to NBC News by Allan Liska, a ransomware analyst at the cybersecurity firm Recorded Future. Astudy from the cybersecurity firm Emsisoft

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found that ransomware gangs incurred around $75 billion in costs around the world in 2020.While such hackers are closely tracked by U.S. law enforcement, many live in Russia or other countries that don’t extradite their citizens, frustrating efforts to stop them. By attacking the U.S. gasoline supply, however, DarkSide in particular quickly caught the nation’s attention.

The group seemed to acknowledge it may have crossed a line Monday, writing in broken English on its blog, “We are apolitical, we do not participate in geopolitics, do not need to tie us with a defined goverment and look for other our motives,” misspelling"government."

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I hope Trump’s friends & financial backers that own Colonial Pipeline: Amoco Pipeline Holding Co, Atlantic Richfield, CITGO, Conoco, Koch Petroleum, Marathon Oil, Phillips Petroleum, Equilon Enterprises LLC, & Union Oil Company, will get Cyber security protection! Biden's First 100 Days Accomplishments: - Kill Keystone XL Pipeline - Gas Lines - $3 Gas (National Avg) - Inflation - Crumbling Dollar - Rising Unemployment - Open Border Crisis - Antifa Terror Squads - Skyrocketing Homicides - Israel Burning - China Rising - Vaccinated Masking

Support BIAFRA right to freedom fox said it is Biden’s fault but how come Koch runs the company? It’s ALL BECAUSE “Colonial pipeline are cheap b_stards, who did NOT/do not want to hire & properly staff their IT teams with qualified Cyber Security specialists. 98% Chance; THIS Ransomware attack would have never succeeded; IF they had of done that.

If they restored from backups, and the backups contain the malware.... Same shit different day. .NatashaBertrand

Colonial Pipeline announces operations have restarted'Following this restart, it will take several days for the product delivery supply chain to return to normal,' Colonial Pipeline said on Wednesday evening.

Colonial Pipeline initiates restart of pipeline operations, says it'll take several days for product delivery to return to normalColonial Pipeline announced Wednesday that it has 'initiated the restart of pipeline operations' as of 5 p.m. Eastern time, following a ransomware-related...

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesYou have a much bigger problem!!! Dry run, more coming from The Biden Plan.... Just in time…we were starting to run out of plastic bags to store our hoarded fuel.

Colonial Pipeline restarts after hack, but supply chain won't return to normal for a few days

National average for gasoline tops $3 a gallon amid pipeline shutdown, rush to buy in SoutheastColonial Pipeline is expected to make a full restart decision by the end of the day on Wednesday. BuyMoreEV and they will build more charging stations- Buy a tesla

Colonial Pipeline launches restart after six-day shutdownThe Colonial Pipeline launched the restart of its operations Wednesday evening following a six-day shutdown caused by a ransomware attack, but the pipeline's operators warned it will take several days for service to return to normal. I thought people were cancelling Georgia? They shouldn’t be using this gas. Hopefully people will keep in mind that Trump did absolutely nothing while in office to curb these groups of cyber criminals. This is the result. Biden is taking steps to go after these criminals and make it harder for them to attack us. It will take some time but its a start. Maybe we should focus on identifying who's these agents are, and lob some missiles at them.