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Colombia's Covid-19 deaths top 50,000 – latest updates

The novel coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 98 million people around the world, with over 2 million fatalities. Here are updates for January 22:

1/22/2021 4:47:00 AM

Colombia deaths top 50,000 as cases inch towards 2 million. More updates: 🇲🇱 Mali to buy 8.4 million doses of vaccine 🇺🇸 Fauci says infections may be plateauing 📽️ James Bond movie 'No Time to Die' postponed to October More here:

The novel coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 98 million people around the world, with over 2 million fatalities. Here are updates for January 22:

Friday, January 22, 2021:Colombia deaths top 50,000, cases inch towards 2 millionDeaths from Covid-19 in Colombia have surpassed 50,000, the Ministry of Health said, as reported coronavirus infections approached 2 million.The Andean country has reported over 1.97 million cases of coronavirus, as well as 50,187 deaths from Covid-19, the disease it causes.

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Colombia is dealing with a second wave of coronavirus infections. The country set a daily record of more than 20,000 cases last Friday, and intensive care unit occupancy rates exceed 90 percent in its three biggest cities, the capital Bogota, Medellin, and Cali.

Mali to buy 8.4 million doses of vaccineMali plans to buy over 8.4 million doses of coronavirus vaccine and expects to start a vaccination campaign in April, the council of ministers said in a statement.It said the vaccines would cost over 31 billion CFA francs ($57 million). This will be covered with financial assistance from global vaccine alliance GAVI, which co-runs the COVAX alliance to secure fair access to Covid-19 vaccines for developing countries.

It did not specify which vaccines it planned to buy.Mali, like other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, is battling a second wave of coronavirus infections, although its infection rate has decreased from a peak in early January, data compiled by Reuters shows.

The West African nation has so far recorded 7,911 Covid-19 cases and 320 deaths.Biden orders masks, travel clampdownUS President Joe Biden has issued an executive order that would require international air travelers to quarantine upon US arrival, and directed US agencies to implement a federal mask mandate in interstate transportation.

Biden's order says "to the extent feasible" air travelers must comply with applicable US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines concerning international travel "including recommended periods of self-quarantine."

It does not explain how it will be enforced.The order also directs US agencies to hold talks with Canada and Mexico "regarding public health protocols for land ports of entry" including implementing CDC guidelines. Nearly all non-essential travel at US land borders with Canada and Mexico is suspended through February 21.

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Fauci says infections may be plateauing Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top US infectious disease expert, said that based on recent seven-day averages, coronavirus infections may be about to hit a plateau in the United States.At a White House news briefing, Fauci also said coronavirus vaccines can be modified to account for new variants of the virus, and that while the South Africa variant is concerning, it does not appear to be in the United States.

Another highly-transmissible variant of the virus first discovered in the United Kingdom has spread to at least 20 US states, Fauci said.Fauci said he expects current vaccines will be effective against the recently discovered virus mutations.New James Bond flick release delayed again

The release of the James Bond movie "No Time to Die" was postponed to October from April, its producers said, another setback for movie theaters trying to rebuild a business crushed by the coronavirus pandemic.The movie's new debut date is October 8, according to an announcement on the James Bond website and Twitter feed.

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Germany records over 50,000 deaths from Covid-19. Other updates: 🇭🇺 Hungary buys Russia's Sputnik V vaccine 🇵🇱 Poland might take legal action over Pfizer vaccine delay 🇩🇰 Denmark halts all flights from UAE for five days For more: