College Football Player Body Slams Cop During Arrest, Insane Police Video

College Football Player Bodyslams Cop During Arrest, Insane Police Video


College Football Player Bodyslams Cop During Arrest, Insane Police Video

An Eastern Kentucky Univ. football player straight-up body slammed a cop during his arrest in Ohio ... and police video of the incident is INSANE.

OUT OF CONTROL A college football player straight-up body slammed a cop during his arrest in Ohio this week ... and police video of the incident is INSANE. Cops say on Monday they got a call from a woman at a Grove City, Ohio business who said Michael Harris -- an Eastern Kentucky University linebacker -- was acting erratic. In the call, according to police docs obtained by TMZ Sports , the woman claimed 19-year-old Harris was being"aggressive" and"did not seem to be 'all there.'" When officers arrived on the scene ... things took a horrible turn -- because cops say after they confronted Harris, it got violent. You can see in police footage of the stop, the officers got into a wrestling match with Harris ... and at one point, the 6-foot-3, 245-pound linebacker picked up one of the cops. The video of what happens next is wild ... you can see Harris puts the male officer over his shoulders and drops him to the ground with force. Fortunately for the cop, he avoided serious injury in the fall ... and was able to help restrain Harris. Eventually, cops say they were able to subdue the football player ... but instead of taking him directly to jail, they sent him to the hospital to get checked out. Cops claim he remained aggressive there ... so he was sedated by medical personnel before he was eventually hauled off to jail. Cops say in a search of Harris' vehicle after the arrest, they found pills and a digital scale that is"consistent with drug use." But the officers note in the report that Harris stated he was NOT taking medications or"illicit drugs." According to court records, Harris has been hit with a felony charge of assault for the incident, as well as three misdemeanor charges -- disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing officials business. Harris -- a top recruit who signed with Auburn out of high school -- just officially transferred to EKU this month. In fact, in a press release about last week, head coach Walt Wells said of Harris,"He brings size, explosiveness and speed to the inside linebacker position. He is a physical player." We reached out to EKU officials for comment, but so far, no word back yet. Read more: TMZ

I’m surprised they didn’t shoot him lol Stop calling it insane. Last time you posted this it said that the cop got ‘slammed’. Do better Career over MichaelEDyson jemelehill sir. You are usually fair, logical and honest regarding these situations. Every time an officer is out of line it blows up and the black community shows outrage. So why does a video like this never hit your radar.

She was a lot of help. 😂😂😂😂 Body slams? It looked more like he was laying him down for his afternoon nap.... Walking up on an officer, not a good idea. Let this be an example for the kids who are not interested in respecting law enforcement... you WILL definitely get the shit kicked out of you if you try doing something like this and you deserve it!

Fake ass news!! Ur just sensationalist, a REAL body slam is in the words,..the whole body has to pound the ground with force and this cop had stopped the slam with his foot,he is lucky the guy had a moment of doubt and slowed down the slam ,cop was lucky! Cop deserved it

Pro Surfer Alex Botelho Rushed To Hospital After Horrific Crash, Insane VideoBig Wave pro Alex Botelho was hospitalized after suffering a serious accident in the Nazare Tow Surfing Challence. 🙏🏻 2020 Billabong Wipe out of the year...hands down. Hated seeing this happen to him. Prayers he is okay.

Seen a lot of police brutality video lately. Didn't imagine seeing one where the police would be the one on the brutality end. The ride to the pokey is going to take an unscheduled stop. That was hardly a body slam. Who the fuck wrote this title, expose yourself Prison. For a long time. Didn’t even drop him hard, but he’s fkd

Touch down 😆👮‍♂️ Not giving his defense attorney much to work with 🤦🏽‍♂️ Well it is WrestleMania season This guy must of been having mental problems. They way he kept walking up to cop, they way he held his arms stiff above his head, the panic on in his eyes when trying to flee inside car. No rational adult acts like this, only real excuse for putting urself in this position

Bad partner watching...smh

Two Ohio St. Football Players Charged With Rape & Kidnapping, Kicked Off TeamTwo Ohio State Football Players Arrested, Charged With Rape & Kidnapping wow what a waste of career 🤦🏽‍♀️ Get cho hands off that White Woman!! thugz

Bahahaha only in Kentucky!! SigepW That’s not a body slam!!!! Nothing to see but how tall was the other 👮‍♀️!!! This video made me yawn 🥱 I would request a new partner as the female officer did nothing to help. That’s what you get when you lower test standards to offer equality Queue the: -He was a good boy, dindu nuffin -Day wuz RACISS -Somehow the police officer's fault -Reminds some Democrat politician of his son

Why was I shot! Lol Grab the perp’s ballsack and cuff him, rather than wrestle about for 6 mins. People need to respect authority! Shame black people say cops don’t treat them right when there are black cops. If I ever see anyone disrespectful to a officer of the law. Better know I will take the cops side any time. Period how I was raised

He really didn’t slam him it’s more like a put down on the ground Sensationalize everything tmz....

Bernie Sanders rally ends with the Strokes performing 'New York City Cops' as police rush stageDuring a performance at a Bernie Sanders campaign rally, the Strokes performed fan favorite 'New York City Cops,' as police tried to stop fans from invading the stage. His rally got a lot of watch the Strokes! Speaking of strokes, Bernie is an 80 year old dude who just had a heart attack. Clickbait. The story doesn't bear out the headline. Was it just Sting or did Stewart Copeland rush the stage too?

Y’all really had me thinkin this was gonna be insane That could have ended allot worse... Violent animal. Honestly I didn’t see a slam else that cop would be in a whole different situation right now. Funny how reports dramatize the facts. Not that I condone what the student did though. That's how they do my brothers and sisters and some of them be underage. I never forget when that police officer slam that young man on the curb. I think that was in New York I guess black people getting tired of that s***.

that girl cop did not know that to do 😂😭 This video is exaggerated when it comes to blacks and cops getting into it, the editing is probably done by someone racists. What was the purpose of the female officer being there I hope he spends alot time in jail.

NPR Choice pagenpr please update to have in headline that tOSU has dismissed these guys 'violent sexual encounter' are you effing kidding me What is it about Ohio state.I’m sure gym Jordan will look into it,then bury the proof.

Just lifting.. should have throqn him somewhere... That’s not even a body slam, looks like the cop reveres it into a possible guillotine Hey EKU I think the video shows enough evidence to more forward from Harris. Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ Certain female cops are like little to no help during one of these...All they know is grab for their gun so it doesn't get taken...🤣

He's gonna have to work on that 'bodyslam' if he wants to make it to the WWE. Where has the respect gone honest to god Truly you will be calling 911 one day for something The little woman cop stayed her distance. Obvi afraid to do her job. What slam I’m sure the cop deserved it....earning the hate every single day

Report: Pair of Ohio State football players charged with rape, kidnappingTwo Ohio State players were reportedly arrested and charged with rape and kidnapping on Tuesday night. Definitely important to add in their stats. Very relevant to the rape case.

I LOVE IT That’s not good, but it is NOT a body slam 🤯 Typical.....not surprised Wack! What was his partner doing other than escalating the force to pulling her gun ... And people wonder why they be getting tazed. 🤔🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ Hands on cops = use exsseive force. Nuff said ..... I was I couldn’t slam officers in my case. Lying low life police officers.

The young was mentally going through a crisis like WE all have seen happen,the police intervened,luckily the police remained cool and did not use deadly force.Just a young man struggling with a illness GOD BLESS HIM and his family as he seeks help. Kudos to da officers

Two Ohio State football players charged with rape and kidnapping, court records show2 Ohio State football players have been charged with kidnapping and rape, according to arrest warrants filed in court on Tuesday. Would have been a better story if their numbers were 13 and 50. Y’all think it might be...🤔 OnAirCoop They’ll trade some tattoos and Jerseys for early release 😂

Nice way to lose your scholarship Should've slammed him harder. Fuck the police. Black privilege? he picked him up and layed him down lol officer didnt let himself get bodyslammed 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Byyyyyyyeeeeeee I don’t need to know the backstory, he deserved it PERIODT This is a “Bodyslam” TMZ 😂 C’mon now “Insane video” 😂🙄

I can’t believe Danny Devito just stood there instead of helping out his partner. Unbelievable Former College Football Player. Let’s see erratic🤔🤔🤔 can’t be right? Never seen that before right? Haven’t seen that just recently have we? Football safer than ever! Punk. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 the cops don’t like there own medicine

The 👮 hat never come off. 💪 hat. Ex college football player now All while his good for nothing partner was physically unable to perform her duty of protecting her partner at all costs. UnfitForDuty That’s not a bodyslam.. smh That will be 25 to life 🤦‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️let the cop beat you and then sue!

The female cop was useless. Dudes football career just ended. Hope it was worth it. Should have put one between his eyes! Glad no lives were lost here Great police work! His life mattered to those cops. They could've used extreme force to restrain or stop him but they didn't🙌. Good cops are appreciated!

He gently set him down.. looked like a possible choke in play on the ground while the midget cop stumbles around 😂😂😂😂😂 Throw the flags🧽 BwH_76 Hahahaha!! Good for him 😂😂 🤐 Surprised he's alive

Not as hard as he's gonna get slammed in jail Do it again Street justice WTF was that. He placed him on the ground, thats not a body slam! That’s the problem when you have a female partner. She can’t do anything except stun gun him. She’s utterly useless in a fight situation. If he had a male partner they would have taken down that punk no problem

This is Y, ALL COPS SHOULD BE 6'7, 400 lbs, be black belts/Ninja warriors/ carry Bear mace/asps/rosaries/guns w ammo and they momma!! 😅😆😂🤣 I hope he is okay. You can mess up your back picking up pigs wrong Oh he goin to jail jail Hardly a body slam. Practically laid him down gently. 😑

Lock him up forever Didn't get shot though People saying that's not really a slam are pretty dumb. No circumstance where you should aggressively come at a law person at all. Oh but if the shoe was on the other foot then all these people who r saying it wasn't a body slam. Would be the ones yelling fire the Cop for body slamming kid to ground.

bigman_29 That was a pick your girl up and lay her on the bed slam 🤷🏻‍♂️ would of shot that dude. I mean if you ask me homeboy could have been slammed a lot more harder Ok.. you need to re name this video .. that’s not a body slam .. this is 'Body Slam?' Please!!!

That’s not a bodyslam. TMZ smdh Yorgos another young man's career, guess he learned nothing from school. Another issue that could’ve been avoided by COMPLYING. It’s not that hard. No situation ends well like this. Just listen at the time and deal with it when you get to precinct. So sad Messed up his career for nothing

Can’t believe people are arguing over if this is a slam or not. What a fucked up world we live in. I see a few more charges in his future The cop did a good job of not letting go, so the 'body slam' was not really a slam, and he was not injured. What I wanna know is this... is there a height requirement to be a cop? Because this guys partner is totally ineffective and looks like he is 5'2'

Cowboys are signing him Video evidence of why 4’9 women should never be cops. Useless. MONSTER !!! GIVE HIM SOME JAIL TIME ALSO Legend I’m surprised he’s alive to talk about it. BKB29 Dingo1277 That’s not even close to a body slam Would have been so easy for this kid to grab a service revolvers in the scrum and shoot the cops. Thankfully, it wasn't his intent. But as a cop, how can you trust the guy tackling you won't kill you, too? Kid is lucky to be alive. If the cops say you're getting cuffed, comply!

What’s more concerning about this video is the fact that the female partner did absolutely nothing to help her partner and was completely ineffective in her job. She needs to either retrain or look for a different career YOU GOT TO ADMIRE THE KID'S SCHOOL STERIOD PROGRAM! That female cop needs to retire. Worthless

That wasnt a body slam. Yall are always exaggerating. Smh Hope the player gets jail time. The woman cop however was completely useless. This when they should pepper spray his ass! 😡😡🤬😡😠🤬 Better angle of his partner

I knw no ones going to agree with me but I’m glad nobody died You should write 'Ex-College Football Player...' y’all some bitches for this headline!! Body slam GTFOH wackasfuck Tmz thats nor even close to a body slam you're so damn stupid that's why I'm unfollowing you guys This is what a 'Real' body slam looks like.

who is this lol _timmmmy weak body slam and I love how police instantly pull out a gun instead of a taser Let’s start with HES CLEARLY NOT COMPLYING!!! Well, at least they didn’t shoot him. Thank you Grove City Police.

Throw the book at him! I really hate to betray my sex, but if I see one more video where the female cop is flailing and helpless while the male cop is attacked, I’m going to scream. These women either need to do their job in the field or get a desk job. I wouldn’t want her on the job. Ridiculous. 410DJTJ

Ehh kind of weak body slam the cop deserved it ngl bodyslamming cops is cool as hell more people should do it I’m shocked they didn’t shoot him ... YounggJesuss1 And they wonder why they get shot and killed

WTF that was not a goddamn insane body slam 😡😡 The cop had it coming. A body slam? Man he let that man down wit ease. You’d know if a 245 linebacker slammed u for sure. Wouldn’t of been no getting up I’ll t looks like he was trying to lift the cop off him not body slam him i watched but not slam cause too slowww

Why’s he charged with assault that was clearly self defense I kept yelling knees, knees!! Couple knees to the ole face changes a criminals attitude. Lmaoooo bruh what wwe or AEWrestling nwa njpwglobal sign him More Like a mother carrying her sleeping child to bed. Not a body slam.

He ain't no Brock Lesnar though Black privilege is not being shot for this. Def wasn’t a body slam, and he was keeping his hands off the cops quite proficiently while the cop was gripping him by the head I don’t care what they say this man is clearly innocent Lock him up. Idiot! lmfao Good thing that other cop was there to help

I love the oompa loompa trying to help. captainafrica91 Man no phear dem College Football Players Picks Up Police Officer Then Gently Lays Him Down, Mediocre Police Video “He had his hands up” That wasn’t a body slam GOAT Good This is so like OMG I commend the officers, no gun or tasing. This is real police work. You can handle a situation like this without killing. I commend these officers. Good work.

Looked more like he attempted to body slam him, but got caught in a choke. That so damn stupid to have that little 5 foot 100 lb cop geez going against bad guys you have be bigger and tougher than a cookie He could have slammed that shit out of that fool but didn’t why don’t y’all change the captioned to college football player lifts cop up in the air like toddler

TMZ hyped this shit up for nothing lmao LOL. That was no body slam!! He held on to him. PSHE Look closely kids ... this is how you get shot in the face by a cop . That’s not a body slam Slam seems like an exaggeration, the attempt was there but the finish was soft. The officer with some sound defense really

Not as described.

He’s lucky they didn’t kill his ass Ohiopolice What purpose does his female partner serve to him, society or civil service? pathetic Why risk getting killed by cops who kill us for less I was expecting a body slam. He just picked him up n put him down gently. Where was this body slam you mentioned? A little exaggerated on the 'body slam' but he's black so i understand what YOU gotta do

Sign that man AEWrestling His mugshot got me weak

Why didn’t the cop just put a round in him? That was not a bodyslam Live FTP Yeah, fuck that guy!!!! He could’ve been shot I didn't know the Bagel Boss guy is a police officer. Bagelbossguy He doesn’t slam the officer it’s like a ballet routine. That was not a body slam.. tmz be making it like its snot.. As a woman, I am EMBARRASSED for that female cop. Utterly embarrassed! You need to retire before you get one of your coworkers killed. You are in the wrong long of work

So the officer had to tell you to holster your weapon.......... Baby girl really

This is a body slam That “body slam” was lazy af What slam he did The cops showed major restraint. Detaining him and taking him to hospital for evaluation. He’s lucky he wasn’t shot. Sorry to sound cynical, but that’s usually how this story ends, when a black suspect gets into it with white cops, in America. I hope he gets help.

Hope he goes to prison!! Those policemen 👮🏻‍♂️ have to keep up with so much BS they don’t need this!! Smh click bait Lady cop should be patrolling kids at school gonna get somebody hurt Wow! So glad they didn’t kill him.

Clearly he’s on something Let not talk bout chokehold huh 'A college football player straight-up body slammed a cop during his arrest in Ohio this week ... and police video of the incident is INSANE.' is a tad bit misleading. This is a body slam. But the animal was “unarmed”... So that's what we are calling a slam now huh? I thought that he was getting shot put across the parking lot or something. Which would have been better for the time that he's about to get!

That’s not a body slam... They should have shot the violent lowlife. Should’ve shot him That was not a body slam, please. Urban Meyer has entered the chat

Bodyslam my ass LOLOLOL Was it “take your Mom to work” day? That Lady Cop had no business being there. Good thing the female officer was there as a witness, huh LABasedComedian? Female Cops are worthless. Wow, imagine this female cop was your partner - how long before you're dead? Wow she should be canned or behind a desk.

Easy to tell why Auburn let him go... didn’t finish his hit. Body slams? Come on haha guy barely hits the ground 'Body Slam' Shoot the bastard That’s not a slam Slams You mean, he placed the officer on the floor. Such a misleading title.

I wish we could do that on Grand Theft Auto. Welp... his career is over.

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