Colin Kaepernick is writing a memoir to 'inspire others to rise in action'

'I want to tell the story of my evolution, and the events that led me to protest systemic oppression, in hopes that it will inspire others to rise in action.'


'I want to tell the story of my evolution, and the events that led me to protest systemic oppression, in hopes that it will inspire others to rise in action.'

More than three years after his silent protests rocked the NFL and the nation, Colin Kaepernick is writing a memoir about his activism, which he hopes will 'inspire.'

He will write about "the events that led me to protest systemic oppression." By February 13, 2020, 3:41 PM 4 min read 4:21 Reps for Colin Kaepernick release 'fact sheet' in open letter "The View" co-hosts discuss the NFL's treatment of the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who's known for taking a knee to protest racial injustice. Steven Senne/AP, FILE More than three years after his silent protests rocked the NFL and the nation, Colin Kaepernick is writing a memoir about his activism which he hopes will"inspire others to rise in action." "My protest was the culmination of years of thought and experiences, of learning and unlearning," Kaepernick said in a statement."I want to tell the story of my evolution, and the events that led me to protest systemic oppression, in hopes that it will inspire others to rise in action." The former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers began taking a knee during the national anthem at games in 2016 as a way to protest police brutality against black people in the U.S. His silent protests sparked a national conversation, and even President Donald Trump weighed in . After playing six seasons with the 49ers, and leading the team to the 2013 Super Bowl, Kaepernick severed his contract in 2017. He has not signed with a new team since. MORE: Timing of Colin Kaepernick's workout raises questions of NFL's intentions He is releasing the memoir this year through his newly-formed publishing company, Kaepernick Publishing, to"reinforce the importance of Black ownership," according to a statement. He is also partnering with Audible, which will exclusively release the audio version, and to create additional original audio projects with other authors and influential figures. Former NFL football quarterback Colin Kaepernick applauds while seated on stage during W.E.B. Du Bois Medal ceremonies, Oct. 11, 2018, at Harvard University, in Cambridge, Mass. Former NFL football quarterback Colin Kaepernick applauds while seated on stage during W.E.B. Du Bois Medal ceremonies, Oct. 11, 2018, at Harvard University, in Cambridge, Mass. Steven Senne/AP, FILE Kaepernick added that he hopes to use the partnership between his publishing company and Audible to"elevate Black and Brown voices who can empower future generations." Rachel Ghiazza, the SVP of content acquisition and development at Audible, said Kaepernick"takes listeners through the pivotal moments and experiences that inspired a national debate and cultural movement." Read more: ABC News

You have to do something other than being a second rate quarterback I order to write a memoir. The system that gave him a chance to be millionaire. He could have done more help if he just played and used the money to help people in need, adopted orphans, raise an animal sanctuary, create schools and stuff like that

Don't want to hear anything from him. You are such an Inspiration to others, standing up and being a voice that echoes true freedom and rights for all Americans. We stand with you❤️🙏❤️. Fool No one cares, your turdness.... Kap just sucked, Can someone please explain to me what disrespecting the flag and kneeling while the national anthem is playing has to do with police brutality. NONE. This guy is a disrespectful A$&&$ who think is entitled.

Who gives a *hit.... 👎🏽 Nobody give a shit!

Colin Kaepernick Strikes Deal With Audible for Upcoming MemoirKaepernick's upcoming memoir will take readers through the life experiences that led him to risk his career as a quarterback in the NFL by kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality This guy sucks

So what about your glamorous life was oppressed Good for you!! We something in common, you want to tell it and I don’t want to here it. He is a disrespectful thug. There is a place and a venue to get your message out there and the NFL is NOT it. I feel for your parents, do you still talk to them? So sad When you think you are important

He just wants an excuse to love himself . From a background of privilege that he did not use productively.. no thanks. Lmao dude who wouldn’t stand up is writing a book to inspire people to rise...hypocrisy

Colin Kaepernick to Release a Memoir, Start a Publishing Company“I want to tell the story of my evolution, and the events that led me to protest systemic oppression, in hopes that it will inspire others to rise in action,” Colin Kaepernick said The ship sailed on this guy. Has Kaepernick found out that police are bossed by Democrat mayors and not by the national anthem? Shut up

I rose in action when the National Anthem played. Tired of drama, give it a rest already. Still Trying to make money of take a knee 🙄 This is FANTASTIC Joke, cracking up now, thanks for the laugh today, i needed this..... Going for $$$$$ of course. “No one cares” says the people who allow Kap to live rent free in their brains

Cue Fox News viewers “bEcaUsE He aiNt a good QB noW he wiLL WriTe a CraPpy BooK!!!!” Kapernick haters are so obsessed with him, it part of where he gets his power. The dude is a grifter and fake activist I don't understand why people are so threatened. Who cares whether you agree? Let the man speak.

Colin Kaepernick to Release Memoir in 2020, Inks Multi-Project Deal With AudibleColin Kaepernick is publishing a memoir this year. The activist and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback announced plans to release the book through Kaepernick Publishing, his own newly launched … audible_com 👎 Very disappointing audible_com 😐 I am so over this ad. Do I have to unfollow audible_com to make it go away? I might just prefer the crying guy whining about needing tampons.

Loser I will not read your book He’s writing to make $, period. It is capitalism that made your 1st fortune if you blew it that is on you. W/O our GREAT AMERICA you wouldn't have EVER seen the success you once had and pissed it away with your ridiculous protests Get a job like the rest of us & be thankful you live in USA

What a dumba** What a bunch of BS. Uh. No thanks anti American privileged liberal. Never buying what you’re selling, esp nike Europeans brought their hatred with them when they came to this country. Look at the genocide of the Native Americans. Trump is German and how many Jews did they kill Who gives a fuck about this drama queen

Colin Kaepernick is writing a memoir that will answer, 'Why did I do it?'Colin Kaepernick has been unsigned since he protested against police brutality and other social injustice by taking a knee during the anthem in the 2016 season. His memoir will answer, 'Why did I do it?' We know why he did it. He was sitting on the bench his coach didn’t want to play him. They didn’t want to pay him. He gave every indication he didn’t want to be there. So he sat not kneeled and a reporter asked him why. Then he launched a BS excuse that became this. He’s not on a team because he’s under average at playing QB and that’s it. Sick of hearing of this bullshit who?

The only thing Kaepernick inspires is his bank account. Marxist trash I love this guy! Kaepernick only inspires cop killers & disrespect for our institutions. You were a spoiled rotten punk that didn't want to work hard to make it in the NFL. You took the easy way out. 😂 sheesh, oh boy... Oppression is a cash cow.

I'm not inspired That is why we exist, to rise up and help and inspire those that are in the need of unconditional love from their fellow man, woman and child worldwide. I am proud of you for standing your ground, we must share the same DNA. Sincerely Sidney Kevin Keys

Colin Kaepernick Writing Memoir On National Anthem ProtestColin Kaepernick's national anthem protest is hitting the bookshelves. I’m sure people are anxious to read it. 😂 AND he keeps his feet warm - whilst he writes. No one cares

Scum Written by whom? He’s never been able to articulate a practical argument but now he’s writing a book? Getting paid And by that he’s means “I want to find another way to financially capitalize on my martyrdom. So please, buy my book.” Kaepernick7 you mean 'kneel in action' 👎 Says a guy who’s making millions. When you tell yourself that you’re a victim, you’ll always be a victim. I’m sorry but anyone who thinks our country is more oppressive now than 30+ years ago is seriously living in another world

Loser Youruined one of my favorite brands for me too nike globalist sickos who want to oppress people. Oh boohoo you’re so oppressed. God blessed you with talents in a free country that lead you to become a multi-millionaire. Boohoo. No one cares!

Colin Kaepernick to release memoir through his own new publishing companyColin Kaepernick announced on Thursday that he will release a memoir this year under his new imprint, Kaepernick Publishing. He also has partnered with Audible for a multiproject deal. White Privilege is self-publishing with your own publishing company Why his own one else would do It, Vanity publishing?

Good. Not wasting my money The title of the book is ' Looser ' Lil late don't ya think Keap? I mean where has all the passion been when young black people were getting shot in their own homes? IDontBelieveYou all B.S.!!! ...messed up looking for attention No thanks 'I was born, adopted by wealthy white people, I was able to get into the NFL and my white coach helped me, I got a girlfriend who was part of the BLM cult, I got pussy whipped, was told I was oppressed, then I used my position as a failing player, hustled idiots and kneeled!'

I hope it starts with the true story of how his refusing to stand was just him pouting about being benched. The guy is a fraud. Oh please... Ppl hating like Kap was supposed to = 🏈 💰 was just a part of this mans journey/ activism. Haters gonna Hate like always. Your 15 minutes are already up. Action speaks louder than words, actually go do something that makes a difference and quit acting like you’re oppressed.

Who cares Fire starter material And what has he done, exactly? You were influenced by dating a radical woman connected to the George Soros funded Black Lives Matter. Oops, I hope I didn't ruin your memoir🤪 💩 His mother is white The people who ADOPTED and LOVE him are WHITE. He is the WORST opportunist And should be ASHAMED 😡

His evolution! Did he come from a petri dish? Spoken like a good Che disciple. Too bad he’s a rich overly privileged sports figure 😂😂😂😂 this guy still lives?

Nobody cares I would not give this man $1. I think we all know your story. You don’t need to elaborate There already is an Antifa, Colin. I thought he was a white guy until he started all the take a knee stuff. Kaepernick7 go away gracefully the world is over you and your disrespectful ANTI AMERICAN ways..

The world is OVER HIM Fraud His evolution: born to well to do mixed racial parents, had wanted for nothing, had a promising NFL career, decided to be a dick, took a knee against his country to fight oppression he never faced, and destroyed his life. The End. Spoiled brat

Don’t bother. 🤣 Go away and move to Cuba. Plenty of open seats on boats heading back to that island! Make this dope go away!!!!! Zzzzzz Yawn Dont care about your useless out look. You want to kneel and look what it cost you and the re trial you proved you still havent learned anything. So now you need to plan your retirement, nobody want your issues.

🤣🤣🤣 Don’t waste our time BITCH PLEASE !! 🤮

Translation- I STILL NEED MORE ATTENTION No one cares Should be fascinating.🙄 The story of the poor oppressed multi-millionaire.😭 Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to fall for this hucksters next con. So this memoir of oppression must be pretty short. Seems like he wasn’t oppressed until he lost the Super Bowl and made a statement no one liked. Cause before that he was playing a game that all kids dream to do and make money from at some point in life.

The man who won't stand wants others to rise. 🤔🇺🇸👎 We don’t care at all‼️ When is this loser going to just face the fact that he isn't relevant to the human race? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m sure it’ll have alot of pictures and big letters 🤡🤡🤡🤡

What does this have to do with PTSD recovery? PTSD Diary just lost my respect to have this fool’s story posted. Aka... any way possible I can make some money. Just go away! Why is this douche still a news story? Who is this guy? How did that tryout go? He’s POS NOBODY CARES GET IT WILL U Nope !!! No thanks 🤮


Colin K is a mediocre athlete who wasn’t doing that well in the nfl so he decided he needed attention. So he encouraged everyone to be disrespectful to the Anthem. Then when he didn’t get a new contract, he went and made a gazillion $ with Nike. He’s is so full of crap. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Who wants to hears another string of lies from a bench warmer in chief!

Kaepernick7 hard at work on his memories! Broke? Do it off the field on your own time douchybaggy 🎻🎻🎻🎻 Colin Should Move to CHINA to Understand REAL OPPRESSION! BORING!!!

Finally a book that will be worse than Jimmy Acosta's.... Perhaps he saw these same things in today's world. What chapter contains that you're bi-racial and were adopted by a white family who sent you to college? Oh, and you made millions of dollars in this 'oppressive' country. Sick of hearing about this pile of crap

Ratings low, ? Just had to bring up this controversy again. SMDH. Start a city league football team and let him play for you. Something to start the fireplace with So u want to tell us why u hate cops and my country ? Nobody cares. It’s disrespectful to those who serve our nation and those who died for our nation. What don’t you get?

You have committed a treasonous act. You need to have your citizenship as an American annulled and be exiled, maybe to like to Iran Should be on sale at Barnes and noble for .98 cents two weeks after being on the NYTimes best sellers list No sweetheart you didnt protest 'oppression' what you did was disrespect the FLAG and ANTHEM which are symbols of and represents every citizen of the USA regardless race, colour or creed. You raised your middle finger to every American. You are a disgrace.

Colin Kaepernick go away I don’t think you’re smart enough to write a book 😃😃😃😃😃😃 Oppression 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Eweee! Please don't. Just join the xfl already

Dude you need to just retire to a Muslim country of your choice and move there. I will oook for your book on the shelves at the 99 cent store next to hour brother in faith Hussein Obama His story? A loser Inspire WHO Ugh! TakeAKnee Yeah. Tell me how “oppressed” you were, growing up in a white family who adopted you, and gave you every opportunity to excel. GTFOH


Shhhhh no one cares Never much on lip reading, but this sums it up perfectly. FOFF This guy is a low life that is just getting rich on hate. FACT Kap story: I was raised in a good home, had a great life. I started dating a SJW, she convinced me it was crap, now I’m a jackwagon. 🤮 I just literally threw up in my mouth reading this! Good job giving this clown coverage!

Nobody cares Please leave the country and leave us alone. 👎👎👎

We will fight for our rights and fight the oppressors by any means necessary! He hasn't evolved. Still acts like a primate. He made a name for himself as a traitor now trying to profit from it Barf “Please pay attention to me, I can feel my 15 minutes running out.” ABC will ride this horse until it stumbles !!

Collin is a simple person doing great job at making money beyond his ability! A real capitalist playing games with his persona. This won’t even be good to use as toilet paper. No thanks-I’ll pass Ride on Colin. Inspire this generation to rise against systemic oppression and racism. We will rise, until we are accorded our respect and dignity that we deserve as humans.

Won't be listening

since nobody else will listen and nobody wants to watch Kaepernick7 play, he starts his own publishing company and writes his own book... and mainstream media is all over it. msmsajoke I'll read it. Should be an interesting read. The guy is an OK player but a marketing genius. He knows how to squeeze the most money out of his woke followers...

It will be title how not to stand up for anything Lol all these triggered white people😂 Why are u promoting this cop hater? Must be running out of seed! The book will have padding on it so you can use it when you take a knee. This unpatriotic idiot is doing this to make money off of foolish people that admire him. I think most people will agree that police brutality against blacks is uncalled for and out of control. However showing such disregard & disrespect to our sacred flag can not be defended.

We don’t want to hear his story -SAVE IT 🤦🏻‍♀️ That is what I want to read all the way from childhood to this moment. Want to hear it narrated in his voice. Want to see a movie made and much success. That will be the best revenge for those that made it completely a different cause. including our stupid president.

This guys hasn’t t EVER been oppressed. He grew up suburban as a white Kid!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Have you seen the hot garbage that some NFL teams have been playing at QB. If you don’t think this man was systemically oppressed by NFL owners due to his beliefs you are blind and racist. Yes, racist. As veterans we fought for all freedoms, what they have done to Kap is wrong

And that “Evolution “, Colin, has everything to do with: Your 15 SECONDS of Fame are up. No. One. Cares. We have heard enough from you His inspiration is money. As an average QB he knew his days in the NFL were numbered so he reinvented himself as a bold SJW to make money after his NFL days were over. He is a successful capitalist acting as an oppressed victim. It is all about the MONEY.

👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👍👎🏿👎🏿👎 🤮 😃😃😂🤣😂😂😃😂🤣😃😂😂😃🤣 I know the story, he was shit football player so he decided to get attention another way. Honestly he gets on my nerves! He used this “protest” to his benefit calling press conferences etc. And to be clear he is not that good of a player. Take notes from past leader dude. You are not it.

Hard pass... no one gives a fuck News flash no one cares Does one really believe Kaep has the learned education and intelligence to conceive these revolutionary actions. I wonder, who lurks behind the curtains?

You are an embarrassment to all true Americans. Who cares So is Colin going to put his money where his mouth is? Probably not. How’s that working out for you? You should have created your own venu instead of spitting on this nation This story was already written, wasn't it? Fraud You better do something, because the world doesn't have a clue..?!! So we made one up.. Clear your conscience and give meaning to your actions..?!? 👁️

Good for him! Keep up the pressure. OMG, stop!

LOL Kaepernick was a victim of systemic oppression. That $163 million for playing with a ball was really oppressive. The story is pretty simple, 'I suck as a quarterback.' Says the “oppressed” elitist who grew up in a white home with every advantage, made millions being a lowly athlete, made zillions for being a Nike spokesman, and he’s telling the world about systemic racism? 🤣😂🤢🤢🤮🤮 Dont waste our time!

I just want to grift for a fat paycheck. He is in need of money. No job worthless! Just go away. Does your story start out, 'after realizing I couldn't make it in pro football, I got desperate for attention.' Spoiler alert: he did a lot of kneeling.

Pass Just a disrespectful pos not worth anyone’s time Colin Kaepernick is all about Colin Kaepernick All the triggered racists in the comments Grifter BOOORRRRIIINNNGGGG!!! Whatever tool

No one cares ! Hardheaded colin hasn’t learned his lesson. He keeps trying to justify his lost of respect to our national anthem and flag but that bushy headed individual is paying the price. I recommend he learn the lyrics and sing it every day for a year. In respect to our troops defending us Lmao! You should talk to this guy kapacrap

This is a joke right? Good until brought up his face again. Oh, please! If he didn't have the Afro-centric hair, he would look simply multiracial. This is me skipping over this post. I have absolutely no interest in hearing from this guy. Looks like he is really oppressed.

Such a POC! I wouldnt spit on him if he was on fire!! He could have easily went so many different BUT positive directions with his message. Followed suit of the others that are walking the walk. He is NOTHING more than a pot stirring POC! Nobody gives a damn about his memoirs And Americans responded with.....

Ok half white Now he's a Radical Racist. Thank god Would I be wrong to wish he’d get a deal just to see him get the wind get knocked out of him many times over? Will the drivel ever end? In it for the $$$$. End of story. An oppressed millionaire....funny.

Waste of breath! Colin Haters: you comments have nothing to do with him. They are a reflection of YOU, yes YOU. nike hatersgonnahate Can't wait! NoBlackVote2020 QuidProQuo Reparations2020 Tangibles2020 SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC JUSTICE. I am not voting. I am decided. Nope you can keep your evolution to yourself!

I was adopted by a well off white family, was decent at qb at Nevada got drafted by the 49ers, then got benched then acted like a baby, started wearing pigs in cop uniforms, started kneeling on the field, got a full workout session then changed locations Who cares! Get over this person and stop giving him publicity. Hell ion writing a book of my life being disabled from a car wreck. Can you help me get publicity please

I’m still not buying those shoes. He assumes he represents the oppressed. If you think Mike Brown is innocent, then you are what’s wrong with this country.

I’m inspired to not buy anything nike 😅😂🤣 Rise in action. From a man who chooses not to stand. What a piece of crap kapershit is. Um. No. Still trying to be relevant 🙄 To rake in the munnies, he means. 'Boo hoo, I'm the victim.' The end. 🥱 CK’s a real teim player.😏 You are our hero .

No one wants to hear your fabricated lies!!! Perhaps the public masses could pretend that what he has to say is relevant and matters just as much as you pretend that he’s newsworthy. Keep up the good work ABC Snooze. Grow up. Nobody cares about this punk !!! I wouldn’t read your book if it was free Just remember he supported Fidel Castro Who suppressed his people for 50 yrs. Why do you give credence to him?

Just go away Your a waste

No one cares! Just go away!!! ColinKaepernick is a MuslimInvader who hid behind our dark skin and spit on our flag.. His Book is a CallToAction for the SleepingCells in America RepRashida is a prime example of the sleeping cell.. Govt searched! but only ultrasounds cld have revealed their hiding plc

Can I please get lectured about oppression from a multimillionaire who lives in the least oppressive country in the world. Making millions in the NFL sounds like “systematic oppression “ to me. 🙄 Just Go Away Kappy. Drama queen looking for his next payday ... get lost colin We’re good, thanks though

Ali had balls like Kap! Lol Half wit moron. If he were to get on the field again I’m sure some 340 patriot would bust his ass good. He ain’t going back. Ever. Who cares? I don’t. 😴💤 Hahahahahahahahahaha he won’t kneel at his bookstore book signings or will he 💁‍♀️ I’ll be glad when this turd drops off the map.

Love the play on words The kneeler Hoping to inspire others to RISE in action. I see what you did there It's not funny Kaepernick7 🖕 Translation: I need cash and am going to wrangle my virtue signalling into some Benjamin's since the NFL got a clue and kicked me to the curb. I iz oppressed by not having a multi million dollar contract. he is about a genuine as a three dollar bill IMHO

Maybe Obama will get you a show on Netflix. The best part is that he has supports that tell him he will be a domestic civil rights hero, like those of old. Too bad he sold out and is whiter than me in Siberia for a year Right. Have to wonder how much of his spiel is disingenuous.🤔 Dude... you obviously have no clue what “oppression” is... systematic or otherwise.

ANOTHER REASON TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL.... liberal media empire shoving spoiled super unpatriotic ( very good quarterback though ) athlete in our face to teach others how to act unpatriotic 🤮 Tell the story from one knee “Ascendency to dipshittery” Millionaire say what

The racists are crawling all over this tweet. I love seeing these clowns get pissed. ✊ to Colin. I hope he continues to have success and blessings What a tool! I’m going to write a book about myself no one will publish so I have to publish it myself because I’m so oppressed. Idiot Wow. He seems so oppressed. The 'system' is really bringing him down. So sorry to see.

He are the cliff notes. I protested when I got benched for Blaine gabbart. It wasn't until I was a backup that I started to kneel. Can't wait for the next book. Maybe Nascar Can take a knee tomorrow Can somebody explain to be how he has been oppressed ffs. Made how much money off a sport he was 💩 at in the end? Vets committing suicide all the time and this cupcake plays as a victim. Piss off.

Who cares Yawn Love seeing Kap's face in the feed. That means 2-3 whiteboys had a stroke already. LOL! Much love brother Colin. This is the same guy who had pigs as cops on his socks

His book advance and all procceds 100% from the book sales should be donated to help those who are oppressed. Cause it's not really about money right. Lmao 😏 Hope abc got paid to shill his book. Probably sell less copies than HRC's What Please just go away Crickets chirping Who cares? No one cares. Just sayin '...

Whatever New show on A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO LEVERAGING RACE INTO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. And ABCNews, of course is the place to tell such a lousy $tory. 🙄🙄🙄 ignorance and hypocrisy all in one. Nobody wants to hear that drivel Such a waste of skin.... Next... 🙄 🙄 Getting Klan and closet-Klan out of the Sheriff's Departments is a good starting line. The SOBs are deadly.

Ho-hum, ad nauseum.

He needs to stop 😂 Inciting violence? Jesus, just get a job already. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Is it gonna be full of wah wah wah? Because that's all I hear whenever I look at his picture or read his name. He just wanted the attention he got to make himself lots of money like he got from Nike! He should at least be honest about it and now a book deal how's that help the less fortunate it only helps him money wise and we all know it otherwise vdonate money all of it to good cause?

Garbage U are now protesting a sport that made u a millionaire 🤨🤨🤨🤨 Dude, u got benched, then u were upset and didn’t stand for the national anthem 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

Will buy it if it is printed on toilet paper. Please🤮 The media promotes everything, even a traitor, an enemy of the States as long as they paid the bill. Really go jump off a mountain . PUSH THROUGH✊🏽! That’s fine, just stop pretending that you want to play football, ya don’t. It must be terrible on him for being so oppressed in this country. I'll pray he has better days ahead of him🤧

🤣🤣🤔🤣🤣 Loser.

Yesterday's news! What a pity party What a sleeper....... Says the multi millionaire 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿 I buy nothing from Nike BECAUSE of you. Read the posts about child labor....and REAL inequality in the world. Hey dude..So a life of privilege is oppression? EGOAsBigAsEver Write it so we can burn it. Spare me.

Just go away Again he is cashing in on his 'sacrifice' He can’t prove systemic oppression - and if he can I’ll be right there to back him up! Your evolution? Your dad didn’t pull....never mind! Colin, thank you! We're going to hell in a hand basket as my mom would say. C'mon ppl , stand for something or keep falling for the Donald Trumps of the wirld!!

ABC, you’re embarrassing yourself. I bet that will be a best seller Not one person I know or they know or they know cares what he has to say

Only problem is no gives a shit what you are about. Just remember this started under Obama. Not President Trump. Like so many other fallacies. Wearing socks depicting cops as pigs is unacceptable. Certainly not inspiring, LawEnforcement Ungrateful, anti American, screw our great serviceman , and someone would find this hate acceptable?

“I need to make money since my football career is over.” ABCshould be ashamed of themselves for giving this phony any press. How about attacking Pelosi for her son’s Paul dealings with Viscoil? Report some real news. Use a venue that does not spit on this nation that by the way allows our freedom f off He degrades the flag for sympathy for himself😡😡😡😡😡 JERK

I really don’t care about your story . Who you are ?

Just wants the spot light! Get a job I don't care does anybody I don’t do hate-filled fiction. Haha He got a girlfriend that was radical. He stopped loving his sneakers and became a victim hard pass GetAJob He just won’t go away 🙄.

No? And never make a paycheck again... Gtfo While taking money from Nike! Ugh!! He is full of it! He doesn’t care about the disenfranchised! Good for him The title- the struggle of a millionaire athlete- He is a loser.

Great fire starter! Wouldn’t read a word that ungrateful, overpaid, ex-athlete has to say! He’s horrible! CFL His evolution stopped when he was 15. Need Money Don’t You? no one cares about your previledge life. eatadickallday This moron started his protests supporting Islamic terrorists because of his wife. His trainers had to spin it towards something else promoting lies against our great men & women in blue

No one cares about this loser Who cares!!! Move back to Turlock and open a manure recycling business.

No thank you HEY ABC.....I think I might finally unfollow you 🤮 I hope he tells us about his love for Fidel Castro. Why not tell our young people how capitalism made you a millionaire? Inspire my butt he needs money. Who wants to read what he has to say. Whatev... Unfortunately your actions caused you your job and future.

Pig Socks Scene Oppression he says , when receiving millions , from those that he calls oppressors.

CK, a real teim player.😒 😂😂😂😂😂😂 i think the kneeling was a poor decision, however the incredible hate for the guy is astounding to me. many of these haters are same u will see supporting scumbags like roger stone. might not agree with kaepernick on things , but he seems like a completely fine human

...THE END! This jackass... This guy is like a mosquito that you can’t swat away but keeps sucking more Yeah and Now he has to Write A Book 📖 for a Living. You should have done the interview with all the teams there But you proved it was All About Media ATTENTION. LOL. Colin wants to write a book of lies. He’ll never convince me that he wasn’t protesting our flag. His Muslim girlfriend told him not to ever show respect to the American flag.

stop pushing a racist fool on the people.. One more book of utter BS. Ship him off to Siberia. Let them listen to his sobbing.

Gotta make money.... Won’t buy your book or watch you play any sports. You poor repressed soul, do you blame you biological mother or the white mother that loved, cared and raised you? Your life has been so terrible and repressed...NOT you are a weak minded puppet now lost to hate..good luck Yawn So you guys finally moved on from Jussie Smollett

😴.. It’s all about him, not some movement. GirlBye 👋 Kaepernick7 we just want you to go away and shut up. You’re not oppressed, you never were. You’re all about self promotion. It started with Kaepernick getting benched. Shoe salesman writing a book inspired by his terrorist girlfriend No, Colin is trying to write a book no one will buy nor read because he is broke. Tell me how a mediocre quarterback making very good money was oppressed! He wanted politics and got a job at McDonalds instead.


What a sorry bastard “Look at me! Look at me!” What an epic start. “Once upon a time...” He didn’t find a solution to the problem so guess what, HE IS THE PROBLEM!!! GTFOH POS Nah we’re good He sold out yet you still all do not see it...ha haha I’ll wait for the movie. Who should play the role as Colin? Brad Pitt?

So do we call this “social justice capitalism”... 🙄

I think should just let Colin fade slowly into the background noise where he belongs. Go away! He couldn’t inspire a bowel movement !!! Now Colin thinks he’s an author, next step, politics Kneeling to the flag isn't protesting. It is disrespecting the men, and women who died for the flag. Funny how these protests are admired, but the showing of Johnny Cash urged ol flag was criticized.

huckster Failed quarterback writes book to make money.

His adoptive ‘White parents’ didn’t buy the bike he wanted. Douche What chapter is where you're bi-racial and were adopted by a white family? They raised you as their own, sent you to college where you made it to the NFL. Yet, all you want to do is insult veterans and blame caucasians for everything. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

What a joke.....except it's tragic that the MSM has made this guy soooo narcissistic that Kaepernick actually believes his story is important! SMH. His book will end up at Dollar General and Dollar Tree next To Hillary's latest and greatest!! My apologies to the Dollar stores! Or maybe he needs the money

Total idiot! I'd bet it will be a handy & useful bathroom stall reading material for those needing greater bowel movement stimulation.💩 Whatever. It’s parts of life no one wants to hear what your owed 🖕

What a joke Give ALL THE MONEY YOU MAKE ON YOUR BOOK YO YOUR CAUSE THRN, not your wallet He’s doing it for $$ just like every other scam he’s pulled. Why doesn’t anyone call out he is zero % black. How can anyone b inspired by another person’s total disrespect for the American flag. No need to write about your stupidity. Everyone has seen you bend the knee. You know their are countless other ways to protest that don’t entail disrespecting our flag. Go move to China. POTUS

abc=no credibility a coddled millionaire athlete protesting oppression? Do you wonder why your ratings are dropping? What kind of systemic oppression makes multi-millionaires out of the “oppressed” who speak, freely and openly about their thoughts and ideas?!!!! This guy is ludicrous. Kaep is racist. Enough is Enough.

and then the movie

'Colin Kaepernick is out of money' LOSER — End Of The Story Sad, unpatriotic human. How is Kapernick oppressed? Seriously! I’m a ton more oppressed than him and I’m a 55+ old man who’s been “oppressed” for a much longer period. I don’t need anyone to validate my oppression, I can rise above by myself. He stated he wants others to “Rise in action,” but he takes a knee. Make up your mind.

Nobody wanted to hire him to play b-ball, so... After being cut by the Green Bay Packers, Kurt Warner did stints with the Iowa Barnstormers and the Amsterdam Admirals. It's the difference between a 'professional' athlete...and a professional poser. This guy isn’t serious about anything other then lining his pockets and wants to capitalize on his invisible voiceless movement while others waited on him to prove the world he was the next Muhammad Ali...Kaepernick Wastedopportunity Nfl Disappointment

Kaepernick inspired me to get fired from my job too! Kaepernick7 SaveATree No thanks First, let's give credit to where credit is do. It was your President that rocked pro ball by putting his mouth where it did not belong and secondly the unwise unqualified ones or better known as team owners. Now they come to know, the film flamy man has done them all in.

Trying to market himself with so much BS. He should call the memoir “Traitor : My journey to disrespect the heroes that died for my freedom” Fool WhoCares

the rubbish guy Kaepernick7 He's so inspiring that makes you wanna never watch basketball ever again You are crazy ABC. Boycott ABC News. Don't even hastag them. This guy ruin his life, is trying to ruin football, and is ruining young athletes. Nike's motto should be 'Just Play' No one cares about his evolution!

I have a titled for it! How I fucked up a perfectly good NFL career by acting like a spoiled child! Inspire? Poor guy😪 this guy has done so much more off the field and in the public square then he probably could have ever achieved working for some rich white billionaire who can give to shits about the cause

Really? Do we really need to hear how his rich life lead him to protest against the oppression that he was never subjected to but secretly wanted to?

I guess oppression pays Kaepernick7 Helpful would be lessons learned for other athletes What would you have done differently? J_ManPrime21 is an example of a new model This idiot don’t know a damm thing about oppression,he grew up white privileged,nobody knew he was even black,since then started wearing his hair out.

Hey Keap! We already know! 💰💸💰💸 What a martyr Who is he again? People who refused to see the point he was making with his non-violent protest will not, and probably can not, read it. Titled. How I was oppressed being raised by rich white people Damn..... Even comments on the abc thread are negative towards you.. 😬😬😬😬😬... Try the CNN thread. Every beatwriter theat covered you never saw you in that light until your career was dwindling. Prove your worth it. Alex Smith should still be a niner. 🖕🏿🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏻🖕


And ABC is promoting this “💩 Total turd There is no systemic oppression in the United States, yet. Nah dawg....we good. Jus bounce homey NEXT there are different was to protest the system I would think he has the vocabulary to and education to do so instead of using uneducated was of oppressing the system. Did he graduate from college or a jr. college. Come on! talk about political correct this guy is above it. 👎👎👎

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Meet the veterinarian walking around the streets of California and treating homeless peoples' animals for free The Boys of BTS Were Streetwear Fashion Icons During Their Tonight Show Takeover Trump Accuses Schiff of Leaking Intelligence on Russia’s 2020 Interference Coronavirus Live Updates: C.D.C. Warns Americans to Brace for Likely Outbreak New patients from Diamond Princess cruise ship push tally of US coronavirus cases to 53, CDC says US military says it killed terrorist leader who planned attack that killed Americans in Kenya Hot Pockets heiress faces sentencing in U.S. college admissions scandal Gilead Sciences drug remdesivir may help treat coronavirus symptoms, according to WHO Trump hails Weinstein verdicts as a ‘great victory’ for women Hillary Clinton says she'll support Democratic nominee — even if it's Sanders Larry Kudlow Claims Coronavirus 'Contained' In U.S. As CDC Warns Of Likely Spread Coca-Cola could be in tight supply of artificial sweetener for diet and zero-sugar drinks because of coronavirus