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Colgate warns Venezuelans not to buy fake imported toothpaste brands

Colgate warns Venezuelans not to buy fake imported toothpaste brands


Colgate warns Venezuela ns not to buy fake imported toothpaste brands

Colgate-Palmolive Co is warning Venezuela ns not buy fake versions of its toothpa...

Colgate, in a statement on Monday, said it had alerted Venezuelan health authorities to the potential risk of the “commercialization and use of these falsified products,” without giving further details.

The fake toothpaste had been imported from China, Mexico and Thailand and had the same color scheme and design as some of Colgate’s genuine brands available in Venezuela, the institute said.

Venezuela’s hyperinflationary economic collapse has shuttered most local producers of dental products, stimulating demand for imports of hard-to-find consumer goods like Colgate toothpaste. Many imported goods are sold in black-market stores that do not assess products’ quality.

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Like China… HECC Sure that is the most important thing they have to worry about 2007 Chinese toothpaste had antifreeze You have to be Venezuelan to really understand this. can anyone in venezuela even afford toothpaste? Moet & Chandon warns the Venezolans not to buy fake champagne. Colgato Of course the very honest government will listen.

Well, choices are rather limited. Brand name toothpaste is probably not the highest priority now. Fake toothpaste?

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I'm sure that's their problem. I thought socialism meant no more brands and capitalism 😂👍🏼 axbIumenthal DUDE!!! THEY ARE ON TO YOU!

Protesters in Hong Kong take their grievances to the airportSince last week, Hong Kong's police have used more tear gas and rubber bullets than in the previous two months put together Tank Man June 1989 = Tank Man August 2019 The Arab Spring appeared once in Hong Kong, China. There was neither absolute democracy nor absolute dictatorship. And they said they weren’t going to listen to Beijing & treat the protest as domestic terror.. begin infiltration!! Proceeds to beat & arrest protesters while undercover; because that’s what cops do... Listen people China doesn’t play fair, Hong Kong needs to get serious & fast.

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