Coldplay Release Acoustic Version of 'Higher Power'

Single will be featured on their upcoming ninth studio album

6/15/2021 5:01:00 PM

Coldplay have released an acoustic version of their new single 'Higher Power,' which the band shared last month.

Single will be featured on their upcoming ninth studio album

which the band dropped last month.Originally a synth-pop track produced by hitmaker Max Martin, the acoustic version of “Higher Power” is instead built around rich guitar songs and the harmonies between Chris Martin and his backup vocalists. “You’ve got a higher power/Got me singin’ every second, dancing every hour,” they sing during the hymn-like track’s chorus.

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The band first premiered the song in May andwere joinedby French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet during the premiere livestream. “It’s amazing how small and kind of finite and fragile the Earth is,” Pesquet said. “From space, you can clearly see it’s an oasis, it’s a ball, it’s self-contained. Everything we have is here and there’s nothing else anywhere else. So you have to use your resources wisely. You have to share, you have to work together.”

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