Colbert Jabs Anti-Vaxxers With The Truth About Their Latest Wild Conspiracy

A wild theory about COVID-19 shots got the treatment from 'The Late Show' comedian.

6/10/2021 11:21:00 AM

A wild theory about COVID-19 shots got the treatment from 'The Late Show' comedian.

A wild theory about COVID-19 shots got the treatment from 'The Late Show' comedian.

It involves the wild claim that COVID-19 vaccines make people magnetic.An anti-vaccine nurse in Ohio’sat proving the conspiracy provided Colbert with plenty of comic fodder.“So many questions,” said Colbert.The comedian even got to airthatscene from “Ernest Goes To Jail.”

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Why vaccinating the world against COVID-19 is a monumental undertakingNEW: As of June 1, 38.5% of all COVID vaccine doses had gone to just 16% of the world's population, according to an ABC News' analysis. Read more about the challenges of access and equity in the effort to inoculate the world against COVID: I am sick of all these millionaires and billionaires being greedy and not paying taxes!!! It’s time to pass a bill or law in taxing the rich!!! This is a disgusting plandemic! The unequal distribution of Covid19 vaccines hampers global efforts to curb the pandemic. Only when vaccines reach the most needed, can the world beat the virus. How much water can a bucket hold depends on the lowest wood board not the longest.

Many Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine doses may be close to expiringThe buildup of unused doses is a result of safety concerns after the FDA paused distribution of the J&J doses, state health officials say. Vergüenza! NBC news network will not put Black Americans on TV unless they are Half Jewish. Underlying racism Lester Holt (1/2 Jewish) Al Roker (1/2 Jewish) Shanielle Jones (1/2 Jewish)

COVID-19 Derailed Fight Against AIDS, UN SaysThe pandemic has stymied global efforts to eradicate AIDS, the UN General Assembly said Tuesday as it called for urgent action to end AIDS by 2030. Yes its amazing other serious illnesses seem less important presently But it may also finally give us the AIDS vaccine with MRNA tech. Another problem created by the Dem-Panic.. TheDemocrats don't care about anything but power.

Meet Grace, the healthcare robot COVID-19 createdThe Hong Kong team behind celebrity humanoid robot Sophia is launching a new prototype, Grace, targeted at the healthcare market and designed to interact with the elderly and those isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic. GiletsJaunes Covaxin Europe1 LCI franceinfo AJENews RFI CNEWS cnni SkyNews AFP BBCBreaking dwnews FRANCE24 UniNoticias TelemundoNews GJaunes laveritepradama FranceInsoumise NPA_officiel Paris_luttes GiletsJaunesGo dw_espanol UnivOuverte ColereEcoles CCTV Grace? Nooooo.... if it's a robot, an expert in healthcare and created by COVID, her name is rachelbaxendale 🤣

Lindsey Graham’s New Spin On Trump’s COVID-19 Failings Is Too Much For Folks OnlineThe Trump acolyte suggested how the ex-president's catastrophic pandemic response could be seen in a different way. Critics vehemently disagreed. MoscowMitch & his Bud Lindsey Graham should be ousted The Ppl’s Worst Enemies in the GQP spreading Conspirancies & Propaganda Haven’t Done a thing for their Constituents Just Collecting a Paycheck & enriching themselves from the 1% ABC CBS NBC CNN MSNBC They're all a bunch of children. Take off the knee pads, think back to Jan 6 and revisit your position. Stop enabling a traitor or history will put you in same bracket. Were you feeling safe that day? Striding the halls? Thought not....

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