Cognizant BrandVoice: To Boost Software Quality, Embed It From The Start

1/24/2022 6:15:00 PM

To achieve higher software quality levels — and achieve greater business value from it — we need to rethink how it’s produced Sponsored by @Cognizant

To achieve higher software quality levels — and achieve greater business value from it — we need to rethink how it’s produced Sponsored by Cognizant

To achieve higher software quality levels — and achieve greater business value from it — we need to rethink how it’s produced, says Andreas Golze, a Vice President in Cognizant’s Quality Engineering and Assurance Service.

had to ground the 737 MAX after a software problem in the MCAS system led to several disastrous those who need it at the right time.Reuters 2 minute read A security guard walks past advertising boards outside the Main Press Centre ahead of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China, January 24, 2022.A software engineer outsourcing roadmap for founders and execs of Series A startups.

Software must meet the quality standards of the mechanical components it gets integrated with.The same rigor applied during the physical assembly process will have to be applied to the software manufacturing process.The real conversation What we should be talking about is the role an integration data hub can play in addressing most of the real-time data challenges clients experience.To get there, we have to roll out best practices that have proved successful in many projects in the past.The Feb.Correcting old mistakes From my many decades of experience working on software quality and testing, I’ve learned how to ensure the highest software quality: Sharpen the requirements stage.The issue with point-to-point integration is that it gets complex quickly: If a company has 10 systems that data needs to be moved or exchanged with, there would be up to 90 bi-directional integration lines, according to the n (n-1) connection rule.I’ve found that the real mistakes typically happen during what we call the requirements phase.It’s the age of tools that make remote work accessible, especially for engineers.

The key is to make sure you provide software engineers with complete, consistent and unambiguous requirements before they start coding.Business agility and innovation also suffer.Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.It’s like building a house.The builders and the architects debate, based on the blueprints, until they are all sure they’re ready.A centralized data hub is not a technology per se but a method for sharing and communicating data and connecting core IT systems in a real-time, event-driven , hub-and-spoke pattern instead of the traditional point-to-point integration approach.Only then do they get the materials and start building.5, a main measure of smog, stood at 205 micrograms per cubic metre in Beijing on Monday morning.The same kind of conversation is happening for all products.Systems of record publish their data in real-time to the integration data hub so applications can access, consume and use the data in real-time.Everything that uses software has seen a drastic growth — I mean everything.

There will be design reviews, customer workshops and all kinds of well-established reviews driven by the product owner to make sure the final version meets the market’s expectations and thus is likely to sell.For most IT solutions, that doesn’t happen.It defines data-level access, as well as policies on how long the data is kept.5 fell 13% to 33 micrograms per cubic metre, meeting China's 35-microgram standard for the first time.Instead, developers are left with vague requirements and roughly-sketched expectations.When it comes to user acceptance tests, everyone is frustrated when the version delivered does not meet expectations.For example, we helped a health payer make claims data from core systems available to upper-stream processes and customer-facing applications within 20 seconds of update or change in status.Then, through many cycles, the system is gradually improved until it can be accepted for Register Reporting by Muyu Xu and David Stanway; Editing by Kim Coghill, Robert Birsel Our Standards: More from Reuters Daily Briefing Subscribe to our daily curated newsletter to receive the latest exclusive Reuters coverage delivered to your inbox.But for a Series A startup, things are going to be different than they are for a Fortune 500 firm.

Make quality a team sport.In all of these cases, the integration data hub helped streamline operational data access easily and quickly, publishing data to upper-stream operational systems and historical and analytical ones.Building quality software is very much a team sport.It requires the participation of end users of the software, developers with the right skills and quality engineers.Both of these capabilities positively impact customer service and satisfaction.Together, they need to set up and maintain continuous automated quality assurance.Modern agile teams are set up exactly like that.Doing so leads to real-time, data-driven business decisioning and visibility.It’s common to think of outsourced staffing as a scenario where fair-priced remote engineers from overseas are hired to work on US-based projects.

Link quality to value.Today, the keyword is “experience” — and quality is essential to exceptional ones that drive up the perceived value of a product.But modernizing IT demands a holistic, outside-in view of how data, applications and businesses interact to deliver value.Think of the iPhone.When it entered the market, a typical price for a phone was around $100.As a result, organizations that best manage their data and how it flows to the right people at the right time — quickly — will emerge highly competitive.Because of the vastly superior customer experience that an iPhone provided, suddenly a price of $600 became acceptable to many consumers.Of course, one could argue that I didn’t do my homework, and finding an engineer is relatively easy in the US.

Quality helps to sell more of a product at better price points and lower operating costs.To learn more, visit our.Consider your audience.We recommend that before an organization starts developing a piece of software, it asks what kind of persona it is targeting.An old or young person? Men or women, or both? Will it be a mobile app? Should it be portable to all mobile devices? Does it require internet at all times? Such basic design questions must be answered early in the process.A good example is gaming software.It just makes sense for some companies to gain a competitive advantage by adding a skilled engineering force as an outsourced team.

A Sony PlayStation or Xbox uses complex and sophisticated software, but works to perfection.That’s because gaming companies have no choice.Why? Because children are very unforgiving.If there’s a problem, they will throw the product away or never use it again.Making quality an intentional endeavor Our most successful clients are using software quality as a differentiator and a unique selling point.The market is hot, and it’s not easy to get engineers, even overseas.

The return on investment for better quality assurance is surprisingly short — and that only factors in the operating expenses for development and day-one support.Add on accelerated time to market, better customer experience and improved brand recognition, and enhancing software quality becomes the only smart move.As military hero once said: “Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” This blog was adapted from a post that originally appeared on.Who are the stakeholders of this project? Do they support using outsourcing services from third-party vendors? These are the people who can think through the criteria for vendors and would also help with assessment and approval.

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Cognizant BrandVoice: Don’t Overlook Integration Data Hubs When Modernizing ITUsing the hub-and-spoke model of a centralized data hub, businesses can easily achieve their real-time data goals, says Hanadi Salameh, an Enterprise Digital Architect at Cognizant.

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