CNN’s Dana Bash Spots Stark Difference Between Biden, Trump COVID-19 Responses

Bash recalled what Trump did “at almost the same location” where Biden mourned the 500,000 deaths from COVID-19.

2/23/2021 1:21:00 PM

Bash recalled what Trump did “at almost the same location” where Biden mourned the 500,000 deaths from COVID-19.

Bash recalled what Trump did “at almost the same location” where Biden on Monday mourned the loss of 500,000 deaths from the coronavirus.

.Bash, the network’s chief political correspondent, noted how Biden’s moment of silence outside the White House on Monday to mourn the 500,000 lives lost nationwide to COVID-19 was “at almost the same location” where Trump in October ripped off his mask” and urged people not to let the virus “dominate” their lives after he was hospitalized for three days with the virus.

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“What a difference just a few months makes in having somebody who, as my colleagues have said, you know, wants to emote and empathize and to sympathize and to grieve with this country because that is who he is, unfortunately because of his own personal tragedies,” said Bash.

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Joe Biden exemplifies what a true man is ... considerate, hard working, polite, a family man who takes care of his children, grand kids and loves his wife. He treats people with dignity. Suffering makes him stronger and empathetic. I was married to one of these. They are men It’s really too bad journalism is not allowed to tell the truth about donald. Downplaying everything he did only normalized it.

Please stop with the lies and propaganda! 3 million people die every year in America, mainly from their unhealthiness! Take the mask off. El coronavirus es una estafa farmacéutica y estafa política por los medios angloamericanos. Le coronavirus est une arnaque pharmaceutique et l'escroquerie poli-tique par les medias. Himmler, Stalin, Rumsfeld, Cheney couldn't come up with a better WMD - Weapon of Mass Deception.

The two men are of two different mindsets. One will be seen as a quality leader of the old statesmanship behavior. The other feeds off of certain energies that if not checked would be enticing. One hold dearly to changing behaviors the other to old values. Two different men. From Australia: my heart is broken for your country reaching this grim milestone,I’m very sad.Both our countries have a lot in common and similar values, we are both strong nations, you will beat it,your numbers are coming down,congratulations to you all, take care, Love from AUS