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CNN President Jeff Zucker Faces What Might Be His Last Lap

Jeff Zucker’s transformation of CNN made him one of the most polarizing figures in media. Now, chafing at new controls under parent company AT&T, he may be exploring an exit.

10/24/2020 12:45:00 AM

Jeff Zucker’s transformation of CNN made him one of the most polarizing figures in media. Now, chafing at new controls under parent company AT&T, he may be exploring an exit.

Mr. Zucker, a polarizing figure who has overseen CNN for seven years, felt blindsided by a recent restructuring and has had friction with WarnerMedia Chief Executive Jason Kilar. His contract is up and he hasn’t committed to stay.

Oct. 23, 2020 5:16 pm ETCNN president Jeff Zucker survived plenty of corporate intrigue since telecom giant AT&T swallowed up the cable network’s parent company two years ago.Now that is changing, leaving Mr. Zucker frustrated and his future at the cable news network in doubt.

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Mr. Zucker, who has overseen CNN for seven years, felt blindsided by a recent restructuring... Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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After Zucker have failed CNN, he is planning to try New York? I’m sorry for the city! Let him finance his personal vendetta on his own dime. no orangeman gain = no zucker pain Hes the destroyer of Journalism credibility....and for CNN, its over Good riddance Jeff Zucker should go to jail for spreading strife through lies, using the media. Guilty of sedition.

he’s a knob CNN's ratings are lower than whale poop at the bottom of the ocean. In most companies, that earns the boss an exit. So...why is he still there? More like hi will get fire for turning CNN into a Clowns Political branch of the Democratic Party! CNN sucks. No kudos deserved there. “Chafing at new controls” must be the new buzzword for “being held responsible for CNN’s ratings catastrophe.”

He’s a clown Take him out of office. CNN SenateGOP GOP FoxNews SenateDems TheDemocrats Jeff better be as the American people see the damage his CNN FAKE news has done to our country. His FAKE news anchors MASTURBATE on Zoom and TV with their socialist communist views to try to tell us what’s right & wrong.

It’s hard to believe anyone watches CNN... CNN Jeff Zucker must find an exit from the actual position of CNN as a non-impartial news outlet dedicate 24Hrs at day to support a 'particular' political agenda. People with critical analytics minds, can't avoid to register that CNN exercise an antithesis of journalism.

Zucker ruined CNN There are a few people at CNN that should go with him. Looks like he needs to use sunscreen too. He’s been awful for CNN. He made them unwatchable Transformation......LOL You mean to the least watched network? LOL brookeandtodd Ratings can only go up The fact that he is a failure may abet that.

He gave the trunpanzee oxygen. Throw him out. The best thing that could happen for CNN ! Jeff Zucker has turned a trusted news source into an opinion based, sensationalized, media darlings shows. It is time to rethink the format and go back to the original format of news! He can take his nightly crew of misfits with him. And their closed minded guests.

He turned CNN into a “must see tv” talk show. The period of Obama’s Presidency, right up until now CNN has hosted unserious people who give unserious false misleading information unchallenged. Ratings was always his game, not news or journalistic integrity. WSJ is following CNNs activism footsteps, careful you’re not next to go down.

Pls clean your garbage when you go out throw to garbage like dummy lemon. FREDO Andy crapper. Fake tapper. Sanitize pls. Yes please! Zucker should have left long ago. He virtually turned over his network to Trump in 2016, putting him directly on air to spout his lies whenever he called in. One can only hope! Jeff Zucker and Brian Stetler ... separated at birth .....

Low IQ Why don’t you talk about Murdoch and how polarizing he has been? The capitulation of Fox News has been disgraceful. We got to move the Attorney Generals in your State to open up these voting polls/lines, put back the voting boxes by any means necessary. Why are they going along with this shit. The Attorney Generals are for the people not a Damn Party. Both are voting.

This guy transformed his audience from politically curious to hateful anxious neurotics. Should be in jail. The sooner jasonkilar gets rid of Zucker the better. CNN is now a hate fest of anti-Trump propaganda. Simply unwatchable. WarnerMedia He’s made CNN out to be a joke. Fuckkkkk him. What's on Hunter Biden's 'Laptop From Hell'? with Chanel Rion via YouTube

Now that his number one money maker will likely be out soon too. What will CNN program all day w/o Trump Maybe CNN can attract viewers under new leadership. It sucks now, obviously STATE PROPAGANDA = cnn this man needs to never be hired anywhere again Given the destruction of the value of CNN under his leadership, AT&T should have removed him years ago.

Bad dude I hear the CCP is hiring. good boy bye Felicia Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg had a son. Jeff Zucker. He made CNN a laughing-stock. He should go. CNN ratings are shit that’s why Bye He ruined CNN Remember when CNN was a respected source of news? Good Riddance Jeff! CNN is worst off because of you. Good riddance. Anyone involved in the polarization of media - Murdoch, Zucker, any of them - should be shown the door. They should get worse than that, but so far we are still a democracy with rule of law. Although not if DT is reelected.

WSJ only care for stock market but not care for dying Americans just as bad as President. 👏 Huh. So that’s what Dr. Evil actually looks like. Ugh thank God Good riddance Att should be so lucky. Who would pick up Zucker? GOD FORBID‼ I haven’t watched CNN for years but I do remember when it was a respected news outlet. I believe the brand can never come back.

Yes. He just got a raise from the Chinese. Happy trails. Zucker is a political hack. He should not be near a News organization. Okay. There’ll need to be a lot more exiting CNN before it will become a reliable news source. Check it out! I will create this amazing promo video intro (please check and order now) 3D Logo Animation, Intro & Outro, Gaming Intro, Short Video AD,

If Trump loses, Zucker is done. good, he is a pimple head, best thing that could happen to CNN! Zucker, the Lefts Joseph Goebbels!!! He destroyed the network. Now he’ll walk away. Someone else will put him in charge and he’ll ruin that too. Amazing how that happens. The old CNN would be great. How long can I channel operate was god awful ratings? They are in last place every single month for the last three years.

We can only hope he leaves. Maybe CNN will actually be good again. More like CNN International. Or like CNN used to be. When they reported on lots of different stories around the US and the world. Or like Al Jazeera America was. Or like the BBC, even if that’s a bit imperfect. Buy felicia Trump really did win. Wow

Oh shit ! Be careful !!!!! You underestimate what’s goin down Good riddance Good, He took CNN to the dumpster. very fake news CNN Zuckers replacement for control of CNN

CNN Poll: Biden wins final presidential debateJoe Biden did a better job in the final debate on Thursday according to a CNN Instant Poll of debate watchers. Overall, 53% of voters who watched the debate said that Biden won the matchup, while 39% said that President Donald Trump did. Jajajaja cnn’s fact checker should be fired. What a liar. More Fake News 🤣🤣🤣

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