Trump 2020 Poll: 6 İn 10 Say President Does Not Deserve Second Term - Cnnpolitics

Trump 2020 Poll: 6 İn 10 Say President Does Not Deserve Second Term - Cnnpolitics

CNN Poll: 6 in 10 say Trump does not deserve a second term

Six in 10 Americans say President Trump does not deserve to be re-elected, according to a new CNN Poll. Fewer said the same of Barack Obama or George W. Bush at the same stage of their presidencies.


Six in 10 Americans say President Trump does not deserve to be re-elected, according to a new CNN Poll. Fewer said the same of Barack Obama or George W. Bush at the same stage of their presidencies.

Six in 10 Americans say President Donald Trump does not deserve to be reelected, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS, and more now say he's doing a poor job than a good one of keeping important campaign promises.

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Why do you lie so much? Mor n more people cool be out ed very single day in support of Potus Trump and you know it. Your pathetic CNN sucks, CNN equals liars. So your tweets are worthless. President Trump is the best for 202-2024 or more. Other persons are not appreciated for the President position. Biden should retire. President Trump is right for President seat. Don't mess up, ok CNN.

Haha. We’ll see The best president of America ever. He will be re-elected. 6 in 10 think he shouldn't have gotten a first term. President Trump 2020. Democrats are angry hateful racist little people who hate America. And? That's better odds than you gave him his first time around, so I'm confident he'll be keeping America great in 2020.

Yeah, the people who watch your FakeNews while waiting for their connection in Atlanta. 😂😂😂

6 in 10 call a recession likely; Trump approval drops by 6 points: POLLNEW: 38% of Americans approve of Pres. Trump, down from a career-high 44% in July, new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds; 56% disapprove. Blahahahaha. Super Fake News!!! Who are these insane 38%!?

CNNFakeNews. Don’t ya love this. 6 in 10 cnn viewers, which isn't much Don't believe the lying leftist no credibility C rooked N ews N etwork Lol... thats a good lie!! Tell us another... oh I forgot you will again and again!! CNN... we used to be a news organization. DON’T LET THE SHIT BREATH NEWS TELL YOU WHAT TO HATE. FakeNews FakeNewsCNN FakeNews FakeNewsCNN

There aren't even ten people that watch CNN give me a break Fake poll! Fake news fake people...fake fake fake. ....Repeat

Trump approval drops by 6 points, 6 in 10 call a recession likely: POLLSix in 10 say a recession is likely in the next year, new ABC News/WaPo poll finds—and by nearly a 3-1 margin, Americans say Pres. Trump’s trade and economic policies have increased the chance of a possible recession. Did we get a apology for being lied to for 2 years? Is it Mueller time yet...... It is almost as if you are hoping this happens. Let’s report on how to prevent it. Because the average American knows so much about economics. Give me a break. Fake news.

Lol, it's a CNN poll A FakePoll from FakeNews CNN How can you still refer to him as prez, he's nothing but a uptown Conman. Probably the same crap news network polls that reported HRC would win in a landslide election.. Alabama. FakeNews 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Where are you getting your numbers?

6 in 10 fear a mass shooting; most think gun laws can help: POLLBREAKING: Six in 10 people worry about a mass shooting happening in their community, with 58% of Americans expressing confidence that stricter gun control laws would reduce such incidents, according to a new ABC News/WaPo poll. JUST IN: Americans also support improving mental health monitoring and treatment by a wide margin – with 76% confident it could reduce mass shootings, while just 22% felt less confident, according to the new News/WaPo poll. No need to worry though. The NRA won't permit any sensible gun controls. I worry for my kid.

A CNN poll, about as accurate as predicting the out come as the 2016 Presidential Election! But because of the electoral college he most likely will.... I bet they are saying that. You should start taking your survey's at places other than the storefronts of Walmart and McDonalds. LOL. Not where I come from you extremist liberal hate spewing sorry excuse for news.

No to 2020 - he is destroying us the masses by eliminating clean air clean water - no mandating gun control- he is corrupt - sends missiles to the Saudis to decimate Yemen - he’s a fraud ! He has enabled murder by supporting the NRA - get trumpOUTNOW!! This tabloid is hell-bent on embarrassing itself with their poll nonsense again.

Polling your own news room doesn't count, just saying.... 0% actually believe this poll

6 in 10 fear a mass shooting; most think gun laws can help: POLLWith six in 10 worried about a mass shooting in their community, Americans by a 17-point margin express confidence that stricter gun control laws would reduce such incidents, and even more endorse improved mental health monitoring and treatment to that end. What that number tells me is that 4 in 10 think it couldn’t happen to them and don’t give a damn if it happens elsewhere. There is a 10 in 10 chance a mass shooting will occur somewhere in any given week in the United States. There have been 293 incidents in 253 days this year.

More Libertard polls. America loves conservative values. President Trump will be reelected. Lol... CNN POLSHIT! Hahahahaha... No they don't. You are FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDA. ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. FactsMatter 9 in 10 people know cnn polls are worthless FakeNews Which Americans give me the details of the fool's Pole

6 in 10 cnn hosts. FAKE NEWS We asked 10 of our staff this question. We fired the 4 that didn't agree.

President Donald Trump Bashes AT&T, CNN and MSNBCPresident Donald Trump took aim at CNN and MSNBC on Monday morning as word surfaced that an activist investor was lobbying for major changes at CNN parent AT&T. Trump responded to reports Monda… LOL I thought Variety would've stopped calling him 'president' by now. Pitiful human being 🙄🙄🙄

Fake News Is this a liberal poll? Asking for a friend. MAGA2020 Sten Crowder: 'CNN is fake news, change my mind' *Narrators voice: 'But nobody did' Let's ask Andrew McCabe, your new contributor who is about to be indicted. You have now Fallon to 9th place. When will you dumbass’s learn that you are no longer considered a news organization but a liberal hate group designed to spew hate and division in this country. Keep it up. I see 10h place in your future. 🤙🇺🇸

The king of Fake News is still vomiting fake polls to indoctrinate people! Really? How stupid can you be? Yeah really really low IQ! 99 out of 100 former CNN viewers ask “How are there any idiots left Still watching that crap”? Fake News 24/7 Lies 0 Credibility 100% Biased Reporters!! We are the Clinton News Network. Or Clown News Network

Trump claims CNN 'is bad for the USA' as he praises new AT&T investorA new AT&T; investor, which owns the company that CNN is under, announced Monday he wants to make changes to AT&T;. SUMMER OF SUCCESS: President Trump Sets Record for Major Accomplishments This Summer (VIDEO) WalkAway FlynnFighters FactsMatter PatriotsAwakened He's RIGHT! Supression of the Press is bad for America, TRAITOR

Mom CNN is being stupid again!! Tell them to stop!! It’s embarrassing! This is a CNN poll? CNN? BWAAAHAHAHAHA balderdash HAHAHAHA lacks credibility hahahahahaha Screenshot this for election day 😅 and hillary was a shoe in!! 😂 have no credibility! CNN what can I say about the you guys. I am lost for words. Was the poll taken in your building.we know you guys did not go around the country asking the people across the nation. Everything that comes from CNN has no value But you guys still lie among yourselves.

Pssst! No one believes polling. Your polls lie. See you have the fakenewsgin running full speed ahead Titanic warning came to late Yours has been coming for many moons

Lmao. Trump2020 IsupportTrump Let me guess you walked around CNN headquarters to take this poll. Ongoing BS from clinton news network FakeNewsCNN Are you sure they're Americans? Dear cnn, I'll just leave this right here. CNN needs to qualify the first sentence to read '60% of the democrats, 90% of ANTIFA, 80% of Planned Parenthood, and 75% of illegal aliens' say that President Trump....

Have you ever heard the story about the MSM boy that cried wolf? CNN PUSH POLLS have lost credibility.

Polls are misleading and Dems are always polled more than Repubs or Independents. It will always be skewed left. Fake polls for fake news. How did that North Carolina election go? LOL really? 😆😂🤣 Six in ten employees of CNN say... Who did you poll? President Trump will be reelected. Fake News CNN is an arm to the democratic party. Gaslighting

I must be one of the four then. Your poll is as fake as you are CNN CNN and Democrats want this country to fail. Is the same people polled that had Killary winning 2016 in a landslide? Be gone FakeNews

Haha, do that poll in Kentucky, Bet have you ever stopped to think about WHY your polls are always wrong? (Maybe its the fact that MOST conservatives don't watch your crap) Or is it the fact you are purposely trying to mislead the people? MAGA2020 I ran a poll too. It showed 1 in 26 Americans didn't believe democrats were an existential threat to America.

CNN still pushing fake news like we heard in 2016 that Hillary Clinton had 95% been elected as president and oops and we all know what happened then that’s why I CNN’s ratings are in the toilet and continue next into the shit haven’t watch them in 25 years garbage and propaganda Yeah Fu%ing right! YouAreFakeNews

10 of 10 people say CNN does not deserve to have the label as a News Network. And Hillary will 'win in a landslide'! 😂

That's a bold lie. Blatant propaganda that’s to be disregarded BULLSHIT 2020 may hurt CNN employees the most. Gimme a break, Trump has no chance against Hillary. FAKE NEWS. TRUMP 2020! LANDSLIDE. cnn lies on a daily basis. CNN is a joke

Did you poll the same people that said Hillary would win? 😂 'CNN poll' kind of just screams that's it's complete and utter bullshit. so, you are saying, 4 in 10 people are dumb as bricks. A CNN poll against the President? What a joke!!👎👎👎 what kind of citizen would participate in a CNN pole ? 😄😄😄

CNN poll? Yeah the Corrupt New Network Poll LMAO!!!! Keep it up OryBri 10 out of 10 Americans don't believe CNN polls.🤥 CNN lies. Don't listen to them. Is this really news?

9 od 10 Employess think their company is full of shit. Lies all lies - So, 6 in 10 of your CNN viewers believe the POTUS doesn't deserve to be re-elected. That's amazing, as 4 in 10 will consider voting for him in 2020, and when you add them to the 65% that plan to vote for him - it will be a landslide victory!

Where in cnn offices. When polled on the Berkeley campus... FakeNewsCNN at its finest! 😂🤣 Riiiiiiiiiight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂FakeNewsCNN

9 in 10 say CNN is blatant FakeNews and the 1 who doesn’t works there. I would have thought CNN would lie more than that and say 9 of 10... they are pathetic worthless democratic media station with NO news relevance. Surprising it isn’t 10 out of 10 Coming from the convicted Fake News Media CNN that only 1 of every 1000 Americans watch but all are Democrats!

Boy it’s been a very rough month for y’all hasn’t it... notice how much faster your fake news BS gets exposed. Y’all are truly the enemy of the people If the Dems don’t step up their game 45 will walk backwards into another 4years. We missed the boat in 2016 thinking this crackpot could never win! Well, ...

Well. I took a poll of ten squirrels in my back yard and they said nuts are good for you. They also said MAGA TRUMP 2020. And the worlds largest political opinion television station has spoken! Check out RealJack’s Tweet: 😳😳😂😂😂😂😂😂FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!

Bull Shit Even if this poll happened, you’d intentionally oversampled Democrats as you always do and will leave that out as part of your headline. Only unstable ppl take you seriously as normal and rational people know you are just a leftist propaganda rag. Wrong just more fake news. CNN sucks! Take your fake poll and you know what you can do with it!

How come I’ve never been asked to partake in one of these so called polls? What is going on fakenewscnn ? Y’all got to liberals tied up in the basement and you keep asking them your stupid questions? Lol

Where have I seen this before? 🤷‍♂️ Polls Yeah ok CNN=fake media.....propaganda only Six in 10 Americans think that Andy Kaufman is the Women’s Wrestling Champion Of The World. FakeNewsCnn CNNsucks EnemyOfThePeople F A K E. N E W S. A L L. T H E. T I M E. Nothing Burger with TRAITORS on the side PressSec DevinNunes TheJusticeDept TGowdySC

Who did you poll, only the uninformed who watch your channel? bostonbev71 haha CNN haha Fake news, fabricators, and bullies (Fredo) haha Oh, I believe you (hehe). Snicker snicker snicker. How many out of ten was that again CNN haha. 🤣😂😂 Who believes ANYTHING that CNN says? You're washed up has beens who spout nothing but globalist propaganda. Because your polls were SO accurate in 2016!!! 🤣😂🤣 losers LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder MAGA IstandwithTrump TrumpTrain Trump2020

Good afternoon president Trump You CLEARLY haven't been to the same Trump Rallies I've been to. How can you keep pushing fake news uphill like this? You know we see right through it, right? 8 in 10 Americans waiting at the gate for their flight or at the carousel for their luggage shake their heads in disgust when they look up at the TV screen - maybe you should poll these CaptiveViewers

Fake News CNN CNN Poll lol 😂 they question is who voted in those Polls ? Whether the six will vote against Trump is the million dollar question . Hi CNN! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 The best joke ever!

Who are these 4 people? 😂😂😂😂😂 Right.........bwaaaahahaha! How many Americans believe CNN should be allowed to broadcast fake news? Did CNN hire Andrew McCabe? Did not he get fired by the FBI for lying/leaking? Is that a credibility problem for CNN? Watch. Bullshit. No one Believes a word of what you say. CNN sucks and lacks integrity.

'According to a CNN-Poll realDonaldTrump has no chance to get elected...' CNN - 2016 😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️just stop Dear We hate you. You are the enemy of the people🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾 -America I can’t wait to watch you triggered a**holes when Trump wins in 2020. Trump2020Landslide Trump2024 Was the poll taken in the CNN news room lmao

Who believes CNN, not me they make stuff up and are outright liars. I hate liars! Le limogeage de John Bolton indique que le Président Trump est sur la voie d'une réélection. Il doit nettoyer les écuries et se débarrasser de tous ceux qui plombent sa diplomatie et contribuent par leurs prises de positions abruptes à l'isolement des USA sur la scène mondiale.

🤣🤣🤣 I do not believe this and that’s because the majority of people I work with support the man, despite disliking certain things. 👈This short video describes what FakeNewsCNN does to its viewers (used to be one woke)...meanwhile the executives at mainstreammedia are like.....hollows🤔

CNN poll hahahahha LOL . OK .... I'M SORRY I MEANT OKAY . He will be reelected. CNN is fakeness You mean your un-American audience poll. Thank god we dont allow fake profiles and bots to vote I our elections so long as they feed into CNN's Twitter posts. Vote ID laws are a great thing. And happy 9-11. Way to have a day of decency to degrade yourselves CNN You lack decorum

MORE FAKE POLLS How's that 17 point lead looking in North Carolina BTW? 2016: Six in 10 Americans say Donald Trump does not deserve to be elected according to a new CNN Poll. Oh. Hillary has a 98% chance of winning

Keep telling yourself that. Just like you did in 2016. FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople I talked to 10 Americans today. 9 of them said there is absolutely no difference between cnn and weekend update on saturday night live. The 10th person thought cnn was the 24 hour best of saturday night live channel. FakeNews FakeNewsCNN

HAH! CNN. What the h*ll is wrong with the other 4? 😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡 Just like Hillary is going to win by 90% stop being delusional 9 of 10 people would never answer a shitty CNN poll. He didn't even deserve a first term if it wasn't for the people that fell under his spell.

Aaaand we are supposed to believe ? We know you are clueless anout data. Please stop Communist News Network spewing propaganda again. But CNN polls are useless lol FakeNewsMedia Winning Where was the Poll taken, in the CNN News Room? Oh really? That means he’ll win in a YUGE landslide. Thank you! JusticeIsComing

He should have never gotten in the white house in the first place...he never severed his country.never finished not a good money and lies always 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 So programmed to lie you couldn’t tell the truth if you had to! What a joke you all are🤣🤣🤣🤣

I guess your only polled your station & Roswell Madowall?! Because that's bull 💩! You wish 😂 He gets my vote!! Now do your prediction for the 2016 election. BS poll! CNN polls are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get CNN poll participant ...

- !!!!!!- $$$$$$. ÷÷÷÷÷÷... STOP IT ALREADY... NOT ONE SANE PERSON BELIEVES YOUR BS ANYMORE. FCC should yank your license !!! You guys do remember the last time you guys posted polls that insinuated that trump would not be elected right? How did that work out again? 🤨 Stastical error is more like 9/10 who have been forced to accept reality. Americans have become bait under Trump. Ask that white girl who was gang raped on an cruise ship. American status, worldwide, has dropped precipitously under Trump Don't travel 2 far with a US passport

POS Hahaha. Nice try CNN but nobody believes your BS anymore. 😂😂😂 aaaahhh cnn at it again , I wasn’t polled , but I never am, according to CNN hillary is projected to win again in 2020 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 You have without doubt Proved yourselves as a Weapon of Mass Deception. As [You] see your End growing Near You Can thank us QAnon You can always have your errand boy 'Jim Acosta' ask the President on the White House lawn Who is Qanon? WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE

LMAO!!! Aren't you the same people that said he'd never win in '16? You haven't learned a damn thing...

Wow!!! Now this is a comment section, I would say it's more like 49 out of 50 people know that you literally are fakenews! Hahahhaha What utter tosh. Who cares what shite they come up. This group of cranky toddlers have no credibility. Americans still remember your poll saying Clinton would win in a landslide... Tell us again how that worked out 😂😂

CharlesRobinLe2 More fake news !!!!🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡’s Thanks cnn 😂😂😂 I’m afraid CNN’s running out of time to keep taking these Polls especially since they’re fooling no one. Polls didn’t sway anyone in 2016 nor will they now. Viewers are starting to realize that CNN hasn’t been truthful in many of the Polls, NC polls were wrong.

Please keep telling your viewers this. I will enjoy the repeat of their 2016 blindside breakdowns when he is re-elected. 9.5 in 10 Americans think that is a biased corrupt fake news propagator. But hey, your advertisers shouldn't be concerned about your low numbers right? Fixed it for you... Six in 10 Anti-Americans say President Trump does not deserve to be re-elected, according to a new CNN BS Poll. Fewer said the same of traitor Barack Obama or hater George W. Bush at the same stage of their presidencies. Thank you for playing! Trump2020 🇺🇸

another poll 😆😆 There you go again CNN confusing socialist Democrats with Americans More hard hitting news journalism. raybae689 Poll conducted with US citizens: 0 in 10 watch CNN or believe their polling data. Another Fake News poll..😠 SMH... What?, that is a lie. 99% percent deplorables are Not SAYING anything. Ready for 2020.

Lookie here a poll by the communist nitwit network. Listed below is how many fuks I give about your poll or your network. ... .... ..... You lied about a SITTING President being a Russian agent for 2+ years. You have no credibility Do t believe it. 10 out of 10 people I polled said lies. 🤷🏻‍♀️

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🙄🤣😂🤣 Of course we believe your polls, CNN 😳😳😳I'm trying real hard not to laugh....OBAMA-Mr NO legacy...? OOPS, never mind..😂😂😂...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wait until you get this next....BIGGER than 2016 rude awakening in 2020... Y O U HAVE N O I D E A... TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Screen shot time!!! When Trump wins by a landslide I am going to post this tweet everywhere I can to show anyone left not believing that CNN IS FAKE NEWS ! Smile for the screen shot. FakeNews Did you even leave the damn building for this poll 10 of 11 real Americans say President Trump will be re-elected, CNN will lose it’s airport contract.

fakepolls Dear CNN. Desperate reporting. These polls are not random, not reliable! Would love to see the actual stats of these polls. Man alive I can’t stand CNN and their agenda.

CNN Poll. Well then it must be true. Why even bother with an election. Sure. Who the hell did you poll, your commentators? What percent say he should be punished for treason? 😂😂😂😂🤣 cnn dumb All of you in CNN are irresponsible beings.... of I don’t know what bc humans you are not! TheDisaffected1 Are any of them in Michigan or Wisconsin or Pennsylvania?

7 in 10 say CNN doesn’t deserve to report the news. Ha, you got jokes. Fake News!!!

9 in 10 Americans associate CNN with fake news! Truth 🤡🤡🤡 Fake CNN News, you need to be shut down you're a threat to National Security. Journos are going to PRISON. Who'll be First? Wikileaks Podesta emails. Jake? Maggie? Xxx? For I’m the credible news outlet CNN - can’t believe it’s true. Say it isn’t so. And Hillary should win in a landslide according to CNN poll.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 sure Jan. I'm gonna save this tweet. I'll retweet it election night when 9 out of 10 people voted for POTUS. FakeNews as usual....

Yeah. Right. FakeNews 😂😂😂😂 the election polls will show a much different outcome. MAGA 2020 Ignore the media. 🙄🙄🙄 THAT POLL IS A CROCK OF FERTILIZER. Trump2020! Trump2020! Trump2020! Bullshit...we will reelect him. There are polls and then there are CNN polls you are FN Fredo approved poll i am sure.

9 out of 10 Americans say CNN is fake news. you guys are a joke. FakeNews Yeah. Okay 👌. We still don’t believe you. 10 out of 10 ppl don’t watch Sure, fake news. Keep telling yourself that. We will idly sit by and laugh all the way to 2024. TY CNNFakeNews That’s because CNN only has 10 viewers. Keep selling this nonsense to your minions who want to hear it. Gonna make election night 2020 bumpy for them, but maybe by then you'll have cooked up the NEXT 'this is how we're gonna get Trump out of the White House' lie & ya'll can keep this dysfunctional relationship going.

What? Bahhhahaha 😂not true CNN. Who did you ask? 10 CNN employees?

Considerably less than the 98% you beat him with last time. 😂😂🤣😂 CNN there you go again getting lots of people saying just the opposite of what you're trying to Peddle Fake news at its peak!! TRUMP 2020!!! ... Pants on fire! That’s pretty amazing considering it was done in CNN newsroom lol Was this “poll” among CNN staffers? 😂😂y’all crack me up with your outlandish bs

Wrong again Is that why there was a Huge demoRat turnout in NC.. Nice try douchebags

Trump/Pence will win in a landslide in 2020. Lolz CNNFakeNews b.s. Yea but your polls are not right Lol. Your extreme bias makes any report by CNN ... a joke. Next time poll people NOT in your lunchroom. Who the hell are you polling? So says CNN the Queen of Fake News. I have nothing on the Give -A-Shit meter!

How many times have you got caught pushing stories against President Trump that happened in 2014 under Obama. You have ZERO credibility. FakeNews 🤡 No wonder you're losing your audience. Hey......Listen......Here that. GoFuckYourselfCNN Uh, no. More PROPAGANDA BULLSHIT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I remember when cnn was in the news business. Sad.

The 6 people in the poll are also 100% of their viewership. FakeNews Poll found floating in Anderson Coopers live shot.... looked like a Baby Ruth on initial glance

CNN are domestic terrorists Horseshit. por sus pendejadas y mentiras TRUMP va ganar!!! You are Fake News! Haha! When you have so few viewers, and the ones you have buy the lies and propaganda you spew, is it really any surprise your little poll results were negative towards your President that you so despise...

🐂💩 A CNN poll is as credible as a CNN “source” nine in 10 americans would never admit they voted for him....😶

You must have asked only snowflakes But 8 in 10 are going to vote for him. 😊 I trust Mexico's tap water over a CNN poll! Pleased to meet you hope you guessed my name..but what's puzzling you is the nature of my game. 6/10 CNN Watchers? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 WalkAway BLEXIT Surprised you did not say 8 in 10 - trotting out a new narrative Jeffie

Another poll that is wrong by CNN and msm More FAKE news! The true news will occur in 2020, and CNN will again have the empty champagne glass just like 2016. Sorry Wolfe! Surprised it is as low as 6 in 10 !

...andcnnsucks Sorry you lose Mr. President 9 out of 10 would be wonderful - and then be sure that 9 goes out and votes! Can we see all the video of useless cnn workers crying when trump won again please. CNNFakeNews I trust a CNN poll like I trust emails from a persian prince. So you came up with this by polling less than 2000 citizens😂😂😂😂foxandfriends MSNBC ABCPolitics realDonaldTrump GOP

According to who? Liberal sheep? Have you seen the mans rallies? Hahahahaha Does Hillary still have a 98% chance to win? Are the walls still closing in? Is it over for Trump yet ? How many say he didn't deserve a first term?

Hillary is gonna win 2016 by a landslide! Hell NO he needs to go to JAIL Make that 7! Hahahhahah fuck CNN Suuuurrrre they do. Like anything you say has any credibility anymore. Pls cite ur sources....... That’s a total lie! Is that the same poll that picked Hillary to win in a landslide? Of course anybody that’s dumb enough to watch CNN But most most people know how things should work for as a country to be successful for its citizens

Well, if it's a CNN poll, it must be accurate. Right? It’s more like Trident gum ratio 4/5 in US ... And this is still too many-hould be none. Can I get a 7 Réélection ?!!!!Trump IS THE FAKE President !!!!He is History, DONE FOREVER!!!!!! Your Poll? We, the people, will determine if realDonaldTrump will be re-elected. 🙏🏽❤️🇺🇸

Trump is a servant with a good vision but misunderstood by some. Well that's life. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Didn't like 7 of 10 vote against him? 🤣🤣did CNN get their poll information from mad magazine?

You guys also said he wouldn't win... Don't you people ever get tired of the lying fake news that has become synonymous for More Americans than ever want him to make America Great Again. MSM is growing more pathetic everyday. 100% of CNN polls had Hillary winning.... He didn't deserve to get this far, and yet, here we are. I'm hoping America is REALLY paying attention to the attacks on our Constitution, our allies , and our citizens being allowed by the GOP and say in 2020 that we're better than this and him!

More Fake News from CNN Trump is definitely a idiot, shows how some elite white folks are total below basic FAKE NEWS Just like you said he isn’t going to win. 🙄 I didn’t vote for him last time, and I seriously don’t see myself voting for him this time... but we don’t have any good options on the left either. Though I wouldn’t mind another 4 years of liberals crying all day everyday.

Bet CNN Who cares what you say look at your Fake lying reporting in last 2 years in fact last 2 days you are a disgrace to journalism so glad we have a president with guts to expose you a and look at your lost 56% viewers Well CNN I am not sure what poles you are taking but the poles I have have heard you're absolutely wrong. The American people love I repeat love President Trump he will be re-elected.

Impeachment Poll brought to you by the same 'news organization' that for 2 years said the meuller report would get Trump impeached. Well, he doesn’t deserve a second term. Lol polls “According to a new CNN Poll”...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣MAGA2020🇺🇸😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

🤣🤣 FakeNewsCNN 💩 💩 💩

Gotta love those “CNN polls”...🤦🏻‍♂️ Is this the same poll that told us Trump would lose to sHillary by double digits! How you like that NC special election going to a Republican! Seems like those woke left policies like open borders dont jive with the majority of the nation! We should Only Pray and think about what we we were doing that day andNever Forget.Trump should be the last thing on our mind,he keeps destroying everything we have worked for,God Bless America !

Bold statement from the clown news network He is an embarrassment to our country. Bullshit. According to your exit polls, only 30% of Americans who voted thought POTUS was qualified for the job, yet he still won Ok cnn low left liberal only news reporting! The funny part is that you only questioned your own staff!

FakeNewsCNN Will they vote him out? That’s the question. TRUMP2020Landside More lies Watch '♦️That Time the CIA called CNN, 'Fake News' - TFNOriginal' on YouTube CNN does poll of their staff- cnn polls are worthless Does anybody know if CNN even believes their own polls Where did you hear that on CNN? Oh, Hahahaha CNN poll dummies

CNN is Fake News!

Do not believe the poll! In that case, they had better get out and vote in 2020! With 6 weeks to go in the 2016 election, CNN was stating that their polling showed HillaryClinton would win by a substantial margin of votes. How many times are you going to tweet this article? Then let’s NOT RE elect You're 'bellweather' election in NC sure didn't turn out like you were saying!. Funny how the commentary changed after gop won both to this doesn't mean anything

Didn't potus just tweet about how bad these fake news polls are yesterday? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 What’s wrong with the other 4.

Keep on polling. Truth is: realDonaldTrump is winning, winning, winning! MAGA2020Landslide All I care about is that Trump NOT be reelected. He has not earned my trust, I don't approve of him, his thought processes don't function rationally, he's got an inability to get along with others, to take advice or constructive criticism. His ego just can't handle it.

ONLY LIBBYS CNN THATS NOT A AMERICA POLL THATS YOUR OWN LIBBY POLL 8 in 10 will re-elect him. I agree HOW can it only be 6/10 But he will be re-elected because the South is stupid. QUESTION: Are the administrators of this poll the same ones that administered the 2016 polls? ANSWER: Yes CONCLUSION: Fake news / Unreliable / Communist News Network indoctrination and altering of elections

CNN also predicted Hillary Rotting Clinton would win in 2016. That is almost as crazy as 9/10 Americans don’t trust the media

This poll is the famous “CNN MORON POLL” they poll their staff😜😜😜😜😜👎👎👎👎👎 He should get re-elect just for bailing the US out of that climate change nonsense. The Carbon lie will be recognized as the biggest lie of our times in 50 years. All he deserves is prison! Jail! shocking from a cnn poll lol

6 in 10 Americans know your lies cnn the other 4 are your shills America is gaining back our economy and our security that the left sold away to our enemies. Thank GOD for this President willing to fight for every American. Even those who despise him because they listen to CNN The same polls that predicted a Hitlery blow-out...... more like 6 in 10 FakeNewsCNN watchers.

These polls🙄 Yeah as if anyone is gonna believe Fake News CNN 😆Any Russian Spy update yet ?

Continuous Nazi Network The real test of those 6/10 actusllly get off their backsides and vote accordingly. FAKE NEWS! The public knows this now and is fleeing from the dnc cabal! Where did you take this poll? In the parking lot of your headquarters office building? He is a danger to us. 'Deserve' is not even the right word. He needs to go, period.

You are propaganda for Democrats.... all of your stories are aimed to help them so.... And they MUST get out and vote!!!! Lol. I can’t wait to see your faces on Election Day! Let the crying begin. Why don’t you stop saying your a news organization? How about a name change to like DumpTrump or maybe the DNC news network?

Fake poll just like their “news.”

Only 6? 10 out of 10 Americans say you are fake news. Your polls are lies. FakeNews I guess when CNN LIES so frigging much and made up stories, and then they ask 10 of their employees, 4 of them got fired for not agreeing with the others, makes it 6 out of 10 hahaha CNN SUCKS! Fake news at its finest The only thing a CNN poll is good for is 💩 paper.

Alt facts: 4 in 10 are stupid. He is running scared he will not be Re-elected. Instead he will start running the Trump dynasty from jail. Not what real voters are saying

Nothing this rag outlet says can be trusted. This is proven every day. Like many Democrat-controlled government bodies, CNN, as the Propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, is a complete money-losing, unreliable, untrustworthy operation...and the American people know it. CNNisFakeNews Ah...sifting through the comments I see that the racists and bots are triggered now lol

1 in 10 Americans watch CNN Bye bye asshole I think pulled this poll out of their ass. What happened to your Russia Collusion hypothesis!? Did you abandon it? Fake news. 😂😂😂😂 if we learned anything from 20-6 it’s not to trust the polls. Bullshit

Yes, but it’s a poll. It should be 10 out of 10 FAKE NEWS...AKA LIES! Not even main puppet Acosta buys this one! CNN poll = liberals polling liberals. How did that work out in 2016? Lol. Where was this poll taken? Commiefornia? CNN😂😂😂😂😂😂 I imagine the poll does not have a margin of error allowing for Russian involvement

CNN poll said Hillary by a landslide.

Let's be real. Six in 10 ***CNN viewers*** say that President Trump does not deserve to be reelected. Realize that CNN's viewer base is mostly comprised of people with TDS. Also realize that CNN's viewership has been on a downward trend. Only 6? Thats a lie. Almost all Americans. The words “CNN POLL” is all you need to know about this.

This is a fake poll. Not what NC just said. Spin that bitches. Did you take the poll of your “Fake News” room? FAKE NEWS ! 64% of those polled stated they don't believe in statistics. Fake news!

That doesn’t mean anything. The ultimate in fake news right here!!! Trump2020 CNNFakeNews cnnsucks FakeNews LMAO......and you wonder why 97% of Americans know you are the leader in FAKE NEWS. Another 'CNN poll' Actually just the opposite is true. It has been a horrible week for fake news CNN. They illegally put our assets in harm and got caught lying so bad the CIA came out and rebuked them for material lying.

You crazy, cnn! Bull ! Quit with these fake polls !

Spero che sia rieletto, perche L’ economia va molto bene. L’unica cosa che non mi piace è come si comporta con l’ambiente e la natura 🇸🇮👍👏😉 CNN your polls are fake just as is your news. CNN lies all the time they report an event. Creeps and yet...the strangest thing happened in Cumberland County today, how does that work? obviously that election was fake because everyone knows these polls are really for real.

6/10 Americans 10/10 world population would like him to not be re-elected please vote America get rid of this fool 6 out of 10? That’s nothing. It should be 10 out 10 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

let me guess six in 10 cia spies in russia..... Lol, break room poll pehaps? So agree! So 40% of the people who watch CNN support the President? Trump is getting re-elected when 40% of CNN viewers support him. Just do the math and take into account CNN only writes 100% negative garbage on Trump. You can't even convince your own viewers.

Who the F are the 4 who think a lying corrupt narcissist should stay in office? LOL you got to love your fake left-wing BS polls , President Trump is going to be re-elected by the biggest landslide victory in the history of this country His presidency is really a litmus test grooming the United States for authoritarian fascism. The trump’s 30% base is in an agreement with trump’s policies.

10 out of 10 Americans say CNN is full of shit, a new poll shows. STOP PUTTING UNDERCOVER CIA ASSETS LIVES AT RISK WITH CNN FAKE NEWS STORIES

FAKE NEWS CNN STRIKES AGAIN WITH FAKE NEWS CIA OPERATIVE FAKE STORY Must have been the same Americans who landslided two GOP Congressmen in NC, after Trump’s visit 9/10 people in the rest of the world agree. Six in Ten tell CNN what they want to hear, since kicking an decaying ex-news channel when they are down to their last million viewers, is considered bad manners.

Remember, remember, the 6th of November. We went thru this with Hillary, your feelings are irrelevant. Another fake cnn poll. Where is the cnn poll that said Hillary was going to win? Imagine if news networks like CNN stop reporting fake stories like that Russian CIA informant how many false stories is that this year alone no wonder people have the wrong impression about President Trump CIA said dead wrong and dangerous

The Electoral College makes these polls pointless.

What’s happened to all this Russia news? After that made up story do you think anyone believes anything that CNN says? Who are you polling CNN followers 6 in 10 office comrades hiding by the water cooler say President Trump does not deserve to be reelected.... There, Fixed it for you Co'mon people. It's reporting this. This is like Jim Jones reassuring everyone that the Flavor Aide is to die for ShameTheLeft

Problem is that it is a CNN poll. Fake news equal fake polls. That's CIA'CNN Shut up. This man is fighting for America. Why don't you move to Iraq, CNN? Clown show. Trump didn't deserve a 1st term. Trump 2020 Don't worry Trump because CNN is also a jews mentality channel so what they are saying just saying in the favour of Bolton

And of course we believe CNN..apparently they are not in tune with Average America ..or..could it be fake news? CNNFakeNews Looks about the same hopeless percentage (for Trump) that you reported on Nov 6, 2016 Try taking a poll in NC, FL, MI, PA, MN, WI, OH where the election will be won. Who cares if your poll shows that 70 percent of Californians and New Yorkers hate Trump.

CNN polls CNN asked their own viewers and only 6/10 said that? Worst propagandists ever. Unfortunately that doesn't matter if the 4 of 10 live in state who votes matter they got that right CNN's days are numbered. Waiting for CNN to go up in flames. Too bad our country doesn't execute liars who actively seek to harm our country and citizens with false stories and hate campaigns. maddow Trump2020 KeepAmericaGreat

Will you vote for Donald J Trump in 2020?

Yet another fake poll He should never had a first term. But when you have Russia backibg you what do you expect. ONLY FakeNewsCNN FakeNewsMedia would do this poll. Idiots cnn Do a poll on FakeNewsCNN who's the biggest Liars MSNBC FOX9 cnn BET PBS add your most hated 'News' outlet colbertlateshow not news just hate him. Democrat 1 news source. See the hate

شمارسانه های گلوبالیست دشمن وطن و هموطنان خودهستید... ننگ برشما که با بودجه ملت ،بر ملت خیانت می کنید..... تمامی ملتهای جهان این حیله شما را فهمیدن و،حنایتان رنگی ندارد! Is that the same 10 who talked about Russia CNN poll

6 in 10 out of the 100 ppl that were polled. Smh. Cnn is a joke... any polls they manufacture are equally as irrelevant. Keep pushing. CNN IS A FAKE NEWS. TRUMP2020 That sticky little 40% though. They’ll kick you when you’re not looking. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Democrats they don't know how to get rid off Joe Biden

CNN poll ... FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople BiasMedia ...says the news outlet that told us HillaryClinton was going to win for they laughed at realDonaldTrump . ...or any place in a civilized society.

CNN bullshits way more than Trump I know 2 North Carolina Congressman who think PRESIDENT TRUMP should be re-elected. Hahaha Trump 2020 landslide win will completely destroy CNN .😂😂😂😂 can’t wait to watch election night as they meltdown into bellowing clowns. 😂😂😂 Clearly biased polling CNN poll 🤣🤣

false poll rbg 7 fold ret 10 too bad for FakeNewsCNN that six in ten Americans DO NOT VOTE! Morons “Deserve”? The putz realDonaldTrump deserves to be in jail before his term ends.

Well. We will see how they really feel I. 2020. Saying and doing are two different things. Dems and Rep moderates if u wnt to win 2020, all hv to come pit in droves and vote. Dems you hv to choose a candidate thy can do this. It ain't Bernie or Warren. Just the truth. Can we make that 10 in 10? presidentpussyassbitch

presidentpussyassbitch Haha. I remember these garbage polls from the last election. I remember the days when CNN was objective news outlet. Don’t blame them someone had to counter FOX NEWS. Imagine if CNN was neutral that would tilt everything in favor of Republicans. Obama certainly deserved a second term!!!

😂😂😂 says who? And Hillary wins in a landslide, remember? Who should I believe? CNN? Or the vegas sportsbooks. Let me guess who is showing true odds. In America everything is possible, remember it's a country of possibilities, a second term is obvious. Doesn’t count when you poll only the news room

You It could be that CNN constantly makes up FAKE NEWS stories about him And does nothing but bash him 24 hours a day. Yesterday you falsely accused him of outing an intelligence agent we had in Russia, but it wasn’t him it was during Obama and it was caused by the media mainly you. And CNN exit polls said that Killary was going to win!!! FAKE NEWS!!! Lol! Trump 2020!

Fake news Americans are beginning to tire it seems. I find it oddly amusing at sheer number of Trump athletic supporters who follow CNN on Twitter. 🤷🏻‍♂️ He hasn't done ANYTHING but cause dissention! The sky is falling.....the sky is falling! This is really getting old and annoying CNN! The economy is strong and all your inducement to get people to believe the end is near isn’t working! You are fake news!


🤦🏾‍♀️ At 40% of y’all If there was any honesty and integrity in the Republican Party it would be ten out of ten. The same CNN POLL that predicted HillaryClinton victory in the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION you are wrong then, and CNN tells more lies even today Trump doesn't deserve a second term, if President Obama had met with Putin behind closed doors, he would've been impeached immediately.

Bull shit realDonaldTrump is the most idiotic president America has ever had. You can do great things but foul language and behavior means a lot in leadership. He deserves the office until he is ready to retire! well, if this poll was somewhere else, NOT CNN I might say Hmmm? BUT since CNN allows every so called reporter to just BOLD face LIE about almost EVERY news story, Well can't go with this Poll.

You are fake news Silent majority decides, didn't the 2016 election polls teach you anything? FAKE NEWS !!!! BS poll- We as Americans better hope Trump gets another term. That's b******* CNN and you know it President Trump will be re-elected.. By the way we just took District 9 Dan Bishop Republican.. Thank you North Carolina voters

Just who are they asking? They make these claims but no one ever asks It's a CNN Poll......CNN also said Trump couldn't win.....The men at CNN were giggling about Madam President Hillary Clinton.....I am seeing the same trend.....fake news....far left activism. Trump is the best!! Bwahahahahaha.... what makes you think anyone believes your total BS 'polls' any more?! I don't even believe you conduct polls. I believe you just make up numbers and a poll title for a story. You never learn

He didn’t deserve a first term fakenewsCNN Same polls that predicted Hillary for President ! Fake news DON’T TELL TRUMP!!! (He wouldn’t believe it anyway.....) The poll asked the wrong people. God has the last say so on this 4 or 8 years True, but there are still 4 in 10 Americans who are brain dead. And in another poll voters decided CNN doesn’t deserve airtime as legitimate journalism!

Well, vote. Don’t sit at home because the person you wanted to win isn’t on the ballot and then complain about who gets in office 🤷🏽‍♂️ Can't believe it's not 9 out of 10...... 6 in 10 Americans think he shouldn’t have the remainder of his term! You realize that just by being a CNN poll the accuracy of this data is skewed significantly.Asking co workers in the elevator on your way back to the office to type this out is not a poll.

CNN=Bananas Why the H is trump's support still this goddam high? 10 of 10 cnn polls said Hillary was going to win the last election STFU Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to be walking around free!

TRUMP IS A RACIST/BIGOT & WHITE SUPREMACIST. THE FAKE POTUS IS FULL OF HATE & it DRIVES HIS DAILY AGENDA. KNOWING THIS IT BECOMES SO EASY TO UNDERSTAND HIS EVERY ACT & WORD HE GENERATES. He hates Hispanics and hates Hispanic children esp. NOOOOOOOO The dumpster fire didn't deserve the first! I’d say 8 out of 10 think it.

That’s 6 of 10 in NYC...down from 9 of 10 from just 2 years ago. Looks like a lot of Democrats will be waking up and walking away. Do one in a red state😁 He’s a dictator! fake news ANOTHER wrong poll from The Fake News Network! 😂😂😂 He didn’t deserve a first term. Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

Best President this country has ever had! Just this: only 6? nah, more like 9 and if it was more, CNN would find a negative slant anyway which is why nobody believes your 'news' Four of 10 people (idiots) think he deserves a second term? Seriously So 40% of the people CNN polled are uneducated racists (or billionaires)?

You all must have just asked each other, LOL Funny.. I still remember the CNN predictions before elections. According to those predictions Hillary should be running the country now. The reality is Trump is going to win the second term also.. CNN lies a lot No one is going to better noonebelievesyou

I don't believe your propaganda How is realDonaldTrump POTUS in the first place. Is it CNN poll?fake news CNN saying this is ironic since CNN has been telling Americans Trump is the devil since election night. CNN are almost as sad about this statistic as they were on election night when they were all proven wrong.

They are polling democrats CNN is such great unbiased journalism. Ha Can you say Fake news. CNN just go away. 🖕 How dumb are 4 out of 10? people know this person is crazy & dangerous. Interesting. Just like Hillary was going to win? 😂😂 Bet you only polled democrats, right? No one believes your scrappy polls!

Yes trust CNN'S polls. FakeNews! So where is that story about the outed Russian agent? Can't you guys get ANY story right? We would soon find out the real deal by November 2020. But 10 out of 10 US Citizens agree he should have a second term. People like to go w/the flow - u know that - people love to say 'throw the bum out' no matter who it is, but the masses have also been trained 2B scared of authority unless they can get swept up in a 'good house keeping seal' approved mob. What other people sold dolls at hangings

Fake pole didn't ask me We agree! He is reality TV host constantly bring chaotic drama to our country day in and day out. We do not like living like this ... on edge ...wondering what type of embecilic and insane behavior he will display. VOTE realDonaldTrump OUT!!! Vote BLUE! Should be 10 of 10! Who do you actually poll to get this result? Do you just make it up and hope?

*poll taken from a group of ten democrat voters.. CNN YOUFAILEDTHISNATION Hint:A CNN poll. The majority of Americans didn’t vote for him don’t want him in our government and will be glad when he’s gone How did the polls work out for ya in 2016? CNN IS FAKE NEWS! FAKE POLLS! Sure..Coming from CNN another fake news story!!

Whomp. Whomp. I remember how well those polls predicted the last Presidential election... Six out of ten Americans say you can’t believe a word CNN says. I’m calling BS on this

The man is a total asshole, not to mention liar, con artist, lousy deal maker, and only looking out for his own fortune and fame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another term for this monster would only lead to disaster for this country !!!!! Who excatly made these statements?. What polls? Who where and when? Or is this made up

Yawn.... Who did the research Trump didn't deserve the first term. Hillary got more votes. I never got asked... hmm sounds like a biased sample group Hope they ALL vote and bring two friends. Six in 10 liberal Democrats? Fake Russian news What the fuck is wrong with the other four?!

TRUMPS REAL BOSS I'd say it's more like 7 out of 10. Oh no, cnn says a poll show this!!! I hat ever shall we do! 🤦‍♂️ Sometimes you look more desperate than others cnn Sure, the polls never lie, right? The corrupted fake poll & news are Enemy of Democracy Freedom Human Rights and America. CNN lied about CIA Russian informant and Trump’s involvement! CNN is so desperate

Join Lou tonight – The CIA says CNN puts lives at risk with a false report about a CIA asset pulled from Russia. ChristianWhiton SebGorka KT McFarland pnjaban CBPMarkMorgan MorganWright_us GOPChairwoman Join Lou 7PM/ET. AmericaFirst MAGA Dobbs The only people CNN polled were democrats. Trump should be in prison

CNN Poll = 💩 No surprise. I cannot understand who thinks he deserves to finish this term. He is an absolute failure, and an embarrassment to the US. Liar Not one person in hundreds maybe thousands of comments even knows one person who’s been formally asked this question by fakenewscnn CNN IS FAKENEWS

CNN poll? That’s a good one! Like we believe your one sided poll And you Mo's still believe your polls even after his historic victory in 2016. pathetic It needs to be 9 in 10... 8 in 10 sez CNN is fake news network Trump deserves impeachment, now!

He didn't even deserve a 1st term! Lmao ok Newsflash...9 in 10 Americans say CNN is a friggin’ joke!!! What moron would pay attention to the Comical News Network? Lol. Shocking revelation from CNN whose 2016 election prediction was spot on Who do you think is going to beat trump? That’s right no one. Only 6 in 10? Geez to the other 4 guys - be honest with yourselves

🤔🤔 I guess we should just wait and see. Wait until he has a Dem opponent. Fake

OUTRAGEOUS; 40 frikkin % actually think he does? Our Republic is doomed thanks to so much ignorance and prejudice! Sadly; our Nation had white slaves too; research our history! Polling CNN office again. 😝 garbage Some serious FakePolls going on at CNN. Remember the same news network gave Hillary 90% chance winning election. How did that wotk out? Hillary got waxed!

“BuT tHe PoLlS wErE wRoNg LaSt TiMe” Keep telling yourselves whatever you need to 😅, the writing is all over the walls and in a year all of the Trumptards will be crying themselves to sleep 😂😂🥶 Change the record. Sure CNN...sure Those same pollsters believe Jussi was telling the truth sooo Oh please!

Did he even deserve the first term DavidChalian Today in liberal fantasy land we did a poll and it was just like we wanted it yeahhhhhh us

DavidChalian stick your lying fake polls where the sun does not shine DavidChalian Breaking Who ARE these 4 in 10 that still support the Fool in the White House? Trump is a “Zero”, like any number minus itself!!! But none of it matters. The fix is on. Obama, The Clinton's and others involved with FUSION GPS and the FAKE STEEL DOSSIER...GO TO JAIL

DavidChalian DavidChalian Here are 5 of those 6. Don't think this will be a problem. Looking at & listening to trump now shows he will barely make it thru his first term. DirtFarmerJeff CNN made up anti-Trump propaganda You guys and your polls. You just keep listening to like minded people and don’t get it.

Hey You people at the Clinton News Network - you might have missed this

Oh look... Another negative article about Trump from cnn... Who knew? In other news.. 11 out of 10 CNN watchers are clinically braindead. Hows Fredo ? “Gotta find me first sucka” Yea! We’re figuring out that Donald Trump’s leadership is very lucrative for the Trump family, but he has no intention of improving conditions for the rest of us.

Ok then CNN, whatever candidate you/Dems go with will win 100%. Who did they poll for this The cnn employees? Doesn't mean anything. You can't say anything until you know who the Democratic candidate is going to be. You know, the lesser of two evils and all. Name one Republican who would answer a CNN poll and not worry about ending up on a blacklist, being doxed, having milkshake thrown at them, etc! CNN polls are worthless

I got a great idea. Let’s vote on it and see!!

By 2020 Cartoon News Network will no longer exist! Lies journalist tells. Propaganda. CNN/Gallup/USA Today poll ..... sounds like some made up numbers to me Fake News!! Keep trying CNN....your fear is palpable. Trump2020Landslide realDonaldTrump JaySekulow DiamondandSilk SaraCarterDC EricTrump CNN Poll = FakeNewsCNN

Still haven’t learned the lesson on polling from 2016, eh? New poll says fake news CNN is full of shit LET’S ALL TRUST A CNN POLL OK OK COOL It should be 20 out of 20

The other 4 eat tide pods DavidChalian a cnn poll? Thank you for seeing the light of day. DavidChalian You wish, we are going to be again The sleeping giant DavidChalian Is this the same polling method that said Hillary had a 95% chance to be elected in 2016? Just curious. DavidChalian Why do you guys even bother? Your ratings would be better if you tried broadcasting on Comedy Central! 🤷🏻‍♂️🇺🇸MAGA2020

DavidChalian Uh, 10/10 Americans feel WE don't deserve it. DavidChalian Can't believe it is not 9 out of 10. DavidChalian Lmfao, the same poll that had Hillary winning by 98% CNN, post this after one of their anchors got caught intentionally spreading a bullshit story about trump exposing a spy in Russia placing he and his family's lives in danger!! Deflection I'm sure!

DavidChalian I bet there will be a lot more then the 63 million that voted for him in 2016!

I still remember your last polls that had Hillary over Trump. Come election night these polls won’t matter Trump fatigue is surging as his mental state decays The scariest part is that possibly, four in 10 Amerikans might think he deserves a 2nd term. That means almost half of Amerika is racist & extremely STOOPID

Fake News. To bad cnn he will be reelected despite your interference and lies. Landslide predicted for Hillary based on current polling... Yeah, well... they also said HillaryClinton was going to be the next POTUS and look at us. We didn’t even had time to set our minds for this terror. Polls shmolls ... just boot him out already.

That’s bunch CRAP CNN You ALL ARE IN FOR A RUDE AWAKENING!!! I am a HISPANIC Democrat COME 2020 YOU LOSE!!!! Haha CNN poll

DavidChalian ...39% approval rate.. .WTF...! Are people crazy? Trump belongs in the gutter ! He is despicable in every way! DavidChalian A CNN poll? DavidChalian Impeach him now and put America first. DavidChalian “CNN poll” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂👀😂😂🤣😂 DavidChalian I agree, too much testosterone in the WH since America became free. Women are smarter, more compassionate and diplomatic. However, more important we need a lady President. I myself am ready to have a woman POTUS. Some one like hmmm the Senator Marsha Blackburn. Time is for a lady

DavidChalian So says 6 of the 10 asked in the office. DavidChalian CNN poll. DavidChalian Never trust anything you see/hear on CNN. the people at CNN can't understand why no one trusts them. Its amazing, MSM in general is so irresponsible these days. DavidChalian Is this the same poll you guys took when all of you predicted Hillary will win by a landslide? Lol. What a joke. FakeNews MAGA2020

and i fart rainbows, have you at cnn not had enough yet ?

DavidChalian this is a bullshit story DavidChalian FakeNews WalkAway from the DemocratPlantation LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder KAG2020 Trump2020 Who did u poll? Lmao these polls are bullshit and we know bc they come out an echo chamber DavidChalian Zzzz. Nov. 2020 is a way off DavidChalian hahahahahahahahaha polls.

DavidChalian Why aren’t you reporting on John Bolton’s recent tweet !!!!! 😂😂😂 Yet they both wn second terms CNN should even be on the air!

This all nice and dandy to talk about but if the disgruntled don't go out and vote its the same old complaints with no action...go.out and make that change .VOTE! 6 in 10 Americans is probably accurate BUT only 3 or 4 in 10 actually turn up to vote so this MF’er prob still wins. And we’re out here pretending like the person that gets the most votes ACTUALLY gets to be president. Let’s all remember HRC got the most votes & still lost so...

6 in 10 Americans are wrong!!! Also, 9 out of 10 Americans think sucks. Count me in with the six as I do think Trump should be re-elected. He is an incompetent, ignorant, and inept narcissist who does not care about this country. He is using the presidency to further his brand and fill his coffers. DumpIncompetentTrumo2020

Seajay603 They didn’t have the Russians helping them win though. That sounds low to me. But I know a lot of people who really avoid talking politics, some vote some don't. It would be higher of disapproval if more were paying more attention. Whereas I think of supporters- most of them are pretty outspoken.

DavidChalian Shame on the remaining 4 out of 10.

DavidChalian Lol cnn. DavidChalian So 4 out of 10 still thinks he does? America, you have a problem. DavidChalian When you're taking a poll of 1500 voters, 1200 of which are Democrats, 200 are Independents and 100 of them are Republicans you are able to come up with these numbers quite easily. DavidChalian Exactly my point, he no deserve at all, how comes a president himself don't even know how to rules his people, he needs to go back to learn how to drive the government first.

DavidChalian Your polls during the last election also said Hillary was going to win in a landslide and Trump had no chance to win the election. So...not buying your biased polls. DavidChalian Ohh CNN. 2016 repeating itself DavidChalian Your 'polls' are nothing more the advertising hype to facilitate the clear and present danger of agenda to overthrow the President & the Constitution. the leader of lies!

DavidChalian The four out of 10 that think he should be re-elected, scares the hell out of me. The silent deplorables will rise again. Got a large office of them. Stay quiet and carry a large stick. BREAKING NEWS = 6 out of 10 Americans aren't complete idiots? 6 out of 10 Americans are tired of the Corrupt Racist Unstable Pathological Liar in the WH? 6 out of 10 aren't buying the Republicans' attempt to normalize him?

Too bad 6 out of 10 won’t vote against both parties. Who believes in CNN polls they are never right He doesn't deserve even a lame duck term, where he could wreak total havoc. ImpeachTrumpNow Same polls that said he wouldn’t be president LOL 6 in 10 americans get their news from your trash outlet As a moderate Republican, I agree that Trump does not deserve reelection. He lies, divides, and does not hold GOP values. I’m also concerned that my GOP leaders like Graham and McConnell do not as well. What is happening?

No one cares about your NYC and Cali polling results! CNN Poll: 10 out of 10 Americans believe in Santa Clause. (We asked 10 kids. Polls LOL!) Says CNN Activist biased lying hypocrite pseudo media 😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣who did you poll the staff? Damn PROPAGANDISTS ‼️😂🤣😂🤣😂 CNN POLL...... joke news. TRUMP LANDSLIDE 2020

TrumpLandslide2020 Fake News Why aren’t you talking about trump ruining our spies long work in Russia? Trump should be impeached for national security reasons! This just in: new poll shows conclusively that 9 out of 10 Americans don't give a damn what the 10th one thinks. dandrezner What the hell is wrong with the other four?

Even the CIA is calling out CNN Fake News You didn't mention that you polled 60 DemoRats 🐀and 40 Patriots🇺🇸. FakeNews FakeNewsCNN cnnsucks liars fakepollsinterferewithelections dncpuppets boughtandpaidfor fakepollsbytrolls Considering CNN did the pole I'm surprised at the results. I would imagine with the way they trash our country and the President the numbers would be more against him. Thank God for Donald Trump

I could only imagine what these people are going to do when Trump wins again. Scary that the people who feel we should all be free to think and vote as we like are the ones who are trying to stop folks.... More lies, who did you poll, D.C. swamp people. Reelection, then dynasty. MAGA KAG BULLSHIT! We should put you POS'S right there with the National Enquirer actually I think some of their stuff is credible unlike any of yours! I can't wait for people following you to wake up and realize they were Fed nothing but Lies!

The narrative of trump on your network is deliberately crafted to be negative on the presidential, thus yours is a platform that brings all people who dislike trump together and pushes their agenda. Hence your poll numbers on the negative for trump isn't surprising, Does that mean 6 out of 10 CNN viewers? Lol!

PAH! Maybe 6 in 10 in Liberal districts! Does that mean he is finally winning the popular vote? I bet it’s more than 6 in 10. I know foolish people who voted for trump that now say how much they regret voting for trump! More probably think it & just aren’t willing to admit they were wrong-but I bet they won’t support trump again.

POLLS!!!! 😂😂😂 Another childish DNC mouthpiece tweet by

No one cares about a CNN poll. CNN is always one sided anyway. It’s hard to have any credibility when all you report is one way journalism - I think most American would rather make their own opinion rather than be brainwashed by constant negative articles Or his fantasy 3rd term🙄 This is a very poorly written article and headline. Just put a chart in there.

CNN Polls 😂😂😂😂😂 No I rather have higher taxes, open borders, government insurance,no oil,no gas. Please let them control my thermostat too! And much,much more!! Pretty please! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 But cnn and TheDemocrats are doing all they can to re-elect him Well when you're only pulling Democrats FakeNewsCNN

6 in 10 people you polled, you mean

From fake news? Lol I thought 2016 CNN told us 9 American in 10 want Clinton what a shame And that’s when asking only Democrats!!!! For calibration, 50% of the population has an IQ less than 100. And yet...he will probably be elected... Which of course means an electoral college landslide for the Republicans.

In reality 9 out 10 people believe CNN is fake news. Lowest unemployment rates for Hispanic and African Americans. Created more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs since his election. Almost 4 million jobs crated since his election. Median household income has hit highest levels ever recorded.... I can go on and on

We shall see at the end of the 2020Elections 🤔🤔🤔 Come out to rural American and do those polls, see what happens! 问题是,总统先生不仅是天才,而是他以无法超越的智商发挥了他的天才,所以他得到的争议与攻击也是其他人的N次方那么多,因为不是同一个数量级上的。

Such polling by CNN is useless and also transparent. CNN poisons the well by broadcasting nonstop negative stories about Trump. And then finds that his approval rating is not very good which is kind of a self fulfilling prophecy, IF TRUE. He didn't deserve the FIRST term... Who voted for him 3016 then.. 😂 😂 😂 😂 Funny same shit was said dude became president i dont mind if trump is president tor lige he totally deserves it.. MAGA FOREVER and EVER REALDONALDTRUMP

Considering less than 50% of those who voted in 2016 actually chose him, Trump didn't even deserve his FIRST term. Hell fire, only 6 in 10 don’t approve of trump’s performance? Really, what’s wrong with the USA? Should be 10 out of 10 not approving of Trump’s destruction of our democracy. CNN = Fake News

Can’t believe polls it’s been proven,a non politician beat the long arms of the Clintons ❤️🇺🇸 Fake News So those 6 out of 10 support wars and people dying in the world? Such a disgrace! Do not re-elect Donald duck under no condition. He is cold and callous and treats people who he disagrees with really badly & unprofessional then fires them. John Bolton and orhers.😩👎🏻

Lol. So says FAKE NEWS CNN. Those six are those working for FAKE NEWS CNN. What a joke. Trump supporters back him more today than in 2016. Keep it up FAKE NEWS CNN. No credibility. What's going on with Russian Collusion? CNNは、大統領が本当に嫌いなんだね So he is gonna win...! Why is this number not much higher? The only problem is those 4 in 10 live in the states that mean the most to when the electoral college

Since this is not a Presidential Sharpie Poll it could be accurate That was a pill of your so called journalists shocked it wasn’t 10 of 10 CNN hacks clownnewsnetwork 6 in ten are brainwashed by the media and probably don’t know all he did Fake news again....

Fake news More u say this better will get chances for him to get second. U May ask ndtv or BDUTT Only 6? then Bernie will run as independent if he doesn't win the primary, splitting the democrat votes, and hand Trump the second term, just like he did for his first term. I think that this might mean something if it was coming from a reliable source. MESSAGE TO CNN... Bring your standards up and maybe you'll be taken seriously when you post something like this.

😂 Poor-ole-USA-citizens: Hence over half of USA'S citizens are foreign immigrants, wherefore they are pro their MOTHERLAND. Thus a lots of citizens want to see USA dissolve like the Soviet Union did in 1997. (Just so you know)!$!$ 9 out of 10 Americans say that CNN is FAKE NEWS. Thoughts and prayers, hopes and dreams

Is this your own poll, the Conniving News Network? FoxNews OANN seanhannity SebGorka 当人们无论如何都无法超越一个天才的时候,只能选择攻击。 lol, cnn is funny He will win again ..and Hilly's gonna be Pres by 97% blah,blah,blah,blah Yes but 9 of 10 electoral votes say he will. Question: Is it 6/10 of Americans, or is it 6/10 of those very special Americans that CNN has chosen to ask that question? There is massive difference between the two!

This means 4 out of 10 do. What the HELL is wrong with them?

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