CNN ‘Journalist of the Year’ peddles fake story about Trump’s America, resigns

Mike Huckabee is really savoring this story


12/21/2018 2:25:00 AM

Mike Huckabee is really savoring this story

Christmas came early for the #FakeNews bunch in the form of a German reporter getting his comeuppance for years of false reporting, including a web of lies he weaved upon a visit to Trump country back in the spring of 2017.

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Top blockchain technology is DeepOnion $ONION getdeeponion Typical Leftists are CNN

German reporter stripped of CNN 'Journalist of the Year' awards for fabricating storiesGerman magazine Der Spiegel, where Claas Relotius worked as a freelancer and later full-time, said Wednesday that he had fabricated interviews and facts in at least 14 articles. So...fake news? 😂 Maybe a good candidate for Trump's new Press Secretary.

POLITICO Playbook PM: Trump, Pence lean into national emergencyVP Mike Pence said today he said that the president wants to wait to hear from the Supreme Court before putting DACA on the table. “No wall, no deal.” The latest in Playbook PM: Stop punishing americans numerous professionals have stated the wall isn't what the country needs right now 5.6 billion dollars is a expense that could be used for more important issues do yhe correct thing and stop the shutdown I’d like to hear more from Robert mueller about your campaign working with the Russian govt before we let you play emergency.

Internet mocks Trump's possible chiefs of staff - CNN VideoThe search for the next White House chief of staff has turned up lots of laughs. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports that even critters are being proposed. Poor Journalism 🧐 It’s either going to be Jared or Newt. No sane person who cares about their reputation would jump onto this sinking ship. Nobody wants to work with a traitor!

Witches fuming over Trump's use of 'witch hunt' - CNN VideoCNN's Jeanne Moos shares the concerns of witches who take issue with President Trump's 'witch hunt' claims What a joke story Trump is good for the black community tbh What

German reporter stripped of CNN awards over fraudBERLIN (AP) — CNN International says a German journalist who was found to have fabricated numerous articles is being stripped of two awards he received from the broadcaster in 2014. CNN said in a statement Thursday that the independent panel of judges who awarded Claas Relotius the Journalist of the Year and Print Journalist of the Year awards four years ago decided unanimously to remove the awards following revelations about his fraud. German magazine Der Spiegel, where Relotius worked as a freelancer and later full-time, said Wednesday that he had fabricated interviews and facts in more than a dozen articles over the years. Fake News CNN should be stripped of their license. This is kinda humerus... He should’ve kept it as CNN has become a political steering machine.

CNN's Chris Cillizza Counts Down Trump's Most Bizarre Statements Of 2018'Sometimes if you were listening to or watching his speeches, you might miss how totally weird and nonsensical parts of them are.' He Made Another Cover. I remember when they did the same story on obama.. oh wait.. never mind... Now let’s see the countdown of CNN’s fake news’ stories

Trump's 'crazy' Christmas behavior compared to 'Apocalypse Now' character Colonel Kurtz on CNN'And he is a little like Colonel Kurtz, surrounding himself by crazy people in the jungle talking about crazy stuff,' former Clinton spokesman Joe Lockhart told CNN Wednesday. just...stop. It's getting embarrassing, even by Newsweek's recently low standards for clickbait headlines. Watching a manic-depressive Christmas. It is Autism Spectrum Disorder actually. He has all the traits manifested and documented within this article:

CNN Hits Back After Trump's DHS Denies TSA Workers Are Calling Out Sick Amid Shutdown″CNN spoke to numerous TSA & union officials & cited data provided by unions for our report,” the network said Saturday. Sources = made up How dare CNN use facts! We should just believe our glorious leader. He would never steer us wrong 🙄 This Is CNN

CNN Hits Back After Trump's DHS Denies TSA Workers Are Calling Out Sick Amid ShutdownCNN strikes back after Trump administration criticizes network's report on increased TSA worker 'sickouts' because of the government shutdown. Federal workers union members speak up Well, this is easy enough. They either called in sick or they didn't. CNN doesn't invent those numbers. They are reported by the TSA. Because, you know, “they want the wall.”

CNN Political Analyst Slams Trump’s ‘Incredibly Sexist’ Salad Joke'It seems to me like the president will not be happy until there is not one single female Republican voter in the country. It's incredibly sexist.' But then put the one male on the panel on the spot like he said it. It wasn't fair at all. Just because Trump is an idiot, doesn't mean the rest of us think that way. Point your finger at the guilty party. Stop blaming me. Meanwhile... Serve fast food, own the Libs.