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CNN Arrest Is What Actual Censorship Looks Like

After days of presidential complaining about Twitter policies, the live-TV arrest of a CNN crew showed America an actual offense against the First Amendment.

5/30/2020 1:01:00 AM

'America got to see what an actual offense against the First Amendment looks like,' our TV critic poniewozik writes after Omar Jimenez, a CNN reporter, and his crew, were arrested in Minneapolis. 'It looked like world news footage from a police state.'

After days of presidential complaining about Twitter policies, the live-TV arrest of a CNN crew showed America an actual offense against the First Amendment.

Credit...The incident, which unfolded over several tense minutes, was brazen and appalling. But at least it served a clarifying purpose. After days of hot air expended insisting on a politician’s “right” to use a private platform without correction, America got to see what an actual offense against the First Amendment looks like.

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It looked like world news footage from a police state. Mr. Jimenez, wearing a mask in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, calmly negotiates with officers, visored and bunched in around the camera. He tells them they are live on the air, and he offers to get out of their way: “Put us back where you want us.”

He’s told, “You’re under arrest.”He asks why and gets no answer. And he’s walked off, to the stunned play-by-play of the anchors in the CNN studio. (Mr. Jimenez is black and Latino. Notably, given the racial dynamics of the Minneapolis protests, a white CNN reporter also covering the story said he was

treated much more politely.)Then the producer is arrested, then the cameraman, until finally an officer picks up the camera and walks it off, the screen jostling into motion as if we, the audience, were being taken into custody, for getting too close, for seeing too much, for looking at someone the wrong way.

ImageThe CNN producer and camera operator were also taken into custody. They were released later on Friday.Credit...via CNNThe official explanation for the arrest was that the CNN crew refused to move on police orders, an absurdity given what the world saw and heard live. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” the network anchor John Berman said.

But we have seen things like this, not long ago, if not so flagrantly and shamelessly. Police in Ferguson, Mo., gave a similar rationalization in 2014 forarresting two journalists— ordering one to “Stop videotaping!” as he recorded his arrest — during the unrest after the police shooting of Michael Brown.

In the past, though, the arrest did not happen to journalists who work for a news organization that the president had designated the “enemy of the people.” It did not happen under a president who once retweeteda doctored videothat showed him beating on a person with the CNN logo covering his face.

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And it did not happen in a week when that president threatened punitive measures against a private social-media platform for suggesting that the misinformation he tweeted was misinformation. The president, it seems, considers his inconvenience to be a violation of freedom, and actual press freedom to be an inconvenience.

Which in the end is the only real connection between Mr. Trump’s claims of oppression and the violation we watched on morning cable TV. Actual censorship happens when a government acts to suppress protected speech, not when a private company sets rules for using its platform.

ImageAfter the arrest, an officer set the CNN camera aside as the camera kept rolling.Credit...via CNNJust hours before the arrest, Mr. Trump posted his tweet with the “shooting” line, which the Miami police chief Walter Headley used in 1967 to justify crackdowns on civil rights protesters.

And for years, he has used his speech, copious and unfiltered, to argue that the police should have a free hand in dealing with threats, and that among the greatest threats are news outlets like CNN.By noon on Friday, the president was stillabout Twitter, on Twitter. His account made no mention of the CNN arrests.

That morning,Mr. Jimenez and his crew were released, with an apology from Minnesota’s governor. But the messages had already been sent. The arrest told all media that there are people within law enforcement who now feel empowered enough to shut down coverage of unrest — unrest resulting from police violence — flat out in the open.

And it told American viewers what kind of country they are living in. This country was captured in the final seconds of video by the CNN camera, laid on the concrete, still rolling, the booted feet of police lined up at a 90-degree angle. A country angry, frightened, smoldering and tilted sideways.

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Mafferelli poniewozik Seriously censorship? This coming from the station that PUBLICLY admitted to posting fake news and facts! The station that is causing the race war and was fear mongering Americans! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😇😂😂😇 poniewozik This is completely staged. Wake up people. FakeNews poniewozik This is surreal and yet is real

AllenCNN poniewozik I screamed in real time. OmarJimenez & his cameraman took it in stride as if part of the adventure— Thank God. Then he returned to reporting after trending social media gv a heads up to MinneapolisPD ldrs & GovTimWalz. CNN poniewozik CHILLING!!! poniewozik ReportingWhileBlack and ReportingWhileAfroLatino OmarJimenez zoesaldana soledadobrien aliciagarza

poniewozik They let them go 5 minutes later. Give it up CNN thomasmeadnz poniewozik New shopping still poniewozik Ha ha ha this has TRUMP written all over it poniewozik 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 poniewozik poniewozik There is lot of this story that we need to uncover. It seems to good to CNN and Trump !

poniewozik to rest of the world you ARE world news footage from a police state randybias poniewozik We've only been a police state for a decade or so, but how nice of you to finally notice. poniewozik to protest the police to arrest the journalists poniewozik It started with wikileaks years ago and you guys didn’t have guts to stand up against it because sitting in laps of politicians was mess cozy and now its hitting home and all of a sudden you remember first amendment. JulianAssange

poniewozik Watching this was upsetting beyond comprehension. A continuation of the George Floyd tragedy. I am sick. We are tragically spiraling downward and it's horrifying. I don't recognize our country. poniewozik And this is what left-wing demagoguery looks like. If this was 'censorship', it lasted an hour, while de facto censorship of Trump and conservatives by our biased media is permanent. By the way, has CNN reported on the attack on its building in Atlanta by rioters?

poniewozik Now, that was unbelievable. So Sad 😥 poniewozik If there were a white faux news crew out there, would there have been a different outcome? I think so. Tea and crumpets might have been in order... poniewozik Alexandre_GARRA poniewozik I don’t suppose we will heard a word of disgust from the man who is squatting in our White House,

poniewozik AND RACISM A Black reporter was arrested covering the protests of a Black man killed by a cop BEFORE the cop was arrested. Think about that. BURN THIS COUNTRY TO THE FUCKING GROUND. poniewozik This seemed very staged. Fake news at it’s finest. poniewozik The only person who can fix this mess right now is BarackObama he needs to come out and ask his black community to organize a peaceful protest, because the guy at the white house knows how to put more gas to the fire.

poniewozik Our fraudulent leftist media working hard today. KatyTurNBC poniewozik In a police state they wouldn't have released Mr. Jimenez and apologized. But Poniewozik knows that. KatyTurNBC poniewozik Good grief. poniewozik I hope the protesters go after the HQ of the NYT next and give them the cnn treatment.

poniewozik Damn even China don’t do that stuff in Hong Honk. What we have become! GiaJudge poniewozik Protesting/Rioting During the day political protestors. At night paid people much like the goons at Trumps speeches to incite violence. Sickening. poniewozik I suspect that excessive freedom of the press has caused Americans to cross all limits to suicide.

poniewozik ObamaForVicePresident poniewozik Here we go again, the MSM making themselves the star of every story. Gets so bullshit boring poniewozik Way overstated. It was peaceful and they got let go quickly with an apology. People make mistakes under pressure. This wasn’t some systematic repression of journalists.

poniewozik It was censorship. Not what it looks like. It was in USA - the self proclaimed Mecca of democracy poniewozik And these cops wonder why they get shot poniewozik The USA is becoming a police state. poniewozik Funny how the media now say 'an actual offense against the First amendment' when actually the media has been fighting hard censoring people who speak up against the elite agenda

poniewozik Has America being transformed into People Republic of America now? How long have I been sleeping? Two hundred years? poniewozik CNN failed to be Journalists a LONG time ago. They shouldn't be there. Likely getting in the way and causing problems. I don't trust that CNN isn't up to something trying to make things worse after YEARS of Constant lies, Deep State/CCP Propaganda, RussiaHoax and bullshit.

poniewozik You know its a trumpster when they deny and blame everything else. poniewozik The polices are very crazy fuckthepolice poniewozik This man was doing his job. Do yours. poniewozik Freedom of the press and free speech. He killed! poniewozik Where is freedom of speech? poniewozik CNN is desperate for attention so they staged a dramatic event to try and improve ratings they are just a unreality TV show that no one watches anymore

poniewozik A freedom country cannot arrests reporter poniewozik Your society gets the police force it deserves poniewozik You could not make this up and thankfully caught on film, its like a living experiment and true to racist form the brown skinned guy gets busted...all played out before our very eyes, institutional racism alive in the police blacklivesmatter endracism

poniewozik Lol poniewozik He was asked to move several times. What a hoax!!! poniewozik Would love to see the nytimes front page saying “American Spring” poniewozik FIVE DEMANDS, NOT 1 LESS (We stand with George Floyd and Minnesota) : 1. RELEASE the American citizens arrested in demonstration. 2. APOLOGIZE for definiting us as THUGS, RIOTOR. 3. WITHDRAW all the charges of all demonstrators.

poniewozik I noticed that Omar was arrested, while his crew were not. But they are white and he is not. I think we all know what was happening there. cnn JusticeForGeorge poniewozik OMG NOBODY Cares about CNN getting arrested We give ZERO F*cks Entitled, Narcissistic, CNN : RIVAL of The Cartoon Network FakeNews harassing the police deserved to be arrested Police shouldn't need to babysit CNN

zurichlive poniewozik I was news footage from a police state... you‘ve just ignored that fact for years poniewozik How ironic poniewozik Shawnee_Leath poniewozik America is becoming like an African failed state Shawnee_Leath poniewozik CNN MSNBC ALL of the media is PART of the problem. You all have very short attention spans,focusing on hype & what raises your ratings.If ALL of the media had stayed focused on the continuous police brutality, give it the attention it demands, riots would not happen.Shame on u!

poniewozik Fake news! 100% staged bull 💩 poniewozik I’m ashamed to be an American realDonaldTrump poniewozik poniewozik AMERICA: Where innocent journalists are arrested before murderers. SAD! MAGA DumpTrump VoteOutGOP VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 CNN karma poniewozik And then They LIED about what happened even though MILLIONS of AMERICANS watched LIVE as the arrest unfolded! WTF?

poniewozik Hello fascism... poniewozik Weren't they asked to move? Or is this just another uncle soros ploy? poniewozik Fake news. You didn't think this day would come. Lol. poniewozik you forgot to tag this. Here, I will do it for you. FakeNewsAlert FakeNews poniewozik Hitler did it poniewozik Nice exaggeration NYT!! But I'm thinkin' in a police state we would be seeing a lot of dead looter and arsonists bodies.

poniewozik Closer and closer you are moving towards a totalitarian state. Take back your government. The world is watching. God speed. poniewozik This is Hongkong...... poniewozik Staged arrest. They’re the only ones around and get arrested but they can’t say why. The same cop that arrests Omar hands the mic to the producer then comes back to arrest him. He ties the producers hands with rope. Did they run out of handcuffs?

poniewozik Our president calls the media the EnemyOfThePeople' Worse is on the way. I promise our soon to be indicted depot wannabe will not leave office. I also expect we will see attempts to shut down US media organizations based on national security claims. poniewozik Did anyone else see the video alleging this was all staged? They were literally the only people there since the cops told everyone to disperse earlier. This man and his camera crew are the only ones who didn't listen. Very sad and pathetic if this is a publicity stunt by CNN.

poniewozik Yup this is what black and brown (mostly) men go through every day the white reporters out there were not bothered at all poniewozik It didn't LOOK LIKE that, it WAS THAT poniewozik wrongJustWrong poniewozik Now you're worried about censorship?! poniewozik That's awful. Did they not show them their press credentials?

poniewozik F cnn. Biggest threat to America is cnn poniewozik Re: CNN reporter arrested, Democratic Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz: We deeply apologize; we thought they were with Fox News. Lol poniewozik America can't take another four years of this crap. poniewozik Nah we saw it way before this. poniewozik HK stands with US rioters! Exact the way you stand with ours. They just want justice! They are freedom fighters

poniewozik that video was the craziest thing i’ve ever seen poniewozik Revolution! American people 😄 poniewozik It's fascinating that even in a critic's column, a place where opinion can be expressed and is expressed in this case, the Times still won't call a lie a lie. Even here, where subjectivity is accepted, the Times sticks with the euphemism of 'misinformation.'

poniewozik poniewozik Trump causes so much injustice. poniewozik America is always a police state. poniewozik And if the left had its way there would be way fcking more of it. poniewozik So your country arrests for a First Amendment ‘right’ such as a reporter but does not for Scond Amendment right when nazis with AK-47’s openly invade the Mich capitol building.....wha5ba sh*t hole country!! America!! Take back your country! Grow a set!

poniewozik America got to see blatant racism. The reality of dehumanization of Omar Jimenez. 'CNN's Josh Campbell, who is white, also in the area..was approached by police, but allowed to remain. Campbell said, 'I was treated much differently than (Jimenez) was.' poniewozik Just people of color were arrested, other crews, the white people, weren't.

poniewozik Last time I checked Minneapolis is run by a bunch of liberals. So not sure what you’re insinuating poniewozik Thank Lord our brother Omar is doing ok poniewozik Thank U Lord our brother is ok poniewozik Chinapolis poniewozik Please shoot me. We are willing to die. For justice. poniewozik Although this is CNN, it was just wrong to arrest a news crew because they were doing their job. Is Minneapolis becoming a territory that the first amendment is unlawful like some other countries overseas?

poniewozik 新闻自由呢?人权呢?为啥不像在香港一样嚣张,张狂?!在这里老老实实的,乖乖的被戴上手铐? poniewozik trump is not mentally ill or a child. He is a criminal, and his actions are CriminalNegligence, he will need to be prosecuted and explain how the wealthiest country in the world, we have 100000 Americans dead. accountability Incompetence CorruptAndComplicitGOP senatemajldr

poniewozik seriously that's what you call a violation of first amendment rights what about what you guys are doing to everybody's first amendment rights our freedom of speech is being taken away but you should still have yours you're such a hypocrite poniewozik Omar Jimenez demonstrated perfectly how everyone should act when they believe they are being arrested under false pretenses. Resisting arrest only leads to much worse outcomes.

poniewozik The US IS a police state and has been for quite awhile. Don’t be surprised maysoonzayid poniewozik It IS news footage from a police state poniewozik I thought I was watching the pilot for the Handmaid’s Tale. Absolutely disgusting. TrumpsAmeriKKKa poniewozik Good, arrest those porch monkeys!

LibertyLndnGirl poniewozik 美麗的風景線 poniewozik Nah, I see that daily when u publish. poniewozik Violating the freedom of the press wasn’t just violating the rights of this team. It violated the rights of every single American. The press exists to inform US, to protect OUR rights. Those arrests infringed upon our rights too. And I felt it deeply as I watched it happen live.

poniewozik Trump just put sanctions on China for it's violation of the human rights today. poniewozik poniewozik So this is what so called American freedom is? Very impressive poniewozik This is the guy Minneapolis burns for: The 46-year-old left Houston after being released from prison stemming from a 2007 robbery He plead guilty to entering a woman’s home, pointing a gun at her stomach and searching the home for drugs and money, according to court records.

poniewozik Lol maybe because it was poniewozik If it looks like a police state and smells like a police state, it just might be a police state. 🤷‍♀️ poniewozik There has to be a better way. Standard protocols for news reporting must be established during emergency situations. It should be part of overall disaster planning.

poniewozik Watching this situation reminded me to the innocent journalist in Turkey they were arrested on live too. The only difference is, they are still in Jail since 2016. It’s been 4 years HumanRights DictatorErdogan BlackLivesMatter poniewozik Not only america but the rest of the world.. poniewozik Who runs that city!? A democrat appointed minority police chief, a democrat mayor, a democrat city council, a democrat governor....must be Trump and the Alt Right at it again

sashasimic poniewozik The USA is a racist state. BlackLivesMatter ReidStan poniewozik Try being JulianAssange poniewozik you live in a dictatorship guys. welcome to the club. poniewozik AmericaIsAPoliceState poniewozik 😧 poniewozik The police officers who arrested the reporter should all be fired, and should never be allowed to serve as police officers again. Police officers who fail to uphold the 1st Amendment of the Constitution should not be police officers, as they are breaking the highest of laws.

poniewozik is black man to poniewozik's not world news footage from a police state? poniewozik What Right?! KatyTurNBC poniewozik This is very suspicious to me! Omar said the arresting officer told him he was just following orders. Is it possible a powerful man in Washington who never sleeps, who despises CNN, was watching tv and ordered the arrest? Just a thought and worth looking into.

poniewozik NYT is outraged at the arrest of a CNN news crew? They should be outraged. But no more so than arrests of pastors at church. Or surfers surfing. Or moms with their kids at parks. The 1st Amendment freedoms can’t be cherry-picked. Either it all matters or none of it matters. poniewozik Hey sorta like the democrats fake dossier but you guys still say nothing about the constitution being violated.

poniewozik Minnesota is a police state! poniewozik Except it usually lasts more than an hour and doesn’t get an abject apology. poniewozik Looking really intelligent there, Minneapolis. poniewozik That's what we've become, a failed police state. poniewozik No! Fake news again. Am sure it was a staged police setup by CNN. They are scum over there!

poniewozik big killer US poniewozik Commie New York Times. poniewozik As an American, I'm astonished & embarrassed that a black reporter for a major news outlet was arrested even as he was on air reporting the news. He asked the police for an explanation for his arrest and was given none. This is America & this should not have happened.

poniewozik pee pee poo poo poniewozik Censor me pls. poniewozik I’m an Australian thousands of miles away but today I am crying for America...crying because of injustice and crying because a great country is on the verge of total destruction...🙏 poniewozik CNN's experiment worked. Would Minneapolis PD arrest a Black reporter? Yes. exposè...

poniewozik America is steadily dying one constitutional violation at a time. poniewozik That's because it is... poniewozik When those Democrats,are in charge plus having a black chief, u have to expect these occurrances poniewozik When Omar Jimenez, the reporter for CNN asked the officer why he was being arrested, the response was “I don’t know man, I’m just following orders” said Jimenez.

poniewozik poniewozik Very true. This is what happens in an authoritarian state. poniewozik absolutely clear MnDPS_MSP didn't want them showing the protester being tackled seconds prior (and wasn't aware it was live). trash. KatyTurNBC poniewozik This is what happens in Trumerica ruled by Trutin. As Republicans watch in disbelief as their Kraken has shaken the bit to run roughshod over the countryside, raping, pillaging, stomping on the Constitution & the Rule of Law. Nothing is Sacred. Their creation will turn on them

poniewozik You want to see how much the Lord has anointed His Most Esteemed Messengers? By a single decree they raise many cripples, cancer is healed, leprosy cleansed, the blind see, the deaf hear among many other shocking miracles. Watch here poniewozik We're China now. poniewozik Livin' for the City! (Stevie.) And it's obviously hard, although I don't know much of these feelings. I feel a bit, though. ~BRSchu

poniewozik The police state is here. It is time for the people of this nation to either accept it or fight back. Things will not improve without people from all races coming together and demanding REAL change. Our country is dying before our very eyes. Time is running out. poniewozik Wish it would happen more!

poniewozik Exactly my thought when I watched this. poniewozik Who else thinks that in addition to Omar's race, the fact that it was 'Fake News' CNN played a part in these (likely) Trump-loving policemen arresting him? poniewozik Question for CNN: What’s more dangerous to minority communities — COVID-19 or police shootings?

poniewozik Why are you not covering this? He was apparently ID'd as a member of the Police... poniewozik If you don’t think realDonaldTrump has been trying to strip away our freedoms, since he first came into office, then you need to start opening your eyes! Those who report the news are not our enemy; those who seek to silence them ARE!

poniewozik Is it learnt from HongKongPolice ? poniewozik WTF does everyone think the Ferguson protests and the cop yelling at protestors animals look like? Paradise? Reminder: Wesley Lowery was wrested in Ferguson. This. Is. Nothing. New. poniewozik Yup. poniewozik Maybe they are being arrested for all of the fake news they have put out over the years.

poniewozik It looked like world news footage from a police state, America. poniewozik I know trump is trying to silence journalists and people correcting him, but courage journalists, we need you to push him harder into a corner.

CNN accuses Minneapolis police of lying about its arrest of a black CNN reporter - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. I would seriously consider a lawsuit. CNN has the power to do so and get results Please, these corrupt cops had to know they were arresting a reporter and his crew, after all they had mics and cameras and probably a news truck near by. Reporter: Put as back where you want us, no you are under arrest. Did you hear that

Chaos in Minneapolis: Protests and Looting, a CNN Reporter's Arrest, and an Extraordinary Presidential TweetThe situation in Minneapolis threatened to spiral out of control on Friday, as riots continued into the pre-dawn hours, police arrested CNN reporter Omar Jimenez and Donald Trump States tweeted that protestors might be shot if any looting took place. Stick to fashion Arrest everybody on the street You know what? I want to see fashion from you and that’s it. CNN probably staged the arrests. Who cares about them? They are “infotainment “ propaganda. As are you, come to think of it.

Minnesota governor apologizes and takes 'full responsibility' for arrest of CNN reporterMinnesota Governor Tim Walz apologized for the arrest of a CNN reporter and their team who were reporting on the protests over the death of George Floyd. The governor said he was in contact with the president of CNN over the arrest and takes 'full responsibility.' They arrested the Free Press but not the Killer Cops? Hello mayhem until the murderers are arrested. It is going to be a long hot summer. He speaks politician say nothing of significance but use a lot of words. ARREST THE MURDERS.

Minnesota State Patrol Blasted for 'Lie' Tweet About CNN Arrest of JournalistsA tweet from the official Minnesota State Patrol account has been criticized for being wildly inaccurate concerning the arrest of three CNN journalists early Friday morning As a Chinese,I stands with Black people. MnDPS_MSP is doing a very bad job of trying to concoct a story. 'They were released after they were confirmed to be members of the media'. Did you not notice the media credential in Omar's hand, the microphone and camera crew filming? What a bunch of imbeciles you all are! Oooo I have a stick I’m so hard...

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz apologizes for CNN team's 'unacceptable' arrest as journalists releasedThe CNN crew was reporting on protests over the death of George Floyd. CNN Guy 'Where do I get arrested, if I stand over there?' Cops 'Yea' CNN Guy walks over there. Cops arrest CNN guy CNN types outrage! Keep them there!

CNN Journalist, Crew Released After Arrest While Covering Minneapolis UnrestPolice arrested CNN journalist Omar Jimenez and his crew on air early Friday during a live broadcast in Minneapolis, as they covered riots sparked by George Floyd’s death, sparking intense outrage … 🙄🎻 It’s not unacceptable! It’s racist. The other CNN reporter was white. He was never arrested. But OmarJimenez was! time for new governor