Clint Eastwood Says Electing Michael Bloomberg Is 'the Best Thing We Could Do'

Clint Eastwood is expressing some early support for Michael Bloomberg for president


Clint Eastwood is expressing some early support for Michael Bloomberg for president

'The Mule' actor also said he wished President Trump acted 'in a more genteel way' and stopped 'calling people names.'

Seemingly undeterred by the withering reviews out of the former New York City mayor's first appearance at a Democratic debate, Clint Eastwood is expressing some early support for Michael Bloomberg for president.Eastwood, who has historically leaned conservative on the political spectrum,

The actor-director also took the opportunity of his latest interview to clarify his position on a. In the film, written by Billy Ray and based off of ahas publicly denied that this portrayal contains any truth; Scruggs died in 2001.

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🙄 Omg really!!!! The best person you need to elect is ewarren !!! Clint Eastwood is just an empty chair. He's hollow. Sorry Clint, you backed the wrong guy, mini mike, the soda tax guy. Take back your endorsement and support President Trump again. Something bad is gonna have to happen to Trump for him to start respecting people. I doubt he's a Christian.

Better thing for Clint to do is shut up or die. Clint Is a Republican. Well that is a reason not to vote for him. Dirty Harry officially has gone nuts! he'll still vote for the R nominee Who cares what he thinks?!!

Column: Michael Bloomberg's candidacy is doing one thing: making his Democratic rivals look goodMichael Bloomberg's hefty political baggage was exposed in Wednesday's debate, leaving the billionaire former New York City mayor vulnerable. opinion no its making everyone look unhinged opinion Not really. His bad candidacy in no way mitigates their bad candidacies. This field sucks just as much as it did before he entered the debate. opinion

That just confirms my suspicions about Bloomberg. No way. If Clint says yes, I say no. And then seal the perimeter Are you out your mind, old guy ? Trump2020 TrumpUntil2024 Bolsonaro2022 bolsonaromaisforteem2020 BolsonaroPresidenteAte2026 MakeAmericaGreatAgain Anyone with half a brain cell: CLINT EASTWOOD IS A REPUBLICAN. WHO CARES WHICH DEMOCRAT HE WANTS.

He'll stop and search all those dangerous empty chairs that are roaming about Mr Eastwood should be vice president then MikeBloomberg Because he knows Bloomberg is a DINO Isn’t he a Trump supporter? 🧐

‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ Gives Mike Bloomberg And His Pips A Few Hits During The Democratic DebateOne of these things is not like the other, as tonight’s Democratic presidential candidates debate featured the debut of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has been furiously spendin…

He said the same thing about an old can of tuna fish he found. Dementia is setting in.....Sorry to say.... I hope this is bull shit. I just can’t see this . Bloomberg gave him a substantial amount of money just to say this. In the voting booth he will vote Trump 2020. Not on your life would I vote for Bloomberg !! Trump is Trump but he’s the best choice now since the Dems are trying their damndest to destroy this country.

I don't believe this. Come on people, this is THR! This makes zero sense I respect your opinion, Mr. Clintwood, but I greatly disagree with you. President Trump has done more for this country than any other President. And I don't think those 'tweets' are the problem. Those leftist Democrats & Rino's are the problem. Genteel is not what we need now.

he was one of my favorite actors...….too bad. I don’t believe this is true! I would have to hear it from him! Bloomberg probably paid for this Fake News!!🤬🤬🤬

Who Won (and Lost) the Democratic Debate in NevadaElizabeth Warren raged against the dying of her campaign’s light, while Michael Bloomberg withered under scrutiny. I prefer Rasputin. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I hated the tone of this write up, sorry. It’s not a basketball game or Celebrity Apprentice.

Fake news Is this more fake news? I just cannot believe it! Clint, say it ain’t so 🥵 “A man’s got to know his limitations !” 😡No more Clint movies for this cowboy 🇺🇸 This is who he is! Nobody wants Bloomberg! It has taken Mr. Eastwood a longtime but he has finally let me down. Clint has been my hero ever since the days of Rowdy Yates on Raw Hide! Now that has been a while. I have followed him ever since. I am going to confess I still love my hero, but not his President pick .TRUMP

I would rather fly to China and lick door knobs than ever go see another Clint Eastwood move Sorry Clint, I respect you but I don’t agree with you. Bloomberg will just reenstate the swamp. The swamp creatures are terrified that he will get a second term, that’s why we need to KAG2020 with trump2020 mustangmedic 🏆

What’s this? How disappointing..... i never thought i would hear that come out of your mouth!You have always bern for Trump! The Bible says a double minded man, is unstable in all his ways! Our Fore Fathers would turn in their Grave , to two men representing the Oval Office!

Breakingviews - Election that Bloomberg buys may not be his own(Reuters Breakingviews) - Michael Bloomberg’s first televised debate as a would-... It is China's. Crap article. Bernie is 'hard left'? Hardly. Bloomberg's 'estimated worth of $60 billion makes him an easy mark'? That is an extreme oversimplification of why the other candidates targeted him. That is not a news headline, that is propaganda from Fuhrer Putin's Pravda in Moscow, comrade

So Mr. Eastwood you would rather choose a Democratic who states all Americans are stupid which includes you. that man is not normal he has a golden spoon in his mouth. and he has no idea what American people do. I thought you were smarter. CLINT EASTWOOD ,so wrong onthe.president, has done more to help the U.S.A.there is to much what about me,to many evil people here in the U.S.A. big deal president Trump tweets. I say get over yourself.

Dont forget...Clint E. is very Old. Maybe he just isnt Thinking to clear now.🙏 Someone must be creating a bad joke! This doesn't even resemble Clint Eastwood. Cannot believe this is true. TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️ Clint I love you but I think you're getting senile Here comes Bloomberg's push... Another one bites the dust!😢CannataTheresa Complete moron!

As Many Names as THEY call Him...And Lies they've told about Him...ect. And YOU THINK HE SHOULDNT say ANYTHING BACK to Them!? THEY'RE the ones that need to Learn To Have RESPECT For 'THE PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES 🇺🇸' Then HE wouldnt Say things To Them. HE HAS FEELINGS TOO!

Bloomberg comes under scathing attack at first Democratic presidential debate in NevadaDemocratic presidential contenders on the debate stage accused Michael Bloomberg of trying to buy his way into the White House. Senator Elizabeth Warren took aim at the billionaire in the spin room in Las Vegas. More here: DemDebate Reuters brings us the unadulterated truth from the SPIN room. That's what happens when a misogynistic, racist Republican billionaire buys his way onto the DNC primary stage. Glad to see some unity on the left at Bloomberg's expense. BloombergIsARacist BloombergIsARepublican For those who don't understand what $400 million means to MikeBloomberg - the man is worth $62 billion. Boiled down to terms you and I can relate to, this is like if we had $62 in our wallet and spent 40 cents becoming president.

Hilarious. But the Democrat attacks against eachother during their Caucuses are ok. Poor thing soo sensitive. That's what they do when running is tell other candidates negative points. It's part of it, and they are literally running their campaigns on trashing Trump that's ok? He Sure Changed His Tune, From a few wks. ago!😣 Oh Well Clint...This aint Burger King...And YOU Cant Have It YOUR Way! Just because Youre butt hurt over Our President tweeting! That just goes to show, He's a Real Human Being. HE can Run the USA & Tweet too. continued:

There is no way I want Bloomberg as my President. He’s not going to tell me how many ounces of pop I can drink a day. He’s boring and lifeless. You’ve just stated what I love about Trump. He’s got energy, he’s not your typical politician, I don’t care if he tweets or not. TRUMP They are on the same dementia meds

Clint Eastwood 😮 You've lost your mind!🇺🇸💓👍 Traitor.... I love you dearly Mr Eastwood however I still will vote for the guy who has proven he will do the job!!! Bloomberg is a Chinese agent not an American. Oh no! Not another Hollywood legend I will have to stop watching!! Sorry Clint! Your opinion means as much to me as DeNiro!!

Why does ANY ACTOR think they have any knowledge about politics? Why trust any opinions of a fictional person? They don’t even know who they really are! Their opinions mean absolutely nothing! Most are so out of touch with real people and circumstances they have no idea! I've never been so disappointed in a childhood hero, then right now. An I was a lifelong Democrat walkaway You'll vote for an actual clueless racist over someone that post mean, yet accurate tweets on

Bloomberg campaign spends over $220 million in JanuaryU.S. Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg's campaign spent $... Just to get domed on live television Guillaume Sin de la ville de Nice numéro 5 et le voisin à Morgane Fabien patrick de paris c'est Franck Gautier l'employeur société Sud Alimentaire Aix qui n'arrivent pas à faire jouir ma copine l'Ukraine Hannah Fanny Agostini créatrice du H l'orgasme féminin What a colossal waste of money.

Like all of your movies Clint have been decent and perfect. maybe if the other side with quit doggin him as bad as they do then he would stop dogging them back. I look at President Trump for what he's done and what he has accomplished through all the bull. President Trump 2020. we didn't elect him to be 'genteel' we elected him to get rid of the corrupt policy and politicians and calling people out is the best way to get people to act out without thinking and the dems have done such a good job of that since he started

President Trump talk is not so bad . I like someone that is honest . President Trump treats people really well . As for Bloomberg. He is evil very mean when he tells one of his employees that was pregnant to kill the baby that does it for me . he must be going senile Ok boomer. Talented boomer, but definitely boomer all the way.

Genteel is not what a currently need. We’ve done that is the past and the fighting dems walked over us. We need a fighter and that’s exactly what Trump is. Trump 2020 Wow, that's a damn shame, I always liked Clint, I don't hate him, but he's no longer one of my hero's. He just has no idea what the hell's going on rite now! We're gonna KAG tyvm

Well Clint you lost a fan up until now you were my favorite but picking a nut like Bloomberg is disgusting You have got to be out of your mind ! He doesn't tweet he just blurts stuff out ! Look it up and he is racist ! He would ruin our country ! I love Clint. greatest living legend ♥

Except Bloomberg does the same thing, but that’s ok 😂😂😂 Not a chance! President Trump has done great things for the people in this country. I usually agree with Eastwood but not this time! I don’t want Bloomberg anywhere near the White House! Wow! So, everyone has an opinion & everyone has an a$$ hole 🕳!! The President shouldn’t be name calling... But, if we all bowed down to others wishes, we wouldn’t be our own person. We’d be replicated of a factory design! NOT UNIQUE!!

I guess Clint has turned a deaf ear on Bloomberg’s constant criticism and name calling Trump!!!! More double standards!!! Well Clint all respect I had for u just went down the pot !!!, and I wouldn’t give up my guns , or have any rich man like micheal, tell me when I’m going to die. , so I believe u sold your butt out. !!!! To the lyin , thieving corrupt Democrats !!

Clint it's best you gather all your guns and ammunition and rush them over to your buddy mini mike... he's going to get them from you anyway! You are loosing your mind! Bloomberg will never make it! If that is in fact, true, I’m going to chalk it up to him being 89. I always had respect for Clint Eastwood, if this is true, not so much anymore.

Hi Clint, sorry 2disagree with you. Mr Harry but Bloonberg does not cut it because of his liberal ideas. From Obma to Bloomberg is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I am disappointed in U. Still, Trump is going to win bc there is a God in Heaven that looks to USA Outlaw Josey Wales endorsing a man who wants to take his guns away. Josey is as bad as Fletcher!

Dear Clint you make good movies and a good actor. But you make a lousy politician and you are not focusing on real every day average joe. So just shut up I always liked you Clint but you just disappointed me. You are go to back Bloomberg? A little stump of a man that’s going to tell you what size drink you’re allowed to purchase and that you can’t have salt with your food at a restaurant. Come on, I know you’re better than that!

At he sticks to rich White men theme. Oh, good, I was hoping another elderly, wealthy, white male would weigh in on the matter. Eastwood's always been 🚮 The gun slinging; Whiskey drinking Legend that he IS might not support a DM ? Really Whatever, Great Granny. realDonaldTrump

Twhite591 I think he's had his words plagiarized. This guy is a die hard conservative. I would delete this tweet and story if given the ability! This doesn’t surprise me in the least. Clint Eastwood always has been and always will be a good and moral man. He’s not going to sit by quietly while Trump endlessly bullies others and turns the Republican Party into a moral cesspool.

No clint. okboomer You gotta hand it to Clint he really doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks Clint Oh! And he is promising to 🌊blue ! Looking forward to incoming liberals hating on Clint 😂 CNN ABC NYTIMES WASHINGTONPOST MSNBC CBSNEWS FOXNEWS AP BBCWorld Reuters Wha!!!! Really! Seeing is believing. No empty chair on a stage for 2020! Not even a milk-create!

But Clint, that is his level. Name calling, bullying and demonisation of minorities. You knew that when you voted for him. Don’t make the same mistake in November. Clint is probably backing Bloomberg because he did to black men what Eastwood did on film for years as 'Dirty Harry,' a bigoted and violent, rogue policeman.

Oh Clint 😟 Left turn, Clyde Ah. Its the tweeting not the kids in cages or the white supremacist agenda that bothers him? Perhaps best the old goat spend the rest of his days ranting at empty chairs and leave us all alone. (Pls God spare us any more schlocky white savior movies, we’ve suffered enough.)

Eastwood is a deplorable like all the rest. “Everything that Trump does is perfectly fine except that he just needs to be nicer about it”. As if that’s problem. Go back to talking to a chair you nincompoop. Yeah it's the Tweeting and calling people names, that's the problem with Trump. Hilarious! Ehm.... He Is THAT level. Always has, always will be 🤔

You know, keep his racism on the DL like other good republicans, dear Clint...

Yes, because it's always nice to have polite dictators. His siding with Bloomberg got me feeling like Misty right now!!!! VOTE 4 ewarren SenWarren !!!! Is he gonna do Weird Empty Chair Monologue II? The chair guy? So, you’re a fraud? Ok Well they are both enthusiastic racists greta He does know he's DIM, right?

Wow. You don’t say. Shocking.

Wait what he loves trump Well they are both republicans FakeNews Is he going to yell incoherently at an empty chair again? Rowdy, time to ride off onto the sunset. Keep them doggies moving. Plenty of empty chairs at the Home to talk to. Stop taking Democratic primary advice from Republicans I love Clint, but I don’t look to actors for political insight.

empty chair, a strong vp choice F. Clint Eastwood! Someone better hide the chairs

who? Well known conservative actor chooses obvious republican billionaire pretending to be a democrat. That will definitely lock up the 'debate against inanimate objects and lose' voting block for Bloomberg. Did he bring out a chair or something? From a chair to a toilet. See? Bloomberg could have just primaried Trump.

What a disgrace 🤣🤣🤣 emptychair Can't see Clint voting for a gun-grabber. I mean really...Dirty Harry? Please.

If true no ones perfect Don't do it, Clint Et tu, Brute? But Dick Van Dyke is supporting Bernie. I don’t know which rich, old white man to trust about which rich, old white man to vote for. Confusing times! Sounds like someone’s last movie was basically blacklisted by hollywood and he wants to pay his verbal penance to get back in good graces

Bye bye Clint, bye Dirty Harry goodbye spagetti western goodbye you just lost a lifetime of fans, booo A republican supporting a republican? Shocking! I think you’re mistaken - MikeBloomberg is reckless for America no way ClintEastwood would vote for him Hard pass 😂

greta Well, there’s one. No way!! Video or it didn't happen. greta Vote Trump 2020 greta How sad — there is no one left in Hollywood with any integrity. How can we be in the right side of God and vote to put those in office who are pro abortion? If you read the WSJ article it’s the very last sentence of the article (I mean the very last sentence) and he just doesn’t like Trumps tweets. Other than that he praised him on policy.

That's a surprise. greta Seems Bloomers calls people names also. greta Wow! Wasn’t expecting that, Clint! You Hollywood people keep letting us down! Coming from him? No thank you, shows you just the kind of person who gets behind Bloomberg.

jersey boys sucked ass greta Once again! Who cares what Hollywood thinks? I’ll think for myself and select the person that I think is right for me and my family. realDonaldTrump OF COURSE!! For sure we will MiniMike as producer of next ClintEastwood MOVIE!! POTUS THR I don’t believe this report at all.

real question is: who is the chair voting for? Don’t believe the reporting from The Hollywood Reporter. Doesn’t add up at all. greta Say it isn’t so wut? Minnie is getting a ride by the Mule! zzzzzz

greta Fake news! greta greta Well, its a sad day... Clint Eastwood has gone senile. That might actually hurt Bloomberg's chances. greta Wow he use to be a good conservative. Must be age he’s losing his mind. Trump2020 KeepAmericaGreat You mean to tell me that a rich old dinosaur white man is supporting another rich old white dinosaur?! I just can’t believe it! Unfathomable!

That guy needs to go talk to an empty chair. greta Oh Clint! How could you!!! 😩 greta What sense does that make? Trump has given us a strong economy with record jobs, unemployment and stock market. He has rebuilt the military and fixing so many other things. But let's switch to another president? Why? When you have a winner, stick with it.

What clinteastwood no longer a trumpet maybe now I can watch The Mule

Not in love with Trump anymore? Unforgiven BS Clint's with DJT What did the empty chair say in response? Great! Bloomberg can cinch the valued over 80 vote! 🤣 of course he said the same thing about Trump back in 2016. greta This is all bullshit greta We are so beyond the name calling...... greta I don't believe this is true

He’s garbage

He was a trump lover, what happened? That old man who thought a chair was a presidential candidate? That guy? A Republican supporting a Republican. Looks like Eastwood got that $150 Senator Warren immediately releases ad featuring out of context clips from Gran Torino. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Fucking boomers Up is down and down is up...


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